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Submitted by Bojeeva 964d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One is a Day One purchase... but the PS4 can wait

Megabits writes: "The next few months will sure be interesting. Expect many more announcements, arguments and controversy. For me, it's the Xbone that's going to be first out the box - purely because its promise and potential seems far greater. The PS4 can wait..." (Xbox One)

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ape007  +   965d ago | Well said
both systems look amazing but ps4 for me at first, xbox a bit later
NewMonday  +   964d ago | Well said
"For me, it's the Xbone that's going to be first out the box - purely because its promise and potential seems far greater. The PS4 can wait..."

umm... wouldn't it make more sense to wait for the console with the supposed "promise and potential" if he was getting the 2 anyways.
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Haules  +   964d ago | Well said
@ the person who wrote the article,

Let me put it this way (from a gamer prospective)...

PS4 + New video card for my PC = Day one!

Xbox one = Not wasting my money on a SkyBox that has most of its "exclusive" games on a gaming platform called PC.
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nirwanda  +   964d ago
I have a raspberry pi for all my media, so I will be going from a 360 to the ps4 purely based on the fact most people seem to suggest that it has the best gpu.
nirwanda  +   964d ago
Although forza 5 looks like being the best launch title.
NewMonday  +   964d ago | Well said

play TV right?!

I stopped watching broadcast television looooong time ago.

so shoehorning a dying entertainment method is actually a negative for me.
zebramocha  +   964d ago
The guy who wrote this must've never seen this.
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edonus   964d ago | Spam
fei-hung  +   964d ago | Well said

You mean how PS3 offered more than the 360 out of the box n regards to being an entertainment centre as the 360 lacked a BluRay drive and how it allowed you to install your own HDD so you can install your music, photos etc without paying silly prices for memory or how it gave us a browser to watch anime and the likes way before the 360?

You mean how all these features will still be on the PS4 and more as it will have social integration (that should address your communication issue).

I would totally understand if someone said something down the lines off, "I prefer the XBOX ONE to the PS4 as that is where my loyalty lies," compared to just to talking nonsense and passing it as fact about 2 consoles which haveot even been released yet and where not all features are confirmed.

By the way, if you are really considering entertainment as a selling point, how abo having entertainment without it being locked behind a paywall?!
dennett316  +   964d ago | Well said
@Edonus, what makes you think the PS4 won't also have Netflix and other video on demand services (hint, it will), it will also play blu rays, it will also feature Skype and various other forms of social communication - both regular, and linked to games via the share button.
It also has cloud streaming, and the potential for cloud functions built into games...just like the Xbox One. The only thing that Xbox One does that PS4 doesn't, is the live TV pass through. For me, that is next to useless as a remote control is faster at changing channels than the Kinect voice just is. Using the controller to play blu rays and navigate the system menus is also faster than relying on Kinect gestures. So for me, it's a non-starter.

The PS4 offers cloud streaming of PS3 games, giving at least some backwards compatibility. It offers much the same online features as the Xbox One in terms of cross game chat and the like. It is also the more powerful of the two consoles in terms of faster Ram, and a more powerful GPU. But fact is, the difference will not be absolutely massive between the two - fancier effects, more particles and shadows, more enemies onscreen etc. It will basically have the edge in terms of 3rd party games the way the 360 does over the PS3 in most cases. PS4 is also a fair bit cheaper than the One - £80/$100 cheaper.
The two features that One has over PS4 - Live TV pass through and Kinect - are not something that sells the console to me. You may be different, but try to think of any really good Kinect games from last generation, and think if using your voice to control your console is enough of a selling point. Web browsers being side by side with a game or movie is a nothing feature IMO, on PS4 you could flick between the two instantly anyway...and a software update could be made in order to allow shared windows if Sony really wanted to, the system is easily powerful enough for a feature that has been present on PC for years.
If the Xbox One game line up is what sells you on things, then fair it for the games. But you can't really argue that the One really does "more" than the PS4...other than the nonsense of Live Tv anyway.
JokesOnYou  +   964d ago
These articles are pointless, I suspect most Xbox fans will again buy a X1 and most ps fans are again going to buy a ps4.
BABYLEG  +   964d ago
Article is right. I buy things my whole family can use. Ps4 is just for people who likes to sit in front their tv forever. Xbox one is for people who likes video games as well as everything else.

and to the guy saying ps4 has all the entertainment as Xbox one does.. Yea right. Call me when you have xfinity/hbogo among others. Its great to hope it will have these features but it won't. The NFL alone sold me on Xbox. Thing is, I expect great games on both systems so now I have to look elsewhere for value. The ps4 should be 100$ cheaper, it has so few features compared to Xbox. Ex) voice and gestures. I know I know, you foolish gamers dismiss anything that you don't have, but these are just some things. There's countless more. We have voice control on the 360 for fucks sake, and none on the ps4. That's ass backwards
DragonKnight  +   964d ago | Well said
This article is funny. Did you read the reasons?

"Kinect is Mandatory"

-Yeah, because that's a GREAT reason not fraught with Kinect's terrible history of being terrible for games.

"The controller is king"

-Subjective thus irrelevant but hilarious. Also, "teh 40 improovmunts." Please.


-This is where it gets really laughable. For one, nothing in the Xbox One is innovative. I could show lists of things more innovative that are older, or why what's included in the Xbox One has already existed even in gaming.

"Not only was this a machine capable of better-looking graphics..."

-Compared to what? Not the PS4 because that's a lie.

"A Blu-Ray player is included."

-Welcome to 2006.

"The cloud means game worlds can be dynamic and constantly updated, and that a lot of that boring old processing can be done remotely and in the background, giving your Xbox some extra capacity to do more important calculations and technical stuff."

-Don't fall for that. It won't work that way.

"HDMI in"

-So a cable box is what's exciting you.

"Xbox Live still trumps PS+"

Sorry but, not anymore. PS+ literally has everything Live does, offers newer free games, and you're still falling for the cloud hype that's not yet been proven and thus can't be counted until it is. Oh, and PS+ is cheaper than Live, doesn't lock out apps behind the PS+ paywall, allows for asynchronous online play for free which Live doesn't, and is being designed to allow free-to-play and MMO's among other models.

"The games look great"


In the end, it's like JokesOnYou above said. Pointless article. Fans of the brands will buy what they are comfortable and familiar with. I personally however felt your list was wrong or filled with the kind of subjectivity that makes one question why you think the PS4 can wait if the options chosen make no difference, are hype up promises, or are identical to what the PS4 offers.
NewMonday  +   964d ago

the TV has other channels right?

a console is supposed to be an easy device to use and move around from room to room or house to house, many do this on a daily basis, constantly rewiring doesn't sound friendly or intuitive.

and I have a cumbersome device plugged to my TV, it's called a PC.
dantesparda  +   964d ago | Well said
PS4 is a Day One purchase... but the Xbox One can wait....til pigs fly
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Mounce   964d ago | Bad language | show
dcbronco  +   964d ago
I love the way fei-hung mentions all the ways the PS3 was a better media player than the 360 and he gets all of those people that agree. But it's somehow MS that gets all of the heat for being a media machine.

Gotta love it when pure logic is used.
gtarhro7  +   964d ago
@dcbronco cause no one cared about them last gen and no one will this one. Only fanboys comparing features and what not. I had a 360 and a PS3 rarely used the media features. I have my PC, Laptop and TV for that.
RumbleFish  +   964d ago | Well said
How can one even consider buying a M$ console again after knowing what they wanted to do to gamers?
CerebralAssassin  +   964d ago
@haules not everyone has a pc that could run titanfall and other games. I used to play on pc but I got tired of upgrading my graphics card and adding ram. Also started working more so keeping up with pc tech can be challenging and ultimately became pointless to me. A lot easier to buy a console. I know it will play wut I put in the system. And the xbone can do everything the ps4 can do essentially. And more. Whether you like it or not.
MysticStrummer  +   964d ago | Funny
@edonus - "Unless all you do is play video games on your TV your point is moot. And I would hope so because if all you do is play video games that is a really sad life."

lol There you have it folks. A life can be labeled as "sad" based on the type of entertainment the person enjoys.

If you don't consume every form of visual entertainment available to you, you lead a "really sad life".

I've seen some ridiculous statements on this site, but that's a potential Hall of Famer.

I haven't watched traditional TV in years. I guess I might as well commit suicide.
gameonbro   964d ago | Spam
Dee_91  +   964d ago
lmao @ edonus
Like jack said.MSFT basically copied Sony's 2006 conference.Too bad your gonna have to pay extra for those apps, unlike on ps3 and ps4.
gaffyh  +   964d ago
People who think the PS4 WON'T be an entertainment center, are complete idiots. The PS3 is an amazing media center, far better than the Xbox 360, and is the most used device for things like Netflix. PS4 will have ALL these features and more.

On topic - PS4 has already got better confirmed Day One games than the Xbone. Halo and Titanfall are late 2014 games, so why would anyone with a bit of common sense think the Xbone has a better launch line up?
loulou  +   964d ago
if that was the other way round, then n4g would love it..

i just looked at the comments on link lol. looks like some people from here commented to set the record straight lol
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SlyFoxC  +   964d ago | Well said

and some of this goes too @ edonus
(PS3 was an entertainment hub from the beginning and, <fun fact> microsoft actually made fun of sony for being an "entertainment system" and not a video game system. the PS4 will pick up where it left off.)

where do you get your information that ps3 has no features...

i would like to point out that it has:
NFL Ticket
Hockey Channel
BestBuy Cinema Now
XOS College Sports
Laugh TV
Neon Alley
(RedBox soon)
With many many more .....

so please before you point fingers....take your hand of microsofts d**k and think about what you are saying....

and to your comment about "the so few features"

-Voice and Gestures? really?? why the hell are you even mentioning can do everything you can do with voice and gestures with a controller...and who knows...the ps4 may do dont say stuff that you dont know

these two counsels will do the same things in theory just with different support. i.e. Ustream vs Twitch.

please dont try to push your fanboyism onto other people. dont tell false information and dont use the internet if you dont know what you are talking about.

