Xbox One is a Day One purchase... but the PS4 can wait

Megabits writes: "The next few months will sure be interesting. Expect many more announcements, arguments and controversy. For me, it's the Xbone that's going to be first out the box - purely because its promise and potential seems far greater. The PS4 can wait..."

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ape0071521d ago

both systems look amazing but ps4 for me at first, xbox a bit later

NewMonday1521d ago

"For me, it's the Xbone that's going to be first out the box - purely because its promise and potential seems far greater. The PS4 can wait..."

umm... wouldn't it make more sense to wait for the console with the supposed "promise and potential" if he was getting the 2 anyways.

1521d ago
Haules1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

@ the person who wrote the article,

Let me put it this way (from a gamer prospective)...

PS4 + New video card for my PC = Day one!

Xbox one = Not wasting my money on a SkyBox that has most of its "exclusive" games on a gaming platform called PC.

nirwanda1521d ago

I have a raspberry pi for all my media, so I will be going from a 360 to the ps4 purely based on the fact most people seem to suggest that it has the best gpu.

nirwanda1521d ago

Although forza 5 looks like being the best launch title.

NewMonday1521d ago


play TV right?!

I stopped watching broadcast television looooong time ago.

so shoehorning a dying entertainment method is actually a negative for me.

zebramocha1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

The guy who wrote this must've never seen this.

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fei-hung1521d ago


You mean how PS3 offered more than the 360 out of the box n regards to being an entertainment centre as the 360 lacked a BluRay drive and how it allowed you to install your own HDD so you can install your music, photos etc without paying silly prices for memory or how it gave us a browser to watch anime and the likes way before the 360?

You mean how all these features will still be on the PS4 and more as it will have social integration (that should address your communication issue).

I would totally understand if someone said something down the lines off, "I prefer the XBOX ONE to the PS4 as that is where my loyalty lies," compared to just to talking nonsense and passing it as fact about 2 consoles which haveot even been released yet and where not all features are confirmed.

By the way, if you are really considering entertainment as a selling point, how abo having entertainment without it being locked behind a paywall?!

dennett3161521d ago

@Edonus, what makes you think the PS4 won't also have Netflix and other video on demand services (hint, it will), it will also play blu rays, it will also feature Skype and various other forms of social communication - both regular, and linked to games via the share button.
It also has cloud streaming, and the potential for cloud functions built into games...just like the Xbox One. The only thing that Xbox One does that PS4 doesn't, is the live TV pass through. For me, that is next to useless as a remote control is faster at changing channels than the Kinect voice just is. Using the controller to play blu rays and navigate the system menus is also faster than relying on Kinect gestures. So for me, it's a non-starter.

The PS4 offers cloud streaming of PS3 games, giving at least some backwards compatibility. It offers much the same online features as the Xbox One in terms of cross game chat and the like. It is also the more powerful of the two consoles in terms of faster Ram, and a more powerful GPU. But fact is, the difference will not be absolutely massive between the two - fancier effects, more particles and shadows, more enemies onscreen etc. It will basically have the edge in terms of 3rd party games the way the 360 does over the PS3 in most cases. PS4 is also a fair bit cheaper than the One - £80/$100 cheaper.
The two features that One has over PS4 - Live TV pass through and Kinect - are not something that sells the console to me. You may be different, but try to think of any really good Kinect games from last generation, and think if using your voice to control your console is enough of a selling point. Web browsers being side by side with a game or movie is a nothing feature IMO, on PS4 you could flick between the two instantly anyway...and a software update could be made in order to allow shared windows if Sony really wanted to, the system is easily powerful enough for a feature that has been present on PC for years.
If the Xbox One game line up is what sells you on things, then fair it for the games. But you can't really argue that the One really does "more" than the PS4...other than the nonsense of Live Tv anyway.

JokesOnYou1521d ago

These articles are pointless, I suspect most Xbox fans will again buy a X1 and most ps fans are again going to buy a ps4.

BABYLEG1521d ago

Article is right. I buy things my whole family can use. Ps4 is just for people who likes to sit in front their tv forever. Xbox one is for people who likes video games as well as everything else.

and to the guy saying ps4 has all the entertainment as Xbox one does.. Yea right. Call me when you have xfinity/hbogo among others. Its great to hope it will have these features but it won't. The NFL alone sold me on Xbox. Thing is, I expect great games on both systems so now I have to look elsewhere for value. The ps4 should be 100$ cheaper, it has so few features compared to Xbox. Ex) voice and gestures. I know I know, you foolish gamers dismiss anything that you don't have, but these are just some things. There's countless more. We have voice control on the 360 for fucks sake, and none on the ps4. That's ass backwards

DragonKnight1521d ago

This article is funny. Did you read the reasons?

