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Phil Fish – “Shut the F#@% Up About FEZ 2″…Gamers “Don’t Deserve it”

OnlySP: It looks like Phil Fish is back and is still dead set on not developing a sequel to the popular indie title FEZ, which is currently being offered for free on the Playstation Store. In his latest round of outlandish Tweets, the developer has once again, acted quite belligerently on his Twitter account. (Fez, Fez 2, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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PockyKing  +   415d ago
Would totally be annoyed with people badgering me like that as well, but with someone like him that has a public image to uphold if he wants people to buy things he makes...that's not the way to address the issue. It's just gonna make even more gamers want to antagonize him about it, and makes him look like a jerk.
-Foxtrot  +   415d ago
He brings it on himself


First he brings Fez 2 up, now he wants people to shut up about it
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randomass171  +   415d ago
Weird to see him even mention it. I thought he already cancelled it. Really wish the guy would just stay out of the public eye. He's just not helping himself.
guitarded77  +   415d ago
Wow... I just 100% finished FEZ today and was praising the guy for being brilliant. Didn't know he was an a$$#ole too. Kinda sad... no matter how exceptional you may be, you can still be just as big of a douche. It's not like he has to address everyone's concerns about FEZ 2. Anyone smart enough to understand how fortunate they are to be in a situation like that would enjoy the ride.

He calls gamers entitled, but he sounds like the entitled developer. Like he's entitled to success... that we're lucky to play his game. But it's a two way street. Success is not an entitlement to devs. He could fall very hard.
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TekoIie  +   415d ago
Anyone remember when that defense video for Phil Fish was uploaded to Youtube, and as soon as it started getting attention (Which was the day it was uploaded) Phill Fish returned and made the "Let's Plays are piracy" comment?

If your interested:

I think its time we stopped feeding this troll and ignore him from this point onwards.
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TekoIie  +   415d ago
Sorry the link didnt get in the original comment. If your interested in the video heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/wat...
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Ezz2013  +   415d ago
**Phil Fish-“Shut the F#@% Up About FEZ 2″**

this guy deserve all the respect
i have never seen developer turn down fans with this polite and good spirit attitude
Gamer1982  +   415d ago
One of the biggest a$$h0135 in gaming. People should not buy his games any more and shut him up once and for all.
Koyes  +   415d ago
Phil Fish is a massive c**t
christian hour  +   415d ago
So is Morrisey, but I still like The Smiths. I try to separate personality from talent, most genius's tend to be pricks, just some were fortunate to have lived and died before Social Networking became a thing.

Not defending Phish's attitude, just that I'd consider it unfair to boycott his work because of it. Fez was a really great game, had he made a terrible game I'd understand avoiding anything he does in future, but going off the critical acclaim the game has gotten, that isn't the case.
badz149  +   415d ago
serious question.

what is so great about Fez that made him such a dick?
Ashlen  +   415d ago
HAHA, this guy is #2 best troll of all time, second only to Andy Kaufman.

Best joke ever!
dedicatedtogamers  +   415d ago
I feel bad for Phil Fish. Last time when he "exited" the game industry, gamers were taking the side of a stuck-up journalist - a journalist! - and Fish got tens of thousands of hateful Tweets and emails and comments.

You tell me: does that make you want to make videogames?
gangsta_red  +   415d ago
I remember wen this guy was a hero of some sorts on N4G.
When he spoke out against MS and the way they treated him and his game people on here applauded him and used him as an example of their hate and distrust of all things MS and 360 related.

But then everyone quickly realized this guy was just actually a straight up d-bag and love spouting off over any social media to get attention.
Visiblemarc  +   415d ago
Agreed -Foxtrot.

I also am tired of people defending him in the vein of "this big personality is a consequence of his genius."

It's pure BS. There are thousands of devs as good, and often FAR better, that are as humble as hell.

There is no excuse for being an ungrateful jerk.
Monkeycan8  +   415d ago
He just told someone who said they like FEZ to "suck a D and choke on it".

