Chart Toppers: Devils Cry, Capcom Laughs to the Bank - Gamedaily.Biz chats with Capcom about the game

Gamedaily.Biz writes: "When it comes to action gaming, few titles have had as much influence as the Devil May Cry series. Many modern 3D games were created using Devil May Cry as a blue print for one or more of their elements, including Shinobi, Rygar, Blood Will Tell, God of War, Ninja Gaiden and many others. Because of its influence, the original game was used as a bar to measure other action games for the better part of the most recent generation of games.

Capcom, never ones to let a good franchise go to waste [Understatement of the year! - Ed.], have composed three sequels since the original game released in 2001. The latest game, Devil May Cry 4, is the first on the latest generation of consoles. It is also notably the first game in the series to release concurrently on more than one platform, a tactic that may help prove the game out as the most successful in the series yet.

We talked with Nique Fajors, Capcom's VP of Marketing, who did not break down into tears while talking about the game."

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