"Kinect is Mandatory"

-Yeah, because that's a GREAT reason not fraught with Kinect's terrible history of being terrible for games.

"The controller is king"

-Subjective thus irrelevant but hilarious. Also, "teh 40 improovmunts." Please.


-This is where it gets really laughable. For one, nothing in the Xbox One is innovative. I could show lists of things more innovative that are older, or why what's included in the Xbox One has already existed even in gaming.

"Not only was this a machine capable of better-looking graphics..."

-Compared to what? Not the PS4 because that's a lie.

"A Blu-Ray player is included."

-Welcome to 2006.

"The cloud means game worlds can be dynamic and constantly updated, and that a lot of that boring old processing can be done remotely and in the background, giving your Xbox some extra capacity to do more important calculations and technical stuff."

-Don't fall for that. It won't work that way.

"HDMI in"

-So a cable box is what's exciting you.

"Xbox Live still trumps PS+"

Sorry but, not anymore. PS+ literally has everything Live does, offers newer free games, and you're still falling for the cloud hype that's not yet been proven and thus can't be counted until it is. Oh, and PS+ is cheaper than Live, doesn't lock out apps behind the PS+ paywall, allows for asynchronous online play for free which Live doesn't, and is being designed to allow free-to-play and MMO's among other models.

"The games look great"


In the end, it's like JokesOnYou above said. Pointless article. Fans of the brands will buy what they are comfortable and familiar with. I personally however felt your list was wrong or filled with the kind of subjectivity that makes one question why you think the PS4 can wait if the options chosen make no difference, are hype up promises, or are identical to what the PS4 offers.

NewMonday1521d ago


the TV has other channels right?

a console is supposed to be an easy device to use and move around from room to room or house to house, many do this on a daily basis, constantly rewiring doesn't sound friendly or intuitive.

and I have a cumbersome device plugged to my TV, it's called a PC.

dantesparda1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

PS4 is a Day One purchase... but the Xbox One can wait....til pigs fly

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dcbronco1521d ago

I love the way fei-hung mentions all the ways the PS3 was a better media player than the 360 and he gets all of those people that agree. But it's somehow MS that gets all of the heat for being a media machine.

Gotta love it when pure logic is used.

gtarhro71521d ago

@dcbronco cause no one cared about them last gen and no one will this one. Only fanboys comparing features and what not. I had a 360 and a PS3 rarely used the media features. I have my PC, Laptop and TV for that.

RumbleFish1521d ago

How can one even consider buying a M$ console again after knowing what they wanted to do to gamers?

CerebralAssassin1521d ago

@haules not everyone has a pc that could run titanfall and other games. I used to play on pc but I got tired of upgrading my graphics card and adding ram. Also started working more so keeping up with pc tech can be challenging and ultimately became pointless to me. A lot easier to buy a console. I know it will play wut I put in the system. And the xbone can do everything the ps4 can do essentially. And more. Whether you like it or not.

MysticStrummer1520d ago

@edonus - "Unless all you do is play video games on your TV your point is moot. And I would hope so because if all you do is play video games that is a really sad life."

lol There you have it folks. A life can be labeled as "sad" based on the type of entertainment the person enjoys.

If you don't consume every form of visual entertainment available to you, you lead a "really sad life".

I've seen some ridiculous statements on this site, but that's a potential Hall of Famer.

I haven't watched traditional TV in years. I guess I might as well commit suicide.

1520d ago
Dee_911520d ago

lmao @ edonus
Like jack said.MSFT basically copied Sony's 2006 conference.Too bad your gonna have to pay extra for those apps, unlike on ps3 and ps4.

gaffyh1520d ago

People who think the PS4 WON'T be an entertainment center, are complete idiots. The PS3 is an amazing media center, far better than the Xbox 360, and is the most used device for things like Netflix. PS4 will have ALL these features and more.

