Tomb Raider New DLC Packs Available

Can't get enough of the Tomb Raider? You're in luck then, because there are some new DLC packs out to North American players for your island surviving pleasure.

They will include the Online Survival Pack, Adventure Pack, and the add-on mission "The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer".

The Online Survival Pack add six weapons from the popular game Hitman: Absolution as well as playable characters Scavenger Scout, Scavenger Executioner...

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Software_Lover1989d ago

Do people play this game online?

AznGaara1989d ago

Beat the game and I didn't even touch multiplayer, which is sad cause I wanted to platinum this game too. I did have that Aviatrix jacket, got it through pre-order, and had Lara wear it my whole playthrough lol. The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer looks good though.

Software_Lover1989d ago

Yeah, I beat it on the pc, but I never even went to the multiplayer option.

Jamiek1989d ago

I think I am going to get at least two of the packs :). The extra mission sounds fun and it's cheap enough, so I kinda figure for a little more game play time that's worth it. ^.^ I'm not afraid to admit that I a pretty huge fan of this TR remake!

Jamiek1989d ago

Oh yes. I actually think the multiplayer is a lot of fun! I mean, it's not your CoD or anything like that. Which really isn't expected with a game like this. It's interesting none-the-less, and you can play as many of the characters in the game and not just Lara. That goes the same for the survivors and the bad guys as well.

So many games these days feel the need to have a multiplayer option - whether it's 'tacked' on or what have you - even when the single player is so kinda far off from an easy transition. However, although it doesn't make for the most amazing multiplayer as a result, it's def good enough to take a look at. And if it's going to come included why not?

Fil1011989d ago

I tried to play online but sometimes the hit detection is NONE existent, there has been many a time where I have put 3 clips in someone's head and get nothing jus for them to drop me with 3 rounds.

Williamson1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I loved the single player of this game but just not much to do in it after beating the game and challenges. Although the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer might bring me back to the game, since I wont touch a tacked on multiplayer.

ironfist921989d ago

This game needs less MP support, and more Single-Player DLC content