Fez 2 in development at Polytron

Polygon: "Fez 2 is in development at Polytron, it was just announced during the Horizon indie game press conference at E3 2013."

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Half-Mafia1983d ago

I’m going to guess this won’t be coming out for Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Mikefizzled1983d ago

Hate Fish as much as you want Fez was a great little title.

Marcus Fenix1983d ago

im gonna get this game when it gets released, preferably on my vita, the 1st one had some of the best soundtracks I've ever heard in my life, glad 2 see another FEZ fan :)

Gh05t1983d ago

Oh I do... And It was a great little game. I really enjoyed FEZ and bought it day one. I will probably do the same with FEZ 2 as long as I am alive when it finally releases.

Gh05t1983d ago

And we will be told out in 2015 and we will see it in 2020.

Hopefully he can manage to complete this faster since he has the resources from FEZ and without all the internal issues FEZ had to deal with.

HarvesterOSarow1982d ago

Very good news. I personally felt like FEZ was one of my GOTY contenders. Excited there will be more, even if Fish is a dickbutt.