On topic - PS4 has already got better confirmed Day One games than the Xbone. Halo and Titanfall are late 2014 games, so why would anyone with a bit of common sense think the Xbone has a better launch line up?

loulou1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

if that was the other way round, then n4g would love it..

i just looked at the comments on link lol. looks like some people from here commented to set the record straight lol

SlyFoxC1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )


and some of this goes too @ edonus
(PS3 was an entertainment hub from the beginning and, <fun fact> microsoft actually made fun of sony for being an "entertainment system" and not a video game system. the PS4 will pick up where it left off.)

where do you get your information that ps3 has no features...

i would like to point out that it has:
NFL Ticket
Hockey Channel
BestBuy Cinema Now
XOS College Sports
Laugh TV
Neon Alley
(RedBox soon)
With many many more .....

so please before you point fingers....take your hand of microsofts d**k and think about what you are saying....

and to your comment about "the so few features"

-Voice and Gestures? really?? why the hell are you even mentioning can do everything you can do with voice and gestures with a controller...and who knows...the ps4 may do dont say stuff that you dont know

these two counsels will do the same things in theory just with different support. i.e. Ustream vs Twitch.

please dont try to push your fanboyism onto other people. dont tell false information and dont use the internet if you dont know what you are talking about.

X1 doesnt let you use Netflix for free
X1 doesnt let you use cross game chat for free
X1 is less powerfull 40-53%
X1 is 6 months behind with production
X1 doesnt listen to feedback..only dropped DRM ____because sony has more preorders
X1 will bring DRM back..if they can take it out ____with a bet they can put it back
X1 is down 2 to 3 in sales
X1 will still sell but because fanboys cant ____except another great console

the only thing that the x1 does that the ps4 doesnt is passthrough hdmi...

but do you really think moms and dads are going to plug in their cable box to their xbox to watch cable?

No...they will buy the x1 for their kids and they will be in their rooms not in the living room...

stop your fanboy ways and appreciate each console for what it does...

Gaming/Entertainment/Social Media/Social Interaction


Get over yourself

<you are the resistance, SlyFoxC>

dcbronco1520d ago

gtarhro7 you're really brainwashed aren't you. Ratings agencies and polls showed that people used their consoles as much for non-gaming features as they did for games. The PS3 was shown through both polls and ratings to be used more for non-gaming than gaming. So someone cared.

But you're so stuck in consoles are for games only mode because someone told you to think that way that you ignore that you use your laptop and PC for media. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you think it's sacrilege to use a laptop or PC for games. Or is it everything in the world can be used for multiple things except a console. Because those were the marching orders you were given and you won't disobey until you get new orders.

Kinda sad. Kinda really, really sad....really, reallly, really...

CryofSilence1520d ago

The weaker system has more potential?

hduce1520d ago

I preordered both so the only wait for me is their release dates.

miyamoto1520d ago

Who in his right mind can expect anything good from this backstabbing evil company who tried to screw him in the first place but when no ones wants to buy their product suddenly say I am sorry I am not gonna screw you this time. Please buy?

tuglu_pati1520d ago

definitely will get both, X1 first though, Ps4 a year from launch.

Heartnet1520d ago

No cause to unleash the potential; MS needs to see interest and profit for the console to evolve and improve..

if no1 buys it they will put less effort into it

user55757081520d ago

all in one entertainment is a joke

you cant even game and watch tv at the same time how about that feature? all that nonsense talk about multitasking and they leave out the remote play feature

ya know the thing the WiiU controller and ps4(with vita) can do?

Urusernamesucks1520d ago

Kinect will alow you develope Games with your finger tips. Dont belive? Just watch the project spark tutorial demo. It also allows me to paly two games at a time, for example lets say im waiting for a match pick up in halo, so i launch minecraft to kill time or watch some tv without having to replug the inputs. Then when the match is ready, i could just go back at the command of my voice. The xboxone can pretty much do everything the ps4, it can actually do more things than the ps4.

YNWA961520d ago

Jeez.... I am getting both systems, but prefer multi plat games on xbox controller.... If new ps4 controller feels better and actually feels like it has weight, maybe things will change but people, please.... Argue over relevant things in life, this is just entertainment....

justastranger101520d ago

Xbox One is day one for me. Might get a PS4 a few years down the line. Will be a bunch of used games at great prices for me.

The_Con-Sept1518d ago

Someone wants to pay 500 dollars for an achievement. I also sell achievement points... Want to buy 10,000 GS for $100,000? Call me :P.

PS4 is the only "one" I need.