PALGN: Ninja Reflex Review

PALGN writes: "Ninjas, apart from being black-cloaked reapers of silent destruction, are also pretty cool. They're the kind of people you'd like to knock a few drinks back with after work, assuming you could see them before they unleashed the fury of unrestrained ki on you. And, having fast reflexes are also pretty cool - after all, Takahashi Meijin gets all the girls, doesn't he? So, what could be cooler than Ninja Reflex, a game apparently designed to help gamers develop their ninjitsu by sharpening their speed and skill through a series of structured simulations? As it unfortunately turns out, apparently quite a few things.

The premise seems fair - have the developers do some in-field research across China, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam to develop authenticity and then give the gamer a variety of reflex-based challenges, a belt-based levelling-up system, and round it off with some good old-fashioned meditation and multiplayer. What could possibly go wrong? Not much, as long as your definition of authenticity involves wooden sandals on tatami mats, your definition of a minigame involves pushing a button in response to a blinking light a few hundred times, and your definition of 'variety' is six."

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