The guy's an A-hole.
jimjam3442  +   415d ago
such a rediculous website where we have to fear cussing or our opinion will be blotted out.

"watch out for vulgar language below"
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   415d ago
I can't believe that I'm going to be the first person to slap this dude...I just can't believe it.

I didn't know who he was or what the fack a Fez is, but I watched the YouTube video of him disrespecting that Japanese dude and I felt sick to my stomach.

I simply can't believe that I'm going to be the first person to slap this dude, it's unbelievable that best been able to walk the earth, "unchecked", this long.
BlackWolf12  +   415d ago
Blotted out?

I was banned for 24 hours for using the F word, but I used *'s for all of the letters except F and G.

This site's comment section is the biggest of jokes, the ridiculous "bubble" system, the "Agree" "Disagree" system. The whole thing is just broken.
Kidmyst  +   415d ago
Why I won't even download the game for free. Just in case he got any sort of royalty from it. Can not show support for any developer who talks to their customer base like lesser beings.
Cobra951  +   415d ago
His public image is that of a complete self-obsessed asshole. He's upholding it very well.
mcarsehat  +   415d ago
He's not a public image, he just has Twitter. He isn't exactly a celebrity who's importance keeps the world spinning in its axis, he's just a games designer.

He's right though, as the possible developer of Fez 2 and a person on twitter with a brain. We as gamers DO NOT DESERVE FEZ 2. Mostly because gamers are assholes now, they insult people for no reason, they introduce a rivalry into every franchise or company known to man and they do NOT appreciate the hard work developers put in in order to get a game finished.

We are assholes and we don't deserve games, were just lucky they make money.
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thehobbyist  +   415d ago
"Mostly because gamers are assholes now"
What a way to generalize a population of tens of millions of people.
"They insult people for no reason"
False. There a multitude of reasons why angry people on xbox live and gaming websites insult people. Even if not immediately apparent.
"They introduce a rivalry into every franchise or company known to man"
That's not entirely the fault of gamers though. As these companies advocate that. Using sensationalist terms like "Call of Duty killer" or "SEGA do what Nintendon't"
"They do NOT appreciate the hard work developers put in order to get a game finished"
Maybe if the developers would actually put hard work into their games we'd appreciate them. Battlefield 4? Unplayably buggy for a year. Watch_Dogs? How about that graphics downgrade and shitty PC version even though that was the "Leading platform"? Ground Zeroes costing $40 for less than two hours of story content?
Gamers appreciate and praise hard work. When there is hard work to be found.

tl;dr - Gamers aren't assholes if you take the time to look past the ten year olds on xbox live. Saying we don't deserve a game is stupid.
mcarsehat  +   415d ago
So by trying to prove me wrong, you do exactly what i say gamers do?

I'll generalise the gamers into two categories:

Bad Gamers

Good Gamers

Ripping DICE, UBISOFT and Kojima to death for disappointing you without thinking of how hard AAA games are to make, makes you a bad gamer and an asshole.
Redempteur  +   415d ago
People act like assholes on THE INTERNET , phil fish included , acting like it's our fault when the problem lies primarily within phil fish own lack of capabilities to manage his public image.

I don't care about FEZ2 , but seriously phil fish at this point , just want some attention. Otherwise he would have closed his twitter account already.
callahan09  +   415d ago
Finally got around to playing some Fez this weekend, after wanting to try it for years. It's... hmm... I dunno.

First, I found Fish (in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie) to be a very sympathetic guy with some demons and a lot of pressure surrounding what he's trying to do. So I tend to give him a bit of a free pass. The public spotlight isn't always for everyone, I know that. I don't think it's for him, that's for sure.

But, you know, he'd be smarter to just not respond than to respond with the hostility that he does.

I've made mistakes in my life, I've been hostile towards people I love, I've called them names, I've yelled at them, I've stormed out of the house and had to cool off before I could confront them again. I don't know how common that is, but I feel like a lot of people get under stress and someone picks a fight with you and you just need to let off that steam and then run off on your own and cool down. He's kind of doing that, but in a very public way, and to an entire public in general instead of to individual in particular.

