Date and details upcoming Unreal Tournament 3 patch released

The dutch gaming website XGN published the date and details of the upcoming Unreal Tournament III patch. There will be two patches avaible on the 27 of March, for the US version of the game and the EU version.

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Vip3r3834d ago

Erm...I'm downloading it now. Or is it just the EU that has it and the US gets it on the 27th?

Baba19063834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

give me a splitcreen option pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! i downloaded a patch too today. dont know what that was.

[email protected]3834d ago

A patch today? from which game? COD4 or Orange Box cuz I doubt it is from UT3 ^__^

shysun3834d ago

WOW..that sounds like a brand new game! I guess I'll dust it off and put COD4 away for a day or two.