X1 doesnt let you use Netflix for free
X1 doesnt let you use cross game chat for free
X1 is less powerfull 40-53%
X1 is 6 months behind with production
X1 doesnt listen to feedback..only dropped DRM ____because sony has more preorders
X1 will bring DRM back..if they can take it out ____with a bet they can put it back
X1 is down 2 to 3 in sales
X1 will still sell but because fanboys cant ____except another great console

the only thing that the x1 does that the ps4 doesnt is passthrough hdmi...

but do you really think moms and dads are going to plug in their cable box to their xbox to watch cable?

No...they will buy the x1 for their kids and they will be in their rooms not in the living room...

stop your fanboy ways and appreciate each console for what it does...

Gaming/Entertainment/Social Media/Social Interaction


Get over yourself

<you are the resistance, SlyFoxC>
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dcbronco  +   964d ago
gtarhro7 you're really brainwashed aren't you. Ratings agencies and polls showed that people used their consoles as much for non-gaming features as they did for games. The PS3 was shown through both polls and ratings to be used more for non-gaming than gaming. So someone cared.

But you're so stuck in consoles are for games only mode because someone told you to think that way that you ignore that you use your laptop and PC for media. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you think it's sacrilege to use a laptop or PC for games. Or is it everything in the world can be used for multiple things except a console. Because those were the marching orders you were given and you won't disobey until you get new orders.

Kinda sad. Kinda really, really sad....really, reallly, really...
CryofSilence  +   964d ago
The weaker system has more potential?
hduce  +   964d ago
I preordered both so the only wait for me is their release dates.
miyamoto  +   964d ago
Who in his right mind can expect anything good from this backstabbing evil company who tried to screw him in the first place but when no ones wants to buy their product suddenly say I am sorry I am not gonna screw you this time. Please buy?
tuglu_pati  +   964d ago
definitely will get both, X1 first though, Ps4 a year from launch.
Heartnet  +   964d ago
No cause to unleash the potential; MS needs to see interest and profit for the console to evolve and improve..

if no1 buys it they will put less effort into it
user5575708  +   964d ago
all in one entertainment is a joke

you cant even game and watch tv at the same time how about that feature? all that nonsense talk about multitasking and they leave out the remote play feature

ya know the thing the WiiU controller and ps4(with vita) can do?
Urusernamesucks  +   964d ago
Kinect will alow you develope Games with your finger tips. Dont belive? Just watch the project spark tutorial demo. It also allows me to paly two games at a time, for example lets say im waiting for a match pick up in halo, so i launch minecraft to kill time or watch some tv without having to replug the inputs. Then when the match is ready, i could just go back at the command of my voice. The xboxone can pretty much do everything the ps4, it can actually do more things than the ps4.
YNWA96  +   964d ago
Jeez.... I am getting both systems, but prefer multi plat games on xbox controller.... If new ps4 controller feels better and actually feels like it has weight, maybe things will change but people, please.... Argue over relevant things in life, this is just entertainment....
justastranger10  +   964d ago
Xbox One is day one for me. Might get a PS4 a few years down the line. Will be a bunch of used games at great prices for me.
The_Con-Sept  +   962d ago
Someone wants to pay 500 dollars for an achievement. I also sell achievement points... Want to buy 10,000 GS for $100,000? Call me :P.

PS4 is the only "one" I need.
fluffydelusions  +   964d ago
Same here. PS4 for me but you know opinions and all. If someone rather an Xbone I don't care. The only game that interests me Xbone is Titanfall but that will also be on PC which is where I'll play it.
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dolkrak  +   964d ago
And on PS4 too one year later, it was basically confirmed.
IcyEyes  +   964d ago
Why people still give click and write tons of comment to this "blog" ?

"News"like this are plain poor and lame.
JsonHenry  +   964d ago
This gen my PS3 mostly collected dust unless it was playing an exclusive like Uncharted or (currently) the Last of Us. My X360 however got plenty of usage.

Next gen.. for me at least, the xbox may not even make it to my living room. It is a personal choice and one that might change eventually. But at this time I just can't get excited about the X1 even after the policy change.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   964d ago
Well you can just use the PS for multiplats instead of Xbox and there goes the dust
Consoldtobots  +   964d ago
dumb post that guarantees you will get far more disagress than agrees
UnSelf  +   964d ago
Which is sad considering all he did was share his opinion on a free, public gaming site smh
dantesparda  +   964d ago
This gen my 360 mostly collected dust, while my PS3 got plenty of usage. Only way i'd take a X1 is free and even then cant say it get much usage
karl  +   964d ago
yeah.. but how? by playing Multiplatform titles that are on ps3 aswell?

it can collect as much dust as u want but the fact that i plays the same games plus all the exclusives that u mention and more

makes it all that much more worth it than an xbox..
President  +   964d ago
How is this news? I mean what makes an opinion piece newsworthy?
Triforce079  +   964d ago
Smart tv's will do everything xbox 1 can do plus i'm never in a position where i need to say skype someone while watching tv how stupid everything it does is just pointless giving you features you have to go out your way to use no thanks.
extermin8or  +   964d ago
Smart TV's do I've seen multiple adverts for Samsung and Panasonic TVs that have a camera and face recognition and voice and gesture control lately... And they were around about the same price as the Xbox hell... The Samsung one had android games and something about PC games via GAIKAI deal... Lol
gameonbro   964d ago | Spam
kickerz  +   964d ago
@ tit force
so smart TVs play halo and titanfall and deadrissing 3 and killer instinct on their own now? that is smart
DonFreezer  +   964d ago
I would like to get of this site since the amount of butthurt ps drones is astonising and I'm fuckin bored with them.So please bubble me down and mark me for trolling so that I can stop commenting.
darkslayer208  +   964d ago
me too already preordered Ps4 will try out Xbone later .. will probably buy xbone in a year or two ..
Azuske  +   964d ago
I'm with you and rather grab a PS4 on day one. Microsoft has been fucking over consumers for far too long and getting away with it because the consumers play into their games including myself. Just because they removed something or added something doesn't mean they did it for us (Speaking about DRM and online check ins). They did it because they saw the gain in PS4 sales and the loss they were going to have if they didn't make a change. I'm still deciding if I'm going to grab a Xbox One in the future because I buy a game console for games and not fucking TV features that you just wasted 3GB of ram putting such unnecessary gimmicks into the OS instead of leaving it to the developers. When the company forgets that it's the gamers that made their console what it is today then try to fuck those people over is when you lose my support. No, I'm not a fanboy... I just hate being fucked over by a company I've spent my money to support. Who knows... If an update can remove DRM who doesn't think that one day they may force it on us and take the system back to its original plans. It would be too late because you would already have the damn console then.
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andibandit  +   964d ago

Watch the youtube video called devils halibut.....then come back here and tell me ms is trying to fuck gamers
Azuske  +   964d ago
@andibandit lol Yes they are and that was the biggest waste of time ever. He says at the beginning that it isn't directed to console gamers but directed to PC gamers. Even if you were to use that against what I said it wouldn't matter because console gaming and what I call "Steam gaming" aren't the same at all. Plus you can share your games on steam but it requires you sharing you account with a friend who can then download any and all of your games and play them while still on your account even though two people can't be on the account at the same time it's still sharing. Once again MS is trying to screw you over especially since console gaming is mostly disk based and even then you can share your digitally purchased games (PS3) if you pair 2 other consoles with your account and then leave the account paired to the console. Care to waste my time anymore?

Edit: and if what he was saying were actually 100% accurate then the gaming industry would have fell a long time ago. Regardless if you buy COD used or new you still have the OPTION of downloading DLC. Keep in mind Sony also said "We will leave it to publishers if they want to enforce the DRM" meaning that once the game is released on a disk they can pair it to a account which would still be able to be shared by accounts.
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Azuske  +   964d ago
And if you want to have a friendly debate about it you can add me on Steam... same user name but as soon as you get disrespectful I'm deleting you because I don't care if people don't agree with me.
donman1  +   964d ago
PS4 is clearly the next gen console to get. I have no plans on getting both (nothing for the Xbox One impress me enough to invest another $500 for it). WiiU/PS4 will take care of all my gaming needs. Not to mention I also own a powerful PC.
CerebralAssassin  +   964d ago
Theres nothing clear about next gen. This is a marathon. Not a sprint
b3ast  +   964d ago | Well said
Why people support MS I don't get it too many fools in this world!
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gameonbro   964d ago | Spam
AngelicIceDiamond  +   964d ago
@Rave So people can play video games and MS has a gaming machine?

I don't know what's foolish about that.
kickerz  +   964d ago
Speak for yourself xrave.
we support xbox because we like the games, just like nintendo guys support nintendo cause they like mario and stuff. Microsoft was thinking of the future, trying to innovate digital gaming. you cry babies wernt ready so they listened and changed pollicies. what does PS4 do over PS3? its more powerful and now u pay to play online thats pretty much all the innovation there. in closing whichever games u like get that console but please dont call us a fool.
Urusernamesucks  +   964d ago
Its about supporting ms at all...