It isn't fair to behave that way, but emotions and stress can get the better of anyone, and I think its got the better of him, and for that I can forgive him, but he also needs to cool off and take a step back and appraise his situation and move on, which he hasn't done yet.

So about the game... it has great, cool concepts, and some of the level design works really well, but I'm just going to give up on it because for me, personally, there are too many branching paths, too many doors to take, and within those doors, more doors. I get lost and then can't remember where I've been or where I need to go. I don't like the map at all, it's cumbersome and confusing. I also don't like that I got to a room with one of those bolt & screw elevator contraptions and the game didn't tell me how to use it, I tried turning the handles the same way you do to use the pivots, but it didn't work, so I just left.

Later on I found another one of those elevator contraptions, and the game DID tell me how to use it, so after completing that area, I wanted to go back to the first one I found, and first of all, it took me forever to figure out how to get back to it, and second of all, I got most of the way there, and then those black holes started blocking my path and I couldn't get back to it all the way!

I never could figure out how to get past those black holes, so to me it seems like that part of the game is now cut off to me forever, which ticks me off.

All in all, I just find the game to be annoying. It cuts off certain areas with black holes, it has too many branching paths, and the maps are too difficult to use, so I get lost, and I miss things, and I can't figure out how to get back on track or backtrack and get what I missed.

After a while, the puzzles didn't seem any more interesting either. Just kind of more of the same. BRAID did a much better job than this game, because as the game went on, each level had more and more unique and interesting concepts for the puzzles you had to solve, but with this game, it just kind of got frustrating and stale.
frostypants  +   415d ago
Phil Fish is bipolar as hell. I'd wager on it. The dude needs serious psychiatric help.
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bacrec1  +   415d ago
Shut up Phil.
XB1_PS4  +   415d ago
I like Phil Fish. We have something in common, I also hate most of the people on sites like this. lol
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shadowraiserx  +   414d ago
He is a jerk, if he and cliff.B. were gay they would be the perfect couple XD.
ape007   415d ago | Trolling | show
WilliamUsher  +   415d ago
This response from Fish is neither surprising nor unexpected.
admiralvic  +   415d ago
And needless to say, thats a little sad.
masterfox  +   415d ago
lol hilarious !! XD
sAVAge_bEaST  +   415d ago
Total Cry-Baby, Mentality.
HentaiMasterRace  +   415d ago
This guy, haha.
Bzone24  +   415d ago
I don't think this guy is mentally stable enough to have a social media account of any kind.
hkgamer  +   415d ago
true im guessing with sudden fame and that 2% of people always slagging you off becoming bigger. it can be tough. but in his case its probably turned to 50% of people now.
goldwyncq  +   415d ago
Phil Fish is an embarrassment to all indie developers.
Spotie  +   415d ago
This guy...
Revolt13  +   415d ago
I hate him, wish I never bought Fez
Benjammin25  +   415d ago
It's crazy to think something as beautiful and unique as Fez was created by such a nutter.
spacedelete  +   415d ago
i'm not sure if its just me but i thought Fez is overrated. i'll agree its a beautiful and charming game but its just not fun. the platforming is very underwelming. theres better indie games out there but Fez isn't one of them.
Malphite  +   415d ago
How is that crazy? Talent isn't exclusive to nice people.

While I don't think that Fez was a great game, it wasn't a bad game either. The concept was actually really interessting however the execution didn't utilize it's full potential imo. That's why people want a sequel I guess. Phish is just being a douche about it like always.
masterfox  +   415d ago
lol you bought it ?, I have it for free thanks to PS+ and not even playin it!! awesome :D
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   415d ago
At some level I agree, but if you watched Indie Game:The Movie, you might have noticed that to an extent the project was a failure to him.

It was like having a job that you hate for so long and releasing the project was like quitting. Now he's being asked if he'll ever return there.

