Eurogamer: Ninja Reflex Review

Eurogamer writes: "Oh look, it's another compilation of mini-games for the Wii. Well knock me down with a lead feather, where do they get their ideas from, is it perhaps a cardboard box labelled REALLY OBVIOUS IDEAS FOR WII SOFTWARE containing a single piece of paper which reads WHY NOT DO A MINI-GAME COMPILATION.

This time it's EA that's raided the box. Then it plunged an arm into the tombola marked MINI-GAME COMPILATION THEMES, avoided the bits of paper marked 'Olympics' and 'Pisspoor funfair games no one likes the real-life versions of anyway' and plucked out 'Ninjas'.

So here we have Ninja Reflex, a game pretending to help you develop your reflexes but actually designed to help EA develop some more money. You can tell this because there are only six mini-games on the disc, and yet they've stuck a label that says "29.99" on the box. That's five pounds per mini-game, and not a one of them is worth the asking price."

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