Gamers just love to own better games.
The xbox one offers alot of great stuff but haters always try to downplay its advantages.
avengers1978  +   964d ago
Hellsvacancy  +   964d ago
Its great how theres 130+ comments all based on a minor opinion
Geezus  +   964d ago
@dennit316 lol the ps4 wont have skype its owned by microsoft and the xbox one has snap mode and hdmi in and something imprtant people glance over is dedicated servers for all MP games no more seriously laggy matches. on the other hand on the ps4 unless the publisher provides dedicated servers like B4F your stuck with laggy p2p on big games like call of duty and other MP's . 300000 servers for the winzzzzz.
#1.11 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
Azuske  +   964d ago
Doesn't matter if it's owned by Microsoft and a prime example of that is Blu Ray is owned by Sony but included with the Xbox One. What it all comes down to is money.
ssean227  +   964d ago
The ps vita has skype.
Triforce079  +   964d ago
Video chat is video chat which ever way u look at it,Uchat on wiiu is good and soon it will be on pc and ps4 will have a video chat i'm sure.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   964d ago
I seriously can't pass up: Quantum Break, Ryse, Deadrising, Killer Instinct, titanfall.

Interested in Black Tusk's new game.

Insomniacs new game. Which looks like it could be a L4D first person team shooter with other existing teams and players in the world.

That's too much to pass up.
isa_scout  +   964d ago
Doesn't matter if it's owned by MS or not. I skype all the time on my Vita.
kickerz  +   964d ago
WEll said Angelic Diamond,
those games look awsome. im getting a xb1 day 1.
Geezus  +   964d ago
@azuke bluray is owned by a conglamerate of companies of which sony happens to be a part of.. and trust microsoft is not letting skype go to any of its biggest competitors in the gaming industry thats why it never came to the ps3 and isnt on the wii u and why it was a part of the 360 and is intergrated into the One allowing you to game and videochat with multiple freinds at the same damn time via snap mode. its only made its way on the vita cuz they dont compete with it directly it being a handheld and all.
#1.12 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Azuske  +   964d ago
This didn't really prove anything. The point is these are companies. They will allow Skype to be used for the right price.
extermin8or  +   964d ago
Actually they have to honour existing contracts they already have from when they bought the company as Sony had a deal for PS vita and PSP I wouldn't be surprised if it were on ps4 too after all the only reason its intergrated into xbl now is because it'll encourage some people to make phone calls using it... Earning them money so an app for ps4 doesn't seem outside the realms of possibility ..
isa_scout  +   964d ago
Sony and MS are only competitors in the gaming space. Besides for that they're actually very friendly business partners in the PC market. MS just like Sony would will take any oppurtunity to help SKYPE grow in the market, whether it's gaining memebers from the Vita, the PS4, or the Xbox One.
imdaboss1  +   964d ago
lol only mindless stupid fanboys would get the xbone..drm will return well its still there till the patch is release..but mark my words they will make another u turn and it is a piece of shit..fuck kinect and them tryin to mess up the gaming industry..the controllers looks the same only minor changes..
PigPen  +   964d ago
Cause he didn't prefer your favorite console of choice he is a mindless stupid fanboy. Microsoft is a piece of shit is your opinion. He gave his opinion why XB One is a day one purchase and you're mad cause the PS4 won't be a day one purchuse. I not buying the PS4 at all. Lol
isa_scout  +   964d ago
While the PS4 is my console of choice at launch(I will get Xbone around income tax season)calling anyone a mindless stupid fanboy for preferring a different product than yours is in fact immature and petty.
Parapraxis  +   964d ago
I'm glad this guy is getting Xbox One first, I hope he loves it and never gets a PS4.
I'd rather not bump into delirious people during my games.

Most of the people on here who still don't have their facts straight or who are drinkin' the MS kool-aide are welcome to do the same.
#1.14 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
loulou  +   964d ago
how really sad and pathetic somne people are on this gutter site. so now anyone getting an xbox are delirious, dont know the facts, are drinking the ms kool aide orperhaps what you really wanted to say is that they are stupid? right?

god, you pathetic little fanboys need to give yourselves a shake... and no i dont mean the five times a day shake you are already giving yourselves.

i know loads of people getting xboxes, people that aint pathetic little fanboys that spend their days on n4g writing the same rubbish over andnover again. or writing their silly little love letters for the other turds to agree with.
dantesparda  +   964d ago
Who are you calling a fanboy? You're obviously a diehard MS fanboy, and if this place is such a "gutter" then what are you doing hanging out in the gutter? you like hanging out in the gutter do you? And sad and pathetic? you're the one who sounds like he's about to cry over nobody liking his stupid little xbox. How anybody other than fanboys and oblivious people can think the x1 is a better deal than the ps4 is beyond me. I go with whoever has the best product, fanboyism be damned! It makes you look pathetic
Urusernamesucks  +   964d ago
That last statement best implies to people like you. There is so much about the xboxone that you dont know, and if you do know you'll always try to make it look like its not worth it.
greenlantern2814  +   964d ago
As a gamer the fact is that is kinda the problem with Xbox. Ms is philosophy is to build an all in one entertainment hub. Sony's is to build an awesome gaming machine. While sony focused on making a system that devs love to work on, ms tried to cram a bunch of useless features into the Xbox1. They are useless to anybody that owns a smart tv. And people saying stupid Crap about Netflix, hulu plus,etc. My ps3 currently has all that. Netflix, hulu plus, Amazon prime, crackle, downloads movies and music. So why wouldn't ps4. And I know sony isn't talking about that stuff because they made a gaming machine. And unless you really love forza then most of Xbox1 games are next year. And it seems by and large the public has said ps4, if you go by what any pre orders have said. Amazon, gamestop.
DarkHeroZX  +   964d ago
"Xbox One is a Day One purchase... but the PS4 can wait"

Says no gamer anywhere. Seriously Sony already stated they can do cloud computing. And once the PS4 is established as a game console first then Sony will focus on the secondary media functions as they should.
medman  +   964d ago
I look at the strength of Sony's first party developers and say to myself...the author of this article is no fan of gaming. That is for dead sure. Now let me get back to The Last of Us.
ZombieKiller  +   964d ago
....and this guy writes about video games for a living...goes to show what kind of a joke gaming journalism is. You would think these guys would be well informed too. So buying an Xbox on launch after the RROD and the DRM crap they talked about would be a smart move? I'm going to wait and see what sort of "policies" Microshaft comes up with after people start buying their system.

Till then its PS4 on day one....which ACTUALLY shows promise for the future.
Doctor_Freeman  +   964d ago
Like always, I wait awhile for both systems to mature and pick the one that best suits me. Its all about the games for me, and I'll go wherever the best games and prices are.
Cueil  +   964d ago
I'm getting both at the same time I'll plug my PS4 into my Xbox One... that way I can play my PS4 while I wait for a match on my Xbox and can talk to both friends list at the same time ^_^
Anon1974  +   964d ago
The 360 was a day one purchase for me, needed to be replaced 4 times and cost me $350 for two of those repairs before Microsoft ever bothered to extend the warranty, and then I had to fight like hell for a year to get them to give me that $350 back, because the "Had no record of the repairs." One of those replacements was a disk gouging unit too, that Microsoft then refused to take back despite having just sent it to me until I brought up my extended warranty which I had purchased between the 2nd and 3rd replacement.

Even if I was in the market for an Xbox One, there's no way it would be a day one purchase for me until I was sure the hardware was sound. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
showtimefolks  +   964d ago
Good for you I guess I will be buying a ps4 and passing on Xbox one. Not gonna pay for PSN plus and xblive when I barely have time for one console

So to each their own but for me it's ps4.

Also if Xbox defense force is mad now just wait till after release, with a system that's $100 less and offers more Xbox one will struggle. I have about 6 friends who were Xbox 360 only now switching to ps4
RedHawkX  +   964d ago
yep you get the cheaper system first because thats the console everyone will be getting and using for online. ps4 will have the bigger online playerbase. you alos get the system that has a headset included and the ps4 does so the commmunity will be even better with talking in multiplayer. you get the most powerful system first which is the ps4 so you can get that next gne graphics feel.

playstation fans arent fanboys they use there brains when making purchase to get the best system for there money and xbox one fanboys dont. their is no logical reason to get xbox one day one over ps4. if your reason to get an xbox one day one is to continue your achievements or because you think live will be the most played and best online then you are stupid and wrong because thats not happening, and all those exclusives for the xbox one are timed exclusives just like bioshock, mass effect, etc. you need to use the past, present and future when making decisions if you do that ps4 is the obvious choice. if your a fanboy you will pick the xbox one.
#1.23 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
nosferatuzodd  +   964d ago
listen to this guy xbox one game look great of course they look good when youre running you're game on a nvidia card that's almost 3times moor powerful than what you're system is suppose to be
#1.24 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Pocketaces111  +   964d ago
@BABYLEG your funny you make no sense but thanks for making me laugh.

