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Active Respawn Interview: Jim Fergusen: Cult Movie Extraordinaire

923d ago - Active Respawn Staff member interviews cult film artist, Jim Fergusen. Discussing his interests,... | Culture

The Reinventing of the Adventure Game

930d ago - Eskimo Press: "Remember those point and click classics? All those great series like Police Quest,... | PC

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Age of Ultron is coming to Blu-ray. And we have something special in store for it's arrival. Come find out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Space Quest Creators Reunite and Promise a New "Spaceventure"

1236d ago - Kotaku: "Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, creators of the Space Quest series of adventure games by Si... | PC

Fraser Brown, Xenoarchaeologist

1255d ago - AWESOME/10 writer Fraser Brown discusses the advantages games have over other mediums when it com... | GameCube

The Point-and-Click Adventure | NeoGAF

1302d ago - The complete and rather impressive history of the point and click graphic adventure. | Retro

Roger Wilco Goes Negative with Space Quest -1

1319d ago - Space Quest goes back to the past with new fan-made release Space Quest -1 "Decisions of the Elde... | PC

Fan-made Space Quest game released – Vohaul Strikes Back

1332d ago - First feature-length Space Quest game in 16 years | PC

The 25 Most Brutal Deaths in PC Gaming

1476d ago - David Murphy at Maximum PC takes a look at some of the most brutal deaths found in PC gaming.... | PC

Adventure Quest, a Look at Space Quest and Adventure Gaming in the 80s

1598d ago - - A fond look back at how adventure games like Sierra's Space Quest helped shape... | PC

Are Reboots A Good Thing?

1656d ago - This week in STIR (Platform Nation's Weekly Feature), Chris Forbis examines Game and Movie Reboot... | GameCube

That Gamer Hub: Retro Game Rewind: Space Quest Collection

1657d ago - "Way back in 1986 Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy (“Two Guys from Andromeda”) from Sierra On-Line cre... | Retro
20° closed - no more iPad Space Quest

1680d ago - was a website that brought new life to classic Sierra On-Line adventure games, making... | PC

Leisure Suit Larry is on your iPad, thanks to Sarien

1693d ago - If you’re a retro game fan, chances are you’re also a fan of new and innovative ways of playing y... | Culture

Old Sierra games get some group action

2325d ago - PCFormat reports on some classic Sierra titles that are getting some love: "Martin Kool has... | 11,12
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