Scandal: Applause and cheering at the Xbox One reveal didn't come from the press

Many of you heard the enthusiastic applause and cheering during the Xbox One reveal, but when showing the public, all of them were holding their tablets. So Some of journalists who attended the event confirmed that :

Jeff Gertsmann:

Adam Sessler (link below):

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NeverEnding19891549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I was wondering why you could hear applause but couldn't see any hand movement in the first few rows.

Edit- And we need a real article, not a Twitter post


nrvalleytime1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

#justthebegining? Of what? Not sure where you're going with this one.

As a side-note, this has been standard practice for years in the gaming industry, for better or worse. Sony didn't do it during the PS4 announcement, and people commented how quite it was at times.

The worst part, however, was the times these hired people chose to clap. No logical person could have gotten that excited over timed FIFA exclusivity or "Xbox, watch TV." At least try to maintain the illusion Microsoft.

As a final thought - this doesn't make it right. But we definitely shouldn't act like this is a new thing and make a bigger deal of it. It's been a problem for a long time, and the gaming market needs to decide how it wants to present its products.

Enemy1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Lmao well this is awkward.

Rainstorm811549d ago

I agree the thing that got applause kinda had me confused....

I was getting diappointed by the lack of games shown but the crowd was applausing every media aspect shown, at first i thought the crowd was more mainstream media and less gaming media.

Parapraxis1549d ago

#justthebeginning #oftheend #dealwithit

hesido1549d ago

I thought there were more sports journalists than gaming journalists.

1549d ago
gta28001548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

My initial reaction was that Microsoft invited a bunch of friends to the event so they could kiss their ass with all the enthusiastic clapping. But I guess it makes sense now.

Kevin ButIer1548d ago

The event was held a at the MS campus... no surprise

alien6261548d ago

no wonder it sounded fake and all i saw was the press typing on their laptops. plus sounded out of place like if it was record before hand.

darren_poolies1548d ago

I'm pretty sure they didn't announce FIFA exclusivity, just an exclusive mode or some crap.

aceitman1548d ago

its an informercial if u want ur 20$ u better clap and 10$ bonus goes to the best clapper.

Hayabusa 1171548d ago

I wondered why the yanks were applauding the announcement of a FIFA game...

If this is common practice in game events then, I applaud (though not loudly) Sony for not doing it at their announcement. The way of honesty and sincerity is the way to go, not superficial approval.

Hayabusa 1171548d ago

"The event was held at a the MS campus.."

And they still had to fake the cheering...

Cueil1548d ago

if by hired your mean Employees... because that's who they were

Unlimax1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

The moment where the applause and enthusiasm exaggerated at the Tv app Made me feel strange !

And after all in the end it turned a Fake Audience ಠ_ಠ

Your days are numbered M$ .

Shadow Flare1548d ago

Apparently it wasn't applause at all. It was people driving out of the gravel car park as fast as they could

sikbeta1548d ago

Go to the blog, they choose people to fill the first rows of seats...

inveni01548d ago

I actually messaged a friend during the live stream and said, "Looks like they hired clappers..." You can tell the difference between excitement and acting. If it was legitimate happiness, it still would have sounded different. Not so forced.

Man2bFree1548d ago

This is the least amount of dislikes i ever seen in comments lol

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piroh1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


gano1549d ago

sorry m$ doesn't have that.

BrunoM1549d ago

Lol it's so sad lol and funny at the same time ..

Well it does explain why I was watching it and was getting depressed about it no live demo at all of any game .. And some how all those people clamping for tv crap and things that no one who owns a tv would clap for lol

Well playing cheering and clamping off speakers will do it haha so sad solo solo sad lol

InfamousBlackGuy1548d ago

They don't need to clap; the kinect does it for you...

Seriously though, it's a sad thing when you need to stage your own accreditation so that the live viewers don't think your product is completely worthless. I was wondering why some of the presenters gave that awkward gesture almost as though they expected a bloody encore.

JeromeNtheHouse1548d ago

Totally! I knew something was odd. Lot of these presentations are always so lame anyway. Even if they're showing something cool, jus the way the go about it is so dumb.

The clapping and cheering was so blatanly fake tho. You can totally tell they were paid actors.

theoneb1548d ago

This is shameful and as a gamer who has made this a part of my life since Atari 2600 the whole wii success story was a puzzling thing. I always thought that something wasn't adding up.

So a google search reveals that yes the wii sold alot of hardware but not many games other than first party, mario is magic. Why I wondered? Well my theory is that casuals dont buy games nearly as often as a hardcore gamer like myself. Hell I have over 50 games on my hard drive alone. A person only needs to look at the wii u to see that casuals just dont care about games that much.

The only reason I think the wii was successful is because it was cheap and pop culture did the advertising. So what does this have to do with MS? I highly doubt that gold will be struck twice in the casual market especially if the price is>200. I believe they have dug thier own grave. I already have a cable box and android phone for casual crap. I want my gaming machine to do what those divices cant!!!

MarkusMcNugen1548d ago


"I already have a cable box and android phone for casual crap. I want my gaming machine to do what those divices cant!!!"

Your cable box and android phone can run Call of Duty, WatchDogs, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, etc...

I really need to get one of those magical devices that can play games for other platforms.

theoneb1547d ago

@ Markus

well technically yes a phone could run a version of call of duty or any other game it would just look like ass. I love to have the best looking games period no matter which platform and right now next gen looks to be a wider gap power wise than we had this gen.

To me a console focuses on casual gaming to make up for short commings in the power department. You dont need alot of power for kenect games lol

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GiggMan1549d ago

I just posted the same thing in another article. I figured MS planted people in the audience to try to stir ovations lol. If you listened closely all the cheers sounded like they came from the same group of people.

Gardenia1548d ago

And they were cheering for things that was not impressive at all. Make sense now

Raccoon1549d ago

These people have now gone to a whole new low.... The only thing in my room that has to do with Microsoft in my room is my laptop and even that change soon thanks to these deceitful bastards and their damn subscription fees to access more fees...

joe901549d ago

Seems like Neogaf just nit picking on Xbox. why the hell are we getting news of who clapped and who had a tablet in there hand on N4G.

Xbox1 already getting major hatred on N4G for some reason.

Just let it be, if you own a PS3 or PC even a Wii U, why bother about what MS doing. as long as you get your games and enjoy your system then you are safe of what microsoft are selling.

One thing i am glad about is MS biting the bit and going Blu-ray, sony got the right product with bluray.

stuna11549d ago

We sure know what you're getting on launch day!

Studio-YaMi1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Some are hating because they are fanboys,others have all the right to be pissed at what was revealed,this doesn't even come CLOSE to what Sony showed and talked about on their PS4 reveal !

3 games(1 is a racer)& 4 sport games
total of 2 exclusives and the rest is multiplatform.

Underwhelming architecture which they try to lie and call "rocket science" & then all that kinect 2 & interacting with your TV crap !

If you're not pissed,then that's fine,but don't expect lots of "gamers" not to be !