"Article is right. I buy things my whole family can use. Ps4 is just for people who likes to sit in front their tv forever. Xbox one is for people who likes video games as well as everything else. "

What an oxy moron. xbox only works on tv's you dummy so if you like either the ps3 or the xbox TOO MUCH all you do is sit in front of your TV. I on the other hand don't care to talk to my tv so I use the PS3 and in future the ps4 and when I want to talk I have great conversations with my wife and daughter or friends and family not my tv. My whole family uses my ps3 for netfli, hulu games streaming content from computer as well we go outside play board games as well as many other things together.
Chaostar  +   965d ago
Under "Innovation" the author has put Blu-Ray, just thought I'd point that out because it made me chuckle a little.
Bojeeva  +   964d ago
Good point! I meant that it was among the notable new features - alhtough I guess it is an innovation for Microsoft (they probably still wanted HD-DVD!!!)
NioRide  +   964d ago
You mean DVD right, because not one game was ever put on HD-DVD.
CaEsAr-  +   964d ago
Nobody cares about your opinion.
Master-H  +   964d ago
Didn't you get the memo ? Blu ray is cool now since Microsoft is doing it /s
Veni Vidi Vici  +   964d ago
He also said Xbox Live trumps PS+ but fails to say why. He just goes on to say that it's now giving away free games too and even admits they're old ones.

If you want to persuade people that something is better, at least give examples as to why you think it's true. And by examples, I don't mean something that's not even as good as the competition (i.e. 2 free OLD games).

Here, I'll even give an example. One thing that's better is the fact that Live lets you keep those free games forever. Even if you stop the service. PS+ doesn't do that.

Admittedly, that's not that big of a deal because most people will just buy the service for the life of the console anyway but it's at least a better example than what the author gave.
iceman06  +   964d ago
Nor does he state that he has played on the new and supposedly improved PSN. He just assumes that PS3 will just be thrown on the same network that exists right now...despite Sony saying otherwise. Everybody is entitled to an opinion but, for arguments sake, it could have been more thought out.
kickerz  +   964d ago
I agree theres no way to tell yet if the Xbox one network is better then the ps4 network BUT if Microsofts 300 000 servers and cloud improve online gaming greatly (which we have to wait and see) then yes Live will trump Plus. If not then they will be similer
greenlantern2814  +   964d ago
Yeah look Xbox fans here is this bluray player it was very advanced tech 7 years ago. that all of you said didn't matter when it was in ps3, but now is a sweet addition to your console since it is gonna be in the Xbox1.
MichaelLito79  +   965d ago
Xbox One has some excellent key features. Most importantly I like the launch and post launch games.
#3 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(29) | Disagree(70) | Report | Reply
NewMonday  +   964d ago
i'll be waiting for a price drop and Kenict removal.

fact is for me Kinect is a bigger problem than price, even if they force it in the bundle just don't make it mandatory.
buynit  +   964d ago
Oh get over the kinect..the damn thing adds to the experience. i plan on getting a ps4 first not sure if i will ever get a xb1 but i cant hate on what kinect can do. I mean damn all you have to do is pick up the controler and it logs you in! The thing does some impresive stuff.. If i ever do get a xb1 it will probably the kinect that wins me over and since everyone will have it devs will def. Use it...
NewMonday  +   964d ago

I use band aid to block the camera on my laptop, would do the same to Kinect id it didn't have an always listening microphone, I'm not trusting MS with my privacy and security.

If it styles like this the only way I can play the XB1 is by plugging/unplugging Kinect every time I play.
JokesOnYou  +   964d ago
"I use band aid to block the camera on my laptop, would do the same to Kinect id it didn't have an always listening microphone"

-lol, Wow bro that says alot about you.
DOMination-  +   964d ago
MS do not care about what you do in front of kinect.

Every phone call you make is saved. Every text you send is saved on a server. Your phobe tracks your movements and the front camera is always watching you. Of course like kinect there isn't a man sat in an office reading all your data. They have computers looking for keywords etc. If you're not planning a terrorist attack you really have nothing to worry about.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   964d ago
All games on a system are launch or post launch!
#3.2 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
gamertk421  +   964d ago
There are always a few games you can grab days before system launch, tho. So technically, he is correct!
kickerz  +   964d ago
well said Michael
jessupj  +   964d ago
Well I have a gaming PC and we know a lot of those so called xbone exclusives are timed, so I'll be getting a PS4 and won't be missing out on much at all.

Also, there is a notable difference in the PS4's raw power compared to the xbone, so it will have superior multiplatform games. Unless of course MS decide to be children again and force developers to downgrade the PS4 version to be the same quality as the xbone games.

Another big plus by supporting Sony is that I don't have to worry if they'll stop releasing core games half way through the generation, unlike a certain other company did.

The PS4 is clearly the much better console.
Prcko  +   964d ago
xbox one can wait,ps4 is day one
how can xbox one be day 1 when you have to give 100$ more for weaker console,you can't play games in most countries around the world(40% of Europe is affected,and who knows how much more around the world...),you need to conect on internet for day 1 patch and you don't get epic exclusive games?
it's hard to believe that people gonna buy xbox one before ps4,only few brains think xbox one is better than ps4
also preorders: ps4 is alrdy 2nd best selling product this year,xbox one is on approximately 70 place...
nuff said
#4 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(55) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
A-laughing-horse  +   964d ago
Damn kid , butthurt?

It's a toy

Besides. Ps4 has 2 launch exclusives. 1 is. Fps.

Enjoy your selection. Your not swaying anyone's opinion.
Prcko  +   964d ago
maybe,but we will see how many exclusives after 1 year on market,mister smart guy...
#4.1.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(8) | Report
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   964d ago
Day one launch titles

The Witness
Diablo 3
DC Universe Online


Dead rising 3
Killer instinct
Kinect sports

Both launch lineups are pretty weak.PS4's is just much less weaker.
imt558  +   964d ago
You have no idea which PS4 exklusive is a launch game, right?
DeadlyFire  +   964d ago
Funny PS4 has 29 launch window games XB1 has 24.

Sony promising 40 exclusives between 2013 and 2015.

Microsoft is promising 18.
DARK WITNESS  +   964d ago
..... where did you get 2 from ?
vega275  +   964d ago
you mean



Dead Rising 3
Killer instinct
kinect sport
Project spark

everything else is already out on pc and/or is not exclusive
#4.1.6 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(26) | Report
buynit  +   964d ago
I knew i would get hate..

Yes a flipping smart tv can do it i agree, but not everyone has a flipping smart tv and currently only one flipping console can do that.

Its a innovation for consoles like it or not..
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   964d ago

Where did i say anything about exclusive? I'm talking Day one games available at launch.

Dude said there is no selection.There is more selection on PS4 then Xbox U.

That is simply a fact.
#4.1.8 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(8) | Report
vega275  +   964d ago
@ Dayz

regardless if you didn't say exclusive. most of the games can already be played on the pc. so there's no need to wait for the ps4 to launch just to play them on day one. when you can play them now. which makes the ps4 launch titles look very small because it is. proving his case.

the only game would be the witness and again it's not exclusive if it's coming to other platforms.

if you would have just list the games you were going to purchase with the ps4. then fine. but you listed them like they was some kind of exclusive to one system just to pad your list to compare them to what the xbox one would be releasing one day one.
#4.1.9 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(11) | Report
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   964d ago

None of what you just said applies tho.
His point was there is no selection on PS4.

I just showed him there is.You're making this out to be something it's not, for whatever reason.
vega275  +   964d ago
killzone- shooter
Driveclub- arcade racer
Outlast - survival horror
Knack - adventure


Forza- sim racer
Ryse- hack and slash
Lococyle- motercycle racer
Dead Rising 3- open world survival horror
Killer instinct- fighter
kinect sport- famly
Project spark-sandbox

so again who has more selection. the other games you padded your list with can be played on other platforms. which is my point regardless if you said exclusive or not. you don't need the ps4 to play those games when you can play them now

and as you said "That is simply a fact"
#4.1.11 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(14) | Report
greenlantern2814  +   964d ago
You don't know what your talking about. As clearly stated by a couple of others already.
Spark is not a launch game. And Kinect sports really.
Skips  +   964d ago

Says the person who pads out their list with garbage Kinect games and a crappy F2P fighter that nobody likes. lol!

Killer Instinct?
Kinect Sports?

Wow!...Just WOW! When you take away those, the only decent ones actually WORTH anything are Forza, Ryse, Dead Rysing 3. Spark is coming to PC so FAIL at doing the VERY same thing you bashed DayZ for doing. XD

And not to mention, Xbox fanboys bring up games that'll be on PC ALL the time like Titanfall to try and spin and justify a "better" lineup of "exclusive" games and when somebody does the same for the PS4 list showing BETTER console exclusive titles like Planetside 2 and whatnot. Xbox fanboys flip the hell out. XD

"so again who has more selection."

Launch day 1, games that are actually WORTH mentioning???

1 or 2 games won't really make a difference. But when you look at the LAUNCH YEAR. LMFAO! Completely different picture kiddo.

If we don't count any PC games... Like you want...
Xbox One = 15 Exclusives from 1st party in developement and out in first year...

PS4 = 40 Exclusives from 1st party in developement and 20 out in first year...

As people kept saying "Bu bu but WAIT FOR E3 for Microsoft to bring out the gaaammes!!!"

Microsoft has already shown like what??? 3/4 of what they have to offer???

Sony has shown what??? 1/4 only??? Just wait for the blood bath at Gamescom and TGS. XD
#4.1.13 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(8) | Report
vega275  +   964d ago

yes kinect sport really since he was the one that added it in his list of xbox one games in comparison to the ps4 of who had more selection of games. All i did was remove the multiplat games that can be found on the pc. which shows he's padding his list. if you want kinect sport removed then he shouldn't have used it in his list.


i didn't pad kinect into the list of games. if you would have looked at his list you would have saw he added it himself to say ps4 had more of a selection of games compared to xbox one. which simply isn't the case as i have proved. i simply removed the multiplat games since sonyfanboys have been crying "only exclusves" "only exclusives" when they feel it fits their agenda.

but instead you got defensive and want to start calling games crap before even playing them. which is your opinion. even if you take off project spark (which i will be happy to do)xbox one still has more of a selection of games coming at launch.

i didn't add titanfalls so because it's not exclusive nor was it on his list of games. so get the stick out your @ss and stick to the facts.

you can harp all you want about 40 games exclusive but
1) you don't know what any of them are.
2) will they be any good.
#4.1.14 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report
Skips  +   964d ago

"xbox one still has more of a selection of games coming at launch."