Is he a d about it, yes, but I'd rather see him start fresh than doing something he hates. Though he should get public about why he doesn't want to do it instead of crying insults...
OpieWinston  +   415d ago
Guy's a POS. Why does anyone even follow him. 45k people... Losing faith in humanity.
ChickeyCantor  +   415d ago
People follow him to bash him at the first sign of a new post.
MegaRay  +   415d ago
How this jerk is a game developer while I am not?
Monkeycan8  +   415d ago
Cause you don't make games?
Benjammin25  +   415d ago
That's like me saying "why am I not an Olympic Sprinter but Usain Bolt is?" Jesus man.
XiMasterChief  +   415d ago
Your not smart.
therevolution  +   415d ago
Nicaragua  +   415d ago
Because he can write code whereas you struggle with writing English.
whybag  +   415d ago
This guy just can't seem to help but chew on his foot regularly.
Wni0  +   415d ago
But gamers really dont, he is right about that. We keep buying the same damn games over and over
AO1JMM  +   415d ago
People buy what they like though.
Wni0  +   415d ago
If we keep buying the same garbage, why do we deserve a four course meal?
AO1JMM  +   415d ago
What you call garbage is not what everyone else thinks is garbage. People buy stuff they see value in and if they do not see value in it (whatever crap Phil Fish is crying about)then it is just not going to sell.

He needs to stop crying via twitter.
ChickeyCantor  +   415d ago
"If we keep buying the same garbage, why do we deserve a four course meal?"

If he insists on being an asshole, why does he deserve respect?
HonestDragon  +   415d ago
This guy just can't stop. I seriously don't know why people bother with Phil Fish anymore. He up and quit the industry over a Twitter feud. Before even that, he never once conducted himself in a professional manner to either his colleagues or consumers. Fez 2 is not happening and I think gamers could care less. Phil Fish should stay off of Twitter.
Fullmetalevolust  +   415d ago
Is it really his official twitter account?
If so, this man has no sense of public relations and I'm baffled at how he reacts to others.
He sounds like a 12 yr old on Xbox live, lol.
Ripsta7th  +   415d ago
He's mad because Twitter didnt make his account official lol
#16.1 (Edited 415d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   415d ago
Don't see why he would need something official since he apparently quit the industry.

Anyhow, gamer's don't really deserve anything per say. But Phil doesn't deserve respect either. He may have at one time due to the quality work on Fez, but I've found that if you want to be treated with respect, you should show some in return.

1 in 100 people are a**holes. If you let that 1 person get to you, then you fail to see the 99 that respect you. That's what happened with Fish, and now he's extending whatever deep seeded psychological problems he has on people that he should be a bit nicer too since they did make him rich and haven't done anything to disrespect him.

He's assuming all the people who treat him disrespectfully make up the bulk of the gaming community, when in fact most of the gaming community doesn't even know who he is, or really care what he thinks about anything in the industry because he's proven time and again he just isn't capable of providing any kind of rational logic behind his beliefs. Hell, I've seen extreme fan boys who aren't as delusional as Fish is.
XtraTrstrL  +   415d ago
Dude's a total nut-case/attention wh0re.
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   415d ago
Thank Goodness most indie devs aren't like him. Jonathan Blow is another one.

Waiting for the Indie super-couple BlowFish.
system22  +   415d ago
he is right about gamers feeling really entitled to things. i blame millenials. The official generation of "i deserve this somehow".
DonDon  +   415d ago
You're sounding like an out-of-touch old man already. You must be really popular with the ladies.
Baka-akaB  +   415d ago
You do realize he's the one mostly bringing up Fez 2 ? Most people moved on when he decided to retire . When he went away , you didnt even see the same outcry than from the removal of Flappy Bird

And then he's back claiming , he'll consider Fez2 if twitter verify his account , only to complain shorty after ?

He's being the prima diva generating his own woes and clashes , generally people dont care that much
#19.2 (Edited 415d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
XtraTrstrL  +   415d ago
"You do realize he's the one mostly bringing up Fez 2 ?"

Yeah, that made me chuckle. Like, who's even talking about it Phil?

