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I love playing video games, have been playing for more than 25yrs. My first video game encounter was at my cousin he had a Atari and we use to play together when i went at his house, i never owned a Atari dont know why. My first video game system/handheld that i owned was a Tiger LCD handheld game i had a lot of those then i moved up to the original Nintendo Gameboy it came with tetris. I played the hell out that game it was even better when u linked two Gameboys together it was fucking awesome! Then i got a Sega Gamegear, Genesis, Ps1, Saturn, Dreamcast, Ps2, Xbox, XBOX360, i now have a PS3 and looking forward to buying a Ps4 and a Nintendo Wi U. Video games are a part of my world, i cant imagine my life without video games. I manage a group on Facebook called GameHead my PSN id is meday354.

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