LMFAO! Only if you take away the console exclusives like Planetside 2 and Warframe that CAN'T be played on Xbox One, and never will. XD

"you can harp all you want about 40 games exclusive but
1) you don't know what any of them are.
2) will they be any good."

And you get to harp on two day 1 shovelware games, that aren't even worth mentioning. lol! (Killer Instinct, Kinect Sports) XD


Day 1: (Xbox One) 6 > 4 (PS4) only when Planetside 2 and Warframe are taken away.... Great???

Year 1: (PS4) 20 >>>>> 15 (Xbox One)

In developement: (PS4) 40 >>>>>>> 15 (Xbox One)

^ Those are facts. XD
#4.1.15 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report
vega275  +   964d ago
@ sonic

your right about one thing
" Planetside 2 and Warframe that CAN'T be played on Xbox One, and never will"

but here the thing. i don't need to buy a ps4 to play them. in fact i have Planetside and warframe and even DC universe already installed on my pc right at this very minute thru steam.

so what is the purpose of spending $400 on a system when i already have those games and the witness is also coming to PC. why for 4 exclusives????

you know last gen. you was claiming in PM's to me how 360 had no exclusive games that couldn't be gotten on PC. now your using the very claim you kept bashing the 360 for as something to compete against the xbox one. that pathetic on your part and hypocritical.

it makes me wonder will those 40 games will be exclusive or are they multiplats. if that's the case then i can save my $400 now and just update my PC.
Skips  +   964d ago

"it makes me wonder will those 40 games will be exclusive or are they multiplats."

LMFAO!!!! You obviously can't read huh???


"40 first-party games in development for PS4"

Because Sony's 1st party studios like SSM and ND would release their games on Xbox One or PC right??? LOL! Sure buddy, sure!

"so what is the purpose of spending $400 on a system when i already have those games and the witness is also coming to PC. why for 4 exclusives????"

More like 40. -___________- Guess you won't be willing to spend $500+ on only 15 right? Not to mention a good chunk will probably end up as shovelware (if you actualy looked at Microsoft's studios' portfolio)... XD

"you know last gen. you was claiming in PM's to me how 360 had no exclusive games that couldn't be gotten on PC.

No, more like the 360 barely having any exclusives AT ALL for the latter half of this gen. You'd have to be a complete FOOL to not see Microsoft 1st party support drop the second they came out with Kinect and other casual garbage.

Good start yep??? Even I admit the 360 was simply AWESOME in it's early years due to so many. Did the exclusive new IP's keep coming. LMFAO! Hell no.

Willing to bet it will be similar for next gen too. Good start (luring the core gamers in), until they practically abandon them for for casual crap like TV, Kinect and whatnot. Only standing on and rehashing the same 4 franchises year after year. -_-

Fool me once... Microsoft...
#4.1.17 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report
buynit  +   964d ago
To be fair.. Xb1 is bringing more inovation atm, you may not like them but at the very least they are trying harder..

The just went too far with the 24 hr check in or you cant play at all, that idea should have never been entertained and the used games restrictions should have just been for DD games only with the family share plan..

Imo ms was close to something huge but at the end started driving to and thrue a tunnel. If you want to fight used games sales or in other words you want money from the sales.... Then build your own DD network to allow gamers to trade, sell, and borrow DD games with a fee of course and give in network credit.

Do you have to be a genious to do that? I seriously dont know but im going to go out on a limb and say it can be done. The first company to do that will have the lead in a whole new DD games sales.. And by sales i do mean sales like what steam has. If they can afford it so can nintendo sony and ms..

Build your own damn networks idiots, yes the whole world isnt ready for DD but i am and im sure im not alone, im not getting any younger waiting for everyone else to "catch up".. Ms had something new and theyaintevenknowit.. Or got scared if that the case they could of had two skus... I hate the stupid name, xbox one xbox two.. Xb2 could have been the one to test all the " servers" and test the water for the DD sales market. Can i take dons spot? Cause that guy bombed! Lol
DARK WITNESS  +   964d ago
More inovation?... 80% of the stuff that people are calling inovation a flipping smart tv can do
kneon  +   964d ago
There are TVs with voice and gesture control along with Skype, Netflix etc. My cable box does more than the Xbox One does, and it doesn't need yet another box to operate, other than the TV of course :)

I see little innovation in their TV features.
JokesOnYou  +   964d ago
I don't know if "innovation" is the right word, surely that word is thrown around waay too much, but I don't care what you call it theres no denying that love 'em or hate 'em micro was at least and is still in alot of ways trying to do MORE with the X1 than sony is with ps4....and I'm just talking about on the gaming side. ps4 is the status quo= lets give gamers great games, which is great, X1= lets give gamers great games and emulate IN SOME WAYS how Steam works, imo the sharing was a plus over Steam. No doubt it had negatives and positives, but imo the positives outweighed the negative.
#4.2.3 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(13) | Report
buynit  +   964d ago
Well excuse me.. I didnt know other CONSOLES can do that.. Be honest how many of you have a smart tv that does all that and ties in great games..

So its not world shatering new inovation but to not give it credit for doing it so smooth is just beyond stupid.
Petro  +   964d ago
Well PlayStation 3 does have PlayTV so Sony already did make smart TV functions on consoles before Microsoft. :)
ExtoVert  +   964d ago

Dont forget one of PC's best F2P game: Planetside 2

and before anyone says it yes its not a platform exclusive but do some research and see who develops PS2....SOE (Sony Online Entertainment)
#4.3 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   964d ago
wrong post
#4.4 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
PFFT  +   964d ago
Funny thins is that those so called 40 exclusives about 20 or so are indies PSN titles.......YAY for you. Guess ill stick to XBO on launch. Then once The Second son releases ill get my Ps4.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   964d ago
Absolutely day one for me. The games are awesome and all the features it has.
WeAreLegion  +   964d ago
Do you even like video games?
Kingdom Come  +   964d ago
Quit with the animosity, both system's have great line-ups...
WeAreLegion  +   964d ago
I agree, but FrigidDARKNESS has no objectivity in him. He sees "Xbox" and clings to it, no matter what.
No_Limit  +   964d ago
" He sees "Xbox" and clings to it, no matter what."

Like the same way you clings on to "Sony" no matter what. Hypocrite much?
A-laughing-horse  +   964d ago
How dare you not like lord Sony !!!!

I Agee with you. I like the more launch exclusives.

Sony kids still have to switch between channels.

I have both orderd day 1

Cnt wait

@ legion

It's not the same thing. Even remotley
#5.2 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(42) | Report | Reply
WeAreLegion  +   964d ago
Switch between channels? My Wii U already does the cable thing. I can just type the channel into the Wii U or click an icon of the channel/show and it goes straight to it. Do you know how often I use that feature?

NEVER. Nobody uses that feature. Because it's ridiculous.
awesomeperson  +   964d ago
Switching between channels with your voice.
The feature that makes a more expensive underpowered box, just that much more with it.

Both launch lineups look good, the XBOX One perhaps has the upper hand in some respects. That being said, I have no doubt Sony has many more exclusives planned for the launch window, with a steady stream to follow throughout the next seven or so years.

If this gen was anything to go by, it should be great.

While only buying the PS4 at launch, I will most likely buy the One once it has an established game library, and the hardware has been proven to be something worth getting. Possibly with a price cut.
DARK WITNESS  +   964d ago
because gaming is all about seeing how many channels you can flip through while you are trying to headshot someone..

I can't believe some of the stuff people are saying to try and justify their purchase these days.
Rivitur  +   964d ago
Lol good luck switching. between channels without paying a little bit extra.
Stryfeno2  +   964d ago
I don't get why people gets mad on others personal choices. Im getting the XBO because I like what I saw. Plus the CRM removal sealed it...No offense to Sony but all they showed me was lackluster games.
PigPen  +   964d ago
Your choice is your rights.
#5.3.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report
hakesterman  +   964d ago
I think you meant DRM ( Digital Rights Managment) Just Saying!
braydox21  +   963d ago
becuase people cannot understand the reasoning of the purchase. you see all these articles that are pro xbox one and alot of their reasoning isn't justified. with the 180 that microsoft did with its policies the xbox one it definatley looks more appealing becuase its games looked good. Sony's lineup was smart that it brang in some new games and games that we know and understand so we know what were getting with the ps4. MS was similer but with the shadow of its policies behind them it kind of devauled their show. one thing im kind of concerned about is wether or not they are still saying that they have the right to change their policies, so after people buy one they can change it back (im not sure wether they have changed this or not) i mean the games may appear ack luster to some but im pretty sure that it will only get better as it build up strength like the ps3 while the xbox 360 started strongish (hardware failures) but then it started to die off while the ps3 just got stronger and then some. im going to buy a ps4 because its focus on gaming and sony's actions have me sold on one but then you take MS which i already doubted then they shot themselves during conference, during E3 they removed the bullet which made it look better, which then they patched up the hole with the policy change which has left me feeling the same as it id when the next gen xbox was being rumored/known doubt, confusion, while sony has just been building and building not just the hype but increasing the reasons why i should get a ps4.
Stryfeno2  +   963d ago
I don't care about anyone choices...Of you're getting a PS4. Great! However, you want see me here trying to justify anyone purchase. But as for me, MS showed me their console is enjoyable with games (which they showed with Titanfall and Killer Instinct) and outside of gaming.

