Ubisoft asks PC gamers to show interest about The Division, petition almost hits its initial goal

DSOGaming: "However, during Machinima’s interview the developers of The Division said that a PC version will be made if there is a demand for it. The devs said that PC gamers should go ahead and ‘sign petitions, get on the forums and post their requests‘."

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spdarksky1983d ago

I'm a PC gamer, and for me petition is just not convincing enough to make me believe that this game will be made for PC. Just my opinion, i think Ubisoft should make a Kickstarter campaign then i think it will be more apparent. Anyway, just my 2cents.

DeadlyFire1982d ago

PC version is coming. Releasing on XB1 and PS4 first encourages people to buy the new consoles. Then dropping the PC version later should be pleasant for both them and the console developers. Ubisoft is a very wise company at the moment.

Krosis1983d ago

I don't beg. Plenty of other games.

uncharted561983d ago

None quite like divison though. I will sign it, you should too.Its not begging they are just asking that if pc gamers are interested then they sign the petition and they will make it.

paris0071983d ago

yeah so many games on pc....!please just support this is the division could be a great game.....

1983d ago
pandehz1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )


In 2013 ppl beg to get robbed

My pc cant handle shovelware anyways

uncharted561983d ago

I dont get people like you. How in the hell is this game shovelware in any way.

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The story is too old to be commented.