The Cost of a New Generation

Remember the good ol'N64 days? Remember when video game consoles cost around $200, came with second controllers and games were built for 4-player split-screen co-op? Oh how times have changed, right? Join S.W. Hannan over at Thirty & Nerdy for a breakdown of what it's going to cost you to game for an entire year after purchasing your next gen platform!

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Hadoukameha1981d ago

Yeah, gaming has had it ups and downs, I liked how it was in the past but at least now we have online multiplayer and stuff...

deadeyes1981d ago

l remember when the 64 launched there was a shortage of games....Sound familar ?

theWB271981d ago

I thought this was going to be a decent article, then I read more and it's just another XboxOne basher article.

I've never made a ton of money and this past gen, which was just as expensive, I managed to have a 360 and PS3 and modestly get the games I wanted for each system. Rarely ever going the used games route. I pay for internet and Live and I'm sure i'll do both for PS4 and XboxOne.

Adding things that we pay for without the Xbox makes no sense.

Me- XboxOne maybe a couple games to start. Same for the PS4 when I get it.

I wonder why he add the cost of gas to get to the store. Calculate how your energy bill might change too. I actually feel like this gen will be cheaper than last simply cause of the extra features we get with each system, better gaming experience we're sure to get.

SpinalRemains1981d ago

Join Gamefly and rent 1p games that youre going to complete in 8-12 hours and save your purchases for Xbox One games, all multiplayer games and the great games you want to keep.

Lets face it, there are a ton of games that we buy, that do nothing but collect dust after we're done with them. Those 8hr games may be fun, but they have no replay value. Saw the story, played the story, and beat the story.

You will experience a lot of awesome games and return them when done. If you play 2 a month you will automatically save 100 bucks.

Trust me. Gamefly is the very best thing to happen to gaming since the NES launched.

theWB271981d ago

I've always thought about using it. Then I did a little research and alot of people complained about waiting so long to get the game they wanted.

But I do believe this gen...alot more games will be going open world. That's going to be the new big thing...even Mirrors Edge is doing it. I do use RedBox to rent games maybe that'll still be a viable option for the PS4.

thirtyandnerdy1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I didn't write the article, but I definitely agree that it fixates on Xbox One over, say, PS4 or Wii U. Ultimately, however, I think it's most interesting to see a breakdown of the gaming finances that we become jaded and oblivious to over the course of a year, simply because we're gamers and therefore used to spending a lot of money on consoles, games, accessories, etc.

Yeah, we're gonna pay for online services and Internet bills, etc., because that's how capitalism works. But at the end of any given year since I started buying my own consoles and games, if someone would have said to me, "You spent close to $3,000 on gaming," a part of me would be like, "Whaaaaa?", and a part of me would be like, "Damn straight I did!", because that's my passion.

Over on we've got a good discussion going about used game fees benefitting the industry too. =)

theWB271980d ago

Im a cheap guy, and I've only recently looked at my gaming as an expense. Towards the end of this gen I've been buying considerably less games, but I still don't know if that has to do with money or I'm just ready to move on from this gen.

I'll be sure to check out that convo too : )

1981d ago