I want a console that gives me option and right now the PS4 isn't it.
kelixaleir  +   964d ago
Well I'm getting the Xbox One first due to the lack of exclusives shown on PS4

When they show some exclusives(New Ips hopefully) then I'll get myself a PS4
unchartedxplorer  +   964d ago
We haven't still heard from ND, Santa Monica's, Quantic Dreams or Media Molecules new game. That's almost definitely four exclusives right there.
kelixaleir  +   964d ago
Exactly we haven't heard from them...When we do then I'll end up getting one.

Quantic Dreams won't be bringing out a PS4 Exclusive this year seen as though Beyond comes out in October for PS3

Naughty Dog surely won't be bringing a game out this year otherwise they'd have dropped hints (We'll prolly get uncharted 4 Q1 next year)

Santa Monica announced 2 games but not much about them, probably going to be released some time in 2014

As much as people hate to admit it, Microsofts E3 demonstration (Based on the games alone)was superior for this year. I love both console but I'm a gamer, I play games not consoles.
Redempteur  +   964d ago
Santa monica is making the order 188x something.

And is probably doing another game on the side since they have like 3 teams right now.
fourOeightshark  +   964d ago
Guerrilla Games is also working on a new IP.
darkslayer208  +   964d ago
well my friend Ps4 does not lack exclusives at E3 they did announce that they have 30 inhouse projects for nextgen and 20 of them will release year one ..
like Microsoft they could have gone aggressive and showed all the project and tease CG trailers of every game like Microsoft but they chose the right path and they don't want to fool their customers with big talks and teasers..
just wait for Gamescom and Tgs later this year they will remove the curtains from some of games..
garos82  +   964d ago
exactly what darkslayer208 said

over the past 4ish years sony has been announcing games (sequels/new ips) at various game conferences. we europeans have the one in cologne later this year, there is a rumour there may a massive conference to be staged in london also tgs where obviously sony has the upper hand in console "wars".

if you were born yesterday i forgive you for not knowing but judging by sonys past and huge history of gaming franchises and surprises over the years you can bet your ass they have plenty more aces to reveal in the upcoming months/years!
fsfsxii  +   964d ago
New IPs and you went with the Xb1?? Oh, the irony.
kelixaleir  +   964d ago
Please explain how that is ironic.

"Microsoft claimed to have 15 Xbox One exclusive games in its first year, with 8 of those being new franchises"

+ They've actually shown most of these
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   964d ago
Sony said they will have 20 exclusives in the first year. 20 > 15

and for me as a big Killer Instinct fan,
the new one looks like shit.
looks like street fighter.
characters are too big. ultra combos are weak.
Dead Rising 3 looks brown,boring and last-gen.
Titanfall seriously doesn't look anything special to me.
would rather play FREE Planetside 2 than that.
at PS4, you at least get free games day 1 so you don't need to spend another 120$ to buy 2 games at launch. and get Driverclub and 3 other games with PS+
Rivitur  +   964d ago
Yeah when you say NEw IPs I'm pretty sure FORZA 5 and DEAD RISING 3 and Reboot KILLER INSTINCT are not new ips at all.
golding89  +   964d ago
day one for me. Ps4 only has better hardware than xbox one. No innovation whatsoever. Haters going to hate but it is the truth. Ps4 is just a ps3 on steroids..seriously.. :-p
dolkrak  +   964d ago
If innovation is Kinect and DRM is future, then you can keep it.

I buy a game console for games, sorry. PS4 > XB1 by a mile
golding89  +   964d ago
'"I buy a game console for games"? yea sure ..and yet you bought a ps3 with all the entertainment crap packed in it right? doesnt get any more two-faced with you buddy..
fsfsxii  +   964d ago
Don't bother with them, they consider DRM and used games blocking "INNOVASHUN"
Enjoy inferior hardware with the same dudebro games such as Gears and Halo with DEW and Doritos
Master-H  +   964d ago
I fail to see what innovation the xbox one has , is it the snap mode or whatever to switch from games to TV? a thing the oldest TV remotes could do with the input button but now you get to do it by shouting at kinect like an idiot lol .. or the skype integration thingy when most of electronic devices of today has skype .. is it the ability to turn on the xbox with voice commands? sure it sounds cool but it isn't practical at all when you need to shout at kinect everytime you wanna turn on the console, which means the kinect is going to be listening all the time (but that's a different topic..), for the streaming service and the could BS the ps4 is capable of that also so that must not be it the controller ? probably not since it's basically the same as the 360 one (still needs batteries to work, go figure lol) .. explain it to me golding89 ...what is it you consider innovation ?
now if you prefer the xbox 1 to the ps4 due to the exclusive games shown, i can understand that since people's opinions and tastes differ when it comes to games, but the "innovation" crap got me really confused buddy .
please someone explain it to me, your fellow gaming brother
golding89  +   964d ago
"which means the kinect is going to be listening all the time (but that's a different topic..)" lol you lost all your credibility with that no kinect is listening to me all the so scared lol :-p
Master-H  +   964d ago
@golding98 Yes, it is a fact kinect is going to be listening all the time if the console can be turned on by voice commands , it means kinect mic is going to be open recording stuff and filtering out the key words the box works by. i don't know what happens with those recordings afterwards , they get deleted , get stored, get uploaded , WHO KNOWS , that's why i said it's a different topic.
So don't try to discredit me by making what i said seem false when it is really a fact ,just because you can't argue any of my valid points . good day sir and looking forward to your next reply .
edonus   964d ago | Spam
Redempteur  +   964d ago
( i know you're a fanboy , but let me give you some info )

PS4 has a faster ram
PS4 has a faster GPU

Xbone cloud doesn't work for graphics or AI. NO project at E3 even showcased something like this working.Forza cloud technology is nothing more than a collective ghost data interface that everyone already use .In fact most tech experts agree that using a cloud as gameplay enhancement won't be any different in term of features than what is already available( meaning centralisation of data only , not processing)

Gakkai infrastructure has been showcased at various events since 2 years ago we already know it works , many people have already seen it work.
Nobody saw the cloud working. ( because at e3 , all the xbone games were running on Pcs )

Kinect can't monitor your heartbeat. If it was possible, doctors wouldn't use electrodes in hospitals for heart checks. At best it can guess what your heart beat is by looking at your array of moves. It's not innovative. It was already possible on kinect 1, kinect 2 just make it more accurate( but it's still an estimate )
kneon  +   964d ago
32Mb of ESRam is not going to make up for the huge difference in ram performance between the two systems. A unified memory architecture brings with it additionally performance gains because data does not need to be copied in order for other parts of the system to make use of it.

Kinecr sensing your heartbeat is a minor feature. The main uses of Kinect typically just take longer then using a physical control. Now if you are into dance games then yes Kinect is awesome, personally I couldn't care less about such games.

Everything smartglass can do can be done with the Vita or playstation mobile.

All the TV features and more are already available on my TV and set top box.

I don't see the massive innovation you're yammering about. And judging by the way the xb1 is being massively outsold on pre-orders neither does anyone else.
Master-H  +   964d ago
@edonus the ps4 can multitask , it has a second chip which they said allows it to record footage of games while you play them, manage downloads ,updates ,updates etc. even when the system is off. also cerny said you can pause your ps4 game check a video or something and the resume, like they showed in that video that has a guy playing knack , he pauses it ,watches that Sarah Greene gal's gameplay vid then resumes it, so that leaves the xbox with only the ability to have a skype video call going while you play as it takes a part of the screen, and to that i say who seriously in their right mind want to be playing a game WHILE having a skype video call at the same time ??? whouldn't it be better to pause the game and then have the video call and then get back to the game???if you need help with a game or something and you want someone to tell you what to the do while you play you can use the group voice chat thingy instead . as for watching TV the same time you're playing a game by splitting the screen it is stupid as well but can be done by the picture in picture functionality in most modern TVs although i don't see any sane person doing this..
Master-H  +   964d ago
@edonus on to your second point skype >
skype is like i said available on most electronic devices these days , your phone your tablet your PC your laptop, even smart TVs have skype for Christ sake, so having skype in a console is definitely not "innovation".
Voice commands is nothing new , you act like Microsoft invented Voice commands ,laptops phones tablets all of those have voice commands these days, personally i consider them a gimmick , and are only cool when they are implemented well in games and dont feel forced,
like in skyrim, even socom from ps2 days had voice you might like them but voice commands is definitely not an "innovation "
Gestures i guess is something new, and i can't really comment about it until i try it but i personally rather press simple buttons on my controller or my remote instead of throwing up gang signs in front of kinect and my family lol but at least it's an alternative to voice commands for mute people if they are too lazy to use a remote lol

"The Ps4 is not more powerful than the X1" that is a lie, most of the specs have been revealed and most tech analyzing sites like Digital Foundry says the ps3 is more powerful, it is very easy to see that the ps4 is more powerful , it got a GPU with a 150% more raw power than the xbox one has, it got 7 usable GBs of GDDR5 ram while the box has 5 usable of DDR3 ram with a 32MB ESRAM, and you can ask any one that understands this PC tech stuff and he will tell you GDDR5 is way better and faster than DDR3 even with the ESRAM. which is why GDDR5 is used for all top of the line graphics card like the nividia titan etc.
The cloud computing stuff is B.S, only minor stuff can be calculated in the clouds because the time it would take for the information to reach the console from the cloud is waaay more than it would if your using the system hardware, let alone the bandwidth caps, go play sim city and tell me cloud computing is the future lol seriously it's just a marketing tool, any one who believes "teh infinite power of da cloudz" is going to make his xbox one a nividia titan or something is quite delusional.

as for smart glass there is streaming ps4 games to a Vita through wifi to counter it so nothing new.
And that kinect sensor thing is honestly the first cool sounding thing i heard about kinect in..forever lol we will see how that turns out and if it's really going to be used in games or was just for marketing.
#7.2.7 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(2) | Report
xion87  +   964d ago
Yes cause if it's anything xbox is known for it's the innovation.