I think he just needs $$$, and realizes that that big bag he got for Fez is now running out with him trying to live a certain lifestyle, and he needs to continue to make successful games to live how he wants to live. So, he's trying to find a way to get back in, without looking like he's backtracking and going back on his word. That's why he's trying to come off as if he's responding to fans that are begging and pleading for Fez 2.

He has issues though, the way he's so oversensitive on Twitter makes me feel he was bullied alot as a kid or something. How can he not be mature enough to know not to take keyboard warriors seriously? He's had to have been around computers for alot of his life and know that this is how people are. It's like he has to respond and get enraged at every little comment by trolls. Then, instead of directing his anger at them, he always spews hate so broadly - where he insults the whole gaming community basically.
Gh05t  +   415d ago
Or the developer who says make my twitter official because... "i deserve this somehow" and I will make FEZ2 even though I said I wouldn't and you all don't deserve it...

When you have "fans" who appreciate your work and want to see more... THAT IS A GOOD THING! Many people would kill for the amount of sales and praise FEZ got. Its a way to show they want more and would support you financially if you make another game. That is not entitlement, its common sense. If you want another game show you are going to support it.

All the hate he gets he brings on himself and its now more fun to just bash him for his arrogant remarks.

He is one of the petulant children who needs to stop acting like anyone owes him anything. If he doesn't like the industry he doesn't have to be a part of it. He keeps claiming hes out but hasn't ever left.
castillo  +   415d ago
Maybe Jonathan Beers should interview him or set him straight. Lol
rainslacker  +   415d ago
I'd like to see Angry Joe interview him.:) That would be great fun. Joe would call him out on all his BS as soon as it was out of Fish's mouth.
#20.1 (Edited 415d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Goro  +   415d ago
Just Phil Fish being Phil Fish.
ArtificiallyYours  +   415d ago
What a card, he's easily trolled.
godofboobees  +   415d ago
After that comment about Japanese games that douche deserves all the hate in the world
rainslacker  +   415d ago
Hate? No. Your comment doesn't live up to your comment. Whatever he says doesn't impact my life in any way...and I'd imagine most people feel the same way.

Disrespect? Yes. He doesn't really deserve anyone's respect if this is how he treats his fan base. Ransoming off Fez 2 to get verified on twitter(like that's even that important). Quitting because people are so mean to him. Talking crap about other developers, and lumping large groups of a diverse community into a single mind. Those kinds of things are not to be respected, and for people that behave like that, they should expect to be treated the same in return.
#23.1 (Edited 415d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
dillhole  +   415d ago
Phil Fish: Shut the fuck up, you don't deserve an audience.
SonyPS4  +   415d ago
Nor the money.
EdoubleD  +   415d ago
This guy needs a good slap.
Bizzare21  +   415d ago
This guy is a complete mentalist.

Off-Topic: Is anybody's pictures loading up on this site? Or is it just me?
SPARTAN3  +   415d ago
ya no pictures using Google Chrome.
levian  +   415d ago
Not just you. I asked the same thing earlier today and it looks like everybody, or at least a lot of people are having problems. Server issues no doubt
SilentNegotiator  +   415d ago
Same here. Glad it's not just me.
Conzul  +   415d ago
None loading on my PS4 browser either.
Cobra951  +   415d ago
The images were mostly gone yesterday, and they seem to be trickling back in today. It seems to be a problem with either the media server permissions, or improper naming or storing of images.

Check this out:

That's the view link of should be an image, but you'll get a "403 Forbidden" error instead.
#26.5 (Edited 415d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
yarbie1000  +   415d ago
His twitter profile pic is Andy Kaufman...so maybe he's trying to tell us something..
#27 (Edited 415d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dillhole  +   415d ago
They do kinda look similar...
SPARTAN3  +   415d ago
Fuck Phil Fish hes a dick.
elda  +   415d ago
I guess that's his prerogative if he chooses not to bank on making a Fez 2..it's his loss money wise.
oODEADPOOLOo  +   415d ago
Phil reminds me of kanye west... https://www.youtube.com/wat...
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