EA is Eliminating the Online Pass from all Their Existing Titles, ‘Doing Away With it Altogether’

It looks like EA is getting very serious about their axing of the Online Pass program, as they have confirmed to us that this now extends to previous titles in their catalog. - PSLS

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knifefight1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I wonder if some other kind of crap will jump in and take its place?

Utalkin2me1972d ago

I see what One thing you did there....

Sovereign591972d ago

Yeah, much as I've always hated them, I'd rather have online passes continue functioning as they have than see Xbox One's used game situation come to fruition. At least then I'd still be able to loan games to friends and borrow others from them and we'd be able to play through the singleplayer campaigns without paying some fee to anyone.
It just seems as though the online pass has evolved into a far more sinister monster. These are dark times.

loulou1972d ago

to be replaced with what i wonder?

or, is it that companies are no longer looking to maximise their profit??

i think that the former should be taken into consideration. and until e3, everyone should be worried by drm on every yet to be released console.

disagree away kids

Larry L1972d ago

I've yet to hear a decent reasoning as to why people are so adamantly against "online passes". I'm a firm believe that if you put in effort to make and distribute a product, you should get paid for it. It's called capitalism......I know alot of people are against it these days, know?.......history?.......

If you buy a game new online passes don't affect you. Want to save some money? Wait for a price drop, you still get the online pass whether you pay $60 for a game day 1 or $10 in the Wal-Mart bargain bin. And you can still let friends borrow games or rent. Don't lie and say you can't. They can play single player all they want, and when they want to play the game online every single game with an online pass has free trials. Usually 3 days, some are 7 days.

IMO if you are the kind of gamer who would rather give 100% of the profit for selling a game to GameStop instead of the developers and publishers getting their fair share of that profit for actually making the game you want just to save 5 god damn dollars off the retail price of a game, you should have to buy that online pass for $10 just as a "F You". I'm sorry, but that's how I feel. Support the industry, not GameStop.

The used game market should only be for games that are no longer availible new at retail, or for games that still are availible new at retail, the publisher should get a piece of that profit from GameStop along with the data of what game it was being sold so the developer also gets their credit with the publisher.

Until the used game market works like that, online passes are the only answer. Limiting the single player should be illegal as far as I'm concerned, and we may end up finding out that it is indeed illegal if MS goes through with the single player DRM thing for physical games....that just stinks of being illegal. But when it comes to online, that costs publishers/developers money to keep servers running and all that (unless it's a p2p game), which is why I'm not against online passes.

You want to buy used just to save $5? Fine....but now pay us $10 if you want to play's that grab you?

Buy New!! Support the Gaming Industry!!

plaZeHD1972d ago

Clever clap clap clap.

ChiaPet1972d ago

haha I Oneder what you're talking about...

but in all seriousness, the alleged DRM of XOne is not cause for EA to hange their online pass program. EA is a multiplat developer and has just as much business with Microsoft as they do with PLayStation and the PC gaming community

pixelsword1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I'm NOT saying that this will happen, but if you will indulge my conspiratorial leanings for a moment...

If EA goes through them for exclusives and to design their multi-platform games on the X1 (ensuring the best product on the X1 and giving excuses for any game that doesn't measure up on the PS4 when it should) then all EA has to do is get proceeds from the Microsoft and make the best version on the X1 to maximize their cut.

AGAIN, I'm not saying that it will happen, but since the PS4 is more powerful, PLUS now very easy to design for, then if a bunch of poor ports happen next gen (and there's no real excuse for poor ports this gen, either) then maybe there's something shady going on.

rainslacker1972d ago

Ironically enough pixel, they'll point to those poor ports getting traded in and sold as used, and people not buying new copies as to reasons why they were right to want to restrict the used game market. Then they'll show how much better new sales were on "The other system", to further validate their claims.

They create the problem to solve it. It's all self-fulfilling.

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Blaze9291972d ago

soooooooooooooooo to everyone who bought an online pass...

Perjoss1972d ago

*buys game on steam full price*

game goes on sale the next day down to half price.

life sucks, get a helmet.

Blaze9291972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I think a sale, is very different from a paid requirement gone null and void.

TrendyGamers1972d ago

Glad to see they extended this to older titles.

-Mika-1972d ago

Ya, this was really nice of them. They did not have to do this but watch some users find a way to bad mouth EA.

Kyosuke_Sanada1972d ago

Nope, Microsoft pretty much saved gamers the time for that.

Kingthrash3601972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I just wonder if you wonder why you have one bubble.....smh

Majin-vegeta1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Is this just the online pass??Or also the DLC VIP pass from BFBC2??

@Below i was jipped on my VIP pass when i bought it.So this is good for me now i can finally get my full BFBC2 game.

GameCents1972d ago

VIP pass included. Just downloaded mine. Yay.

Also, watch people backpedal and start liking this once it applies to ps3 as well. This site's users are hypocrites.

scotchmouth1972d ago

Are you inadvertantly labeling yourself a hyprocrite?

rainslacker1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Nope, I think this action by EA is not altruistic, and I won't backpedal on my views of DRM because of this. In fact, this is the only reason they're doing it. They think people will be like "Oh cool, no more online passes" and blindly accept all the other crap coming that's much worse.

It's nice we don't have to worry about them any more for this gen, but this gen is at a close. As far as online goes, EA is known to drop server support, so the issue may be moot to them now.

TrendyGamers1972d ago

The VIP Pass is free on XBL now, so it looks to include that as well.

Nicholasgliss1972d ago

I never bought into that crap anyway.

Wedge191972d ago

Good news, though kinda sucks for anyone that recently paid for the online pass for an EA game.

nick3091972d ago

I suppose fans will demand some sort of refund soon.

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