Forza, Forza 2, Forza 3, Forza 4, Forza Horizon, Forza 5.

Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, Gears of War Judgement.

Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Reach, Halo Anniversary Edition, Halo 4.

Halo already has 7 (soon to be 8) games, not portable spin offs or anything, just sequel after sequel, counting the new trilogy that's 10, since it's not a saga that means even more.

In fairness I'm aware both companies milk there big franchises, which is why claiming innovation of any of them is absolutely ridiculous. Preference, yeah, innovation not really.
#7.3 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
True_Samurai  +   964d ago
You wanna play the milking game my friend?
NewVegasTroop  +   964d ago
am I the only one around here that remembers Halo Wars???!!!
Tctczach  +   964d ago
God of War and Final Fantasy. (which was an exclusive) twisted metal.etc.. Yeah and Sony never had recycled exclusives. Did love the Last of us though.
xion87  +   964d ago

That's why I said "I'm aware both companies milk there big franchises."

Final Fantasy was exclusive to Nintendo before VII, Sony had exclusivity for VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2 & XII. The majority of their 35 games where across a wide variety of platforms.

I hope the last of us stays a self contained story, or maybe if we get a trilogy and just leave it at that.

God of War is the big offender on Sony's side, 6 games since 2005, but even that was across 3 systems, 2 games per system.

Halo is at 7, 8 if you count Halo Wars, and 9 soon. That's across 3 platforms. 6 of which came out on xbox 360 alone.
Dmagic  +   964d ago
jeez talk about haters will hate "No innovation whatsoever.Ps4 is just a ps3 on steroids..seriously"
DARK WITNESS  +   964d ago
lolol, and the xbone is not a 360 on steroids? well at least the 360 gives more options, but still.. the same can be applied and who is to say sony cant do 90% of the stuff kinect will do with the pseye ? outside of that what does the one have?
b3ast  +   964d ago
then you are stupid in ya head
PigPen  +   964d ago
He is smart from not listening to you.
BlaqMagiq24  +   964d ago
Xbox and innovation put together? LOL you got jokes.
garos82  +   964d ago
dont be a hypocrite. its well documented that consoles these days provide many other services other than gaming and thats something that i personally welcome.
but sony has on numerous occasions (not just with ps4) focused mainly on GAMES!
DARK WITNESS  +   964d ago
totally agree

when sony launched the ps3 they focused on a lot of stuff outside of gaming with regards to it being a media device and an entertainment system...

xbox fans laughed and said they picked the 360 because it was a gamers machine.. Now MS is the one bring all this media crap to the table and sony is focusing on games and you want to talk about hypocrisy?

The thing is the ps4 can still do a lot of media stuff, but they are clear in their message about being a games machine. If I didn't want these machines for the games all I would need is my cable box and my smart TV and the xbone would be redundant.

I say thank God sony is focusing on the games because that is why I want to buy a games console. This gen I was a big 360 fan because it was the gamers machine, my ps3 collected dust mostly so now that the ps4 is the gamers machine why would I want an xbone.
#7.7.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report
deafdani  +   964d ago
Sorry, I don't understand your point. The PS3 is easily the console that offered the most in terms of games this console generation. Sony put out the most exclusive games for its console, even more than Nintendo, and that's saying something.

On top of that, the PS3 had the multiplatform games... and on top of that, most of the games that started as 360 exclusives eventually got ported to the PS3... including the first Mass Effect, which was originally published by Microsoft!

And on top of all that... if you were a PS+ subscriber, you had access to an insane amount of games for no extra charge, and pretty heavy discounts on other games that became yours for good.

So, tell me... how does having a PS3 disproves someone's opinion about being "all about the games"?
hakesterman  +   964d ago
Dude the PS4 is going to Kick the Fruity Pebbles out ox Xbone. I can't wait to see the look on your face when Sony brings down the Roof!
Benchm4rk  +   964d ago
Day one for me. Have had mine on Pre Order since May 22nd with Watchdogs and Forza.
green  +   964d ago
At them moment, none of them are a day one buy for me. I will hold off till next year.
#9 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Whitey2k  +   964d ago
Ps4 for me more exclusives to come and better more power and great support from the indie xbox sounds great but its not for me weaker and I already have a cable
A-laughing-horse  +   964d ago
Re: to come...

They don't call it wait station for nothing. Besides, if you miss out on games because of your fanboy glasses, your the idiot missing the games
Whitey2k  +   964d ago
Is that a joke comment or sarcasm? There is still alot of games that hasnt been shown on the ps4 yet id rather wait and c what they come up with then just straight out
Prcko  +   964d ago
you gonna lose your bubles pretty quickly,and i saying this as a positive thing
ltachiUchiha  +   964d ago
Wow spoken like an arrogant microsoft employee lol.
jessupj  +   964d ago
You mean like how you waited for the whole second half of this generation for MS to bring out an acceptable number of core exclusives?

I find it very disturbing how many people are forgetting this fact.

When MS drops support for the core gamer next gen after sucking you all in with all the timed exclusives, you will only have your self to blame.
WeAreLegion  +   964d ago
Can everyone go ahead and read that article before commenting?

Finished? Ok. Let's break this down.

He says the controller on Xbox is better, so that's why he likes the Xbox One better. He's NEVER touched a DualShock 4 or the Xbox One pad. Most sources are saying the DS4 is the finest controller ever assembled.

Then he says, Xbox Live still trumps PS+. WHAT?!? He's played games online on the PS4? That's crazy!

Then, he talks about how great the Xbox One's exclusives look, innovating. Ryse is innovative? You're being serious?

What we can learn from this article is this: When someone says "I'm an advocate of Sony but must admit...", they're probably LYING.

Can we please report articles like this? I'm all for opinion pieces, but this kid has no idea what he's talking about.
Baka-akaB  +   964d ago
"Ryse is innovative? You're being serious? "

Yeah i do remember how that "innovation" was received , when it was called asura's wrath
ShowGun901  +   964d ago
"I am Quicktimeius Eventius, and I will not go away!"
PigPen  +   964d ago
His choice is made so get yourself a cup of lemonade and relax.
Dr Pepper  +   964d ago
Rather bizarre article, in my opinion. There are quite a few things that I disagree with:

"Anyways, the fact that everyone will own the souped up motion controller means it might finally be able to reach its full potential; developers will be able to invest time and money into harnessing its power in the knowledge that everyone has access to one."

Devs struggle enough with getting games right as it is. I'd prefer they saved that kinect "full potential" money and put it toward the core aspects of the game itself (unless you are talking about a dancing game, which I'm guessing the author isn't in the case). I'm curious as to what game Microsoft featured during E3 that made the case for Kinect as a hardcore gaming device, which probably should've happened if they want a lot of gamers to pick it up on launch day (for higher price) and not just wait to see how it all plays out.

"Who can argue that the E3 conference didn't contain a decent selection of great new games? The likes of Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, Quantum Break and Halo (all exclusives) look awesome."

I'm curious what looked awesome about Halo and Quantum Break. I'll be honest, I'm also curious as to why the writer thought Ryse looked awesome (but at least they showed gameplay, more or less). Halo featured Master Chief on screen for a few seconds, with zero gameplay, for a game that is, at the VERY least, a year and a half from release. It was a nice teaser I guess, but I wouldn't say that the game is looking awesome. As for Quantum Break, I'm pretty sure they've only showed the character being controlled by the player for about 2-3 seconds in their gameplay demo to the general public. Maybe the author thinks the concept is awesome? I don't know.

"This is clearly personal preference but the Xbox controller is arguably one of the best ever. It's comfortable to hold during even the longest gaming sessions, nicely weighted, and all the buttons and triggers are nicely positioned."

Unless the writer has spent days and days playing Xbox One games, I'm not sure how he can claim the X1 controller is the most comfortable to hold during the longest gaming sessions, or many of the other things said. I definitely prefer the the 360 controller to the current PS3 one, but I've heard/read that the X1 controller does have a different feel from multiple gaming sites (and they also had some negative comments about it, which sucks).

One more thing:

It's kind of immature to spell 'Microsoft' as "Micro$oft" in an article, at least if the writer is trying to be professional and/or make a serious case for his/her topic.
#12 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
psyxon  +   964d ago
pretty much my exact thoughts lol. but to each their own. i'll be sticking with pc and buying a ps4 mainly due to its pricing in relation to CPI inflation. i just feel like it's offering me a better value. not to mention, allt he games i'm interested in on x1 are also on pc. the only exception is quantum break, and although they didn't show anything very appealing, i've never been let down by a remedy game.
Redempteur  +   964d ago
Just to clarify , there was no gameplay of quantum break , just cinematics.

The game is far from release , we'll probably hear more of it at next E3.

Anyway i agree with you with the rest.

