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GR: Blood does many different things in The Last of Us. It streams down Joel's face when an enemy tears the flesh from his neck. It gushes out of any number of important arteries from a decapitated foe. It pools around the humans perforated with a shotgun and glistens with the light's reflection. In one scene, fellow survivor Bill lops the head off a zombie, and as Joel pushes the newly headless corpse off, blood soaks its shirt collar and spreads as it would in real life. Unlike the liquid freedom of blood, though, your options in a world mangled and destroyed by the Cordyceps fungus—a real fungus that behaves as it does in the game, even if it can't turn people into bloodthirsty monsters in real life—remain limited.

Here are the options: stay in a highly militarized quarantine zone and deal with the oppressive military organization that continues to guarantee your safety, join up with any number of different gangs looking out for themselves, or join the Fireflies, a group of freedom fighters looking to ensure mankind's survival, despite the state of the world. If that sounds like typical zombie schlock, be thankful that Naughty Dog have instead focused on building one of the most human games you'll ever play, both emotionally exciting and physically exhausting.

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acharlez2016d ago

Can't wait to play this game for myself. Looks incredible!

dbjj120882016d ago

Could be the highest rated console game of this generation depending on how the rest of the reviews go.

KwietStorm2016d ago

How do you people know what reviews/sites add to metacritic?

dafegamer2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Open metacritic --games---ps3---publications

knifefight2016d ago

This thing is getting universal praise.

Wedge192016d ago

Another perfect score. Polygon are trolls at a 7.5...

Black-Helghast2016d ago

Omfg can we stop talking about Polygon and just agree that The Last of Us will be an amazing game? The dude won't change the 7.5 even if it's unfair. If anyone should be mad, it should be ND and the amazing talented people who made this game. I personally don't agree with the review because the GRAPHICS ALONE should win an 8, even if I disliked the gameplay all that much. And giving Remember me a higher score than TLOU says a lot. The point is you guys are giving Polygon the attention they desperately want instead of ignoring them like I'm doing. My time and attention is worth more than a stupid site and a crappy biased game review.

MrAnderson2016d ago

Fanboys...fanboys everywhere

doctorstrange2016d ago

Quality... quality everywhere

KwietStorm2016d ago

Bubbles....bubbles everywhere (except for you)

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