Besides most of the fans of dead rising dislike the new direction and were complaining the second the presentation was done.
#12.2 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
MusashiBlack  +   964d ago
Both on day one..…real gamers don't choose sides. When both company
compete, We the gamers WIN.
psyxon  +   964d ago
choosing sides is a good thing for consumers to do. it helps establish a foundation for CRM, which then allows for the creation of incentives by those businesses for consumers. if all consumers bought both products, the idea of CRM goes out the window, and businesses would continue releasing products solely to increase revenue because consumers would buy products regardless of their value. while some people think that is the sole focus of all corporations, and technically it is, corporations that last develop a business model centered around their relationship with their consumers. if people didn't choose sides, such relationships wouldn't exist.

but, in the gaming community, which is largely comprised of immature kids with god complexes who feel that anyone who doesn't agree with their product of choice is inferior or "wrong", it's misunderstood why choosing sides is a pro and not a con.

mind you, "choosing sides" isn't the constant stating of how one product is better than the other and bashing anyone who disagrees. choosing sides is simply deciding to support and invest in a product you like more over another. nothing more, nothing less. it's not undying devotion, it's not bending over to accept anything a corporation throws at you because you're infatuated - that would be fanboyism. the two are entirely different.
#13.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   964d ago
The opposite for me . I hear the argument "the ps4 is nothing new, it's just a super charged ps3" .

And ? are you trying to make me believe the xbox one isnt just a super charged 360 ? Even more so when the online drm features are dead , for now ? . And when the new kinect features are mainly tv related instead of gaming ?

And for either i dont see how it's even a bad thing , prettier and possibly better games with mobile and tablets interconnectivity , lots of sharing and new pads . Give me better ps3 and 360 anyway , over shallow innovation gimmicks
golding89  +   964d ago
lol dude stop trying to make yourself believe that ps4 actually is more innovative than xbox one. lol

look dude, you like sony, you prefer ps4 it but don't try selling ps4 as more innovative than xbox one. that's denial..

there is a reason why xbox one is 100 bucks more simply because it offes more. haters going to believe otherwise but almost all analyst agrees with the xbox one price.

as i said b4, ps4 is just a steroid ps3. say what you like.
WeAreLegion  +   964d ago
Wait... The guy just explained that neither console was very innovative and were basically just more powerful versions of previous consoles.

And... You make fun of him for saying the PS4 is more innovative than the Xbox One?

Are you insane? Like, literally insane?
dazzrazz  +   964d ago
The only reason its $100 more is because camera you dumb uninformed little person
psyxon  +   964d ago
how is he trying to "sell" the ps4 as more innovative by making simple (yet accurate) statements about both?

dat defense train.
Redempteur  +   964d ago
A perfect example right there with goling89 defending xbone like crazy and unable to understand simple logic.
LiinoMajire  +   964d ago
It's funny, you're blindly defending XBO at all costs saying that peoples opinions are wrong. Opinions can't be wrong.

Take off your Special-Ed M$ helmet and become a real gamer. it's really not that hard to have an open mind.

How hard is Major Nelson butt-fucking you?

I mean i'm a Sony guy for sure but, I'm still digging the XBO for certain titles and certain functions. But hey, you don't see me going around acting butt-hurt, trying to talk down to people for having an opinion.

You're probably one of those children that spends all day on a game site and spams damage control.

Sad really. Buy both, enjoy both, game the fuck on. \m/
Baka-akaB  +   964d ago
learn to read before lunging like a feral cat on PCP . I never said the ps4 was more innovative . it is a supercharged ps3 , wich i'm fine with .

Both are supercharged version of the previous console . Wich is great imo . Stop being a bitter clown , you're the one deluding yourself in the mighty innovation power of those extra 100$
#14.2 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Saksoy  +   964d ago
Am trying to refrain myself form reading topics like this, it just confuses me more
psyxon  +   964d ago
of all the xbox one games to use as an image for "the games look great" he uses ryze lol.
Shane Kim  +   964d ago
PS4 for me, and if Xone ever get REAL exclusives, i.e not timed ones or wich can be played on PC, I might consider buying one 5 years down the road.
talocaca  +   964d ago
I agree. Microsoft launch hardware is the very definition of reliable.
stage88  +   964d ago
RROD. Enough said.
Hicken  +   964d ago
I think he was being sarcastic.
superterabyte  +   964d ago
@Hicken *I hope he was being sarcastic
talocaca  +   964d ago
I was -___-

No_Limit  +   964d ago
I felt the same way as the author. I will get a PS4 probably next Fall but all the games that are exciting to me like Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, and Titanfall are all on Xbox1. The DRM issue almost made me get a PS4 but thank god MS abandoned that a couple days ago. I feel real good about the Xbox 1 now.
#19 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
dazzrazz  +   964d ago
As a person who paid for last 6+ years of live Microsoft is doing jack shit to fight for my wallet. Subscription without any benefits, apps hidden behind pay-wall, mandatory overpriced PRISM camera and complete removal of micro jack connector from controller... which most likely gonna force people to buy new turtle beach headset who partnered with M$ so... I'm guessing close to $200 extra on top of overpriced console
ShowGun901  +   964d ago
when the ps3 was too expensive, it at least offered me a blu-ray player... now that the xbone is too expensive, all it offers me is the crappy kinect... think ill keep my $100 and put it toward a PS+ sub...
amobius  +   964d ago
I disagree. IM getting the ps4 becuase sony didnt tr to fuck me over and then change their mind when they realized that no one would buy their shitty tivo console. and Besides that I like sony exclusives more.
TheFallen1327  +   964d ago
I personaly believe xbox one is gona be better than the ps4...
FITgamer  +   964d ago
...I can't tell you why, i just do. DERP!
NiteX  +   964d ago
I will be getting a Wii U before the PS4. I doubt I will ever buy an Xbone because I have a PC. Once the PS4 is a bit cheaper and has a nice line up of games I'll be more than happy to get one.
PlayStation_4  +   964d ago
What the guy said in the article:
"The games look great" -- even though games look better on PC/PS4

"Xbox Live still trumps PS+" -- ridiculous opinion, can't argue with 65+ free games a year that aren't 4+ years old

"HDMI in" -- this could be cool, but i already have devices/TVs to do all of this

"The controller is king" -- opinion, imo DS4 is better

"Kinect is mandatory" -- for most this is bad
DeadlyFire  +   964d ago
Funny thing is the new PS+ on PS4 hasn't really even been shown to the public. So how can it be discredited yet. :P
PlayStation_4  +   964d ago
All we know is that Driveclub: PS Plus edition, Outlast & two other indie games are available on PS+ in its first 3 months on PS4
fsfsxii  +   964d ago
If i ever get an Xb1, the only reason will be is for Killer Instinct
b3ast  +   964d ago
seems like all armerican s has turned back to MS now - I knew it lol. lame.
solidworm  +   964d ago
Writer is a casual gamer/ end.
stage88  +   964d ago
Troll article. The competition is $100 lower, more powerful and has the best developer. No one in their right mind would think otherwise.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   964d ago
I agree

But in all fairness, being more powerful doesn't mean shit. In terms of hardware two gens ago, it was


But we all know the PS2 sold the most and it still sells to this day. Best developer? Well that's arguable.
stage88  +   964d ago
I guess so but then I look at games like Uncharted and the Last of Us and realise that they could only be done harnessing the PS3's power. It's just incredible how they can make it run on a console.
CaulkSlap  +   964d ago
PS2 came out a over year before them and the Gamecube was cheaper than the Xbox. For two consoles coming out at the same time it's unprecedented to have one be weaker and yet more expensive.
josephayal  +   964d ago
Dead Rising, Ryse and Titanfall i think they look meh
Geezus  +   964d ago
thats how i feel about killzone and knack they look generic as hell... second son on the other hand looks real good
Dee_Cazo  +   964d ago
What exclusives does Sony have out the gate? Not sarcasm, everything I saw in their console reveal and E3 briefing seemed widely multiplatform. Kingdom Hearts 3, Destiny, Watch_Dogs, Metal Gear Solid 5, Black Flag, The Division, Lords of the Fallen, Witcher III, CoD Ghosts, et cetera are all multiplatform which isn't a bad thing for us consumers. I just didn't really see anything that was a ONLY ON PLAYSTATION label.

Dead Rising has co-op so I probably will pick that up.

Ryse has a multiplayer gladiator fights in the coliseum with customizable gladiators. Which after I see it, might be a grab too.

Titanfall didn't impress me although the lines were huge for it at E3.

I'm most excited for Project Spark, it was extremely impressive and with enough support could have the dev team constantly improving/adding to it.
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josephayal  +   964d ago
Sorry but Sony hands down won the show, btw The PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One 4-1
Dee_Cazo  +   963d ago
@Josephayal - I was legitimately asking. I know they have Killzone coming to PS4 near launch, but as I said most seemed multi-platform.

By all means though continue to be 15 years old and think that repeating stuff over and over has any bearing on console sales. You are the stereotype that ruins gamers.
Foxgod  +   964d ago
Well, i have the same opinion, the XB1 is more alluring for me.
Maybe in the future the Ps4 will catch my interest, then il get that one too.
garos82  +   964d ago
better yet dont buy one i wouldnt like to bump in to you online anyway
Parapraxis  +   964d ago
That's kinda how I feel about a lot of people right now.
People who have this author's mind set can stay on Xbox One...seriously.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   964d ago
Yeah fuck you for wanting XB1, all aboard the PS4 HYPE TRAIN CHOO CHOOO /s
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