‘Borderlands 2′ Psycho Pack trailer contains footage from final DLC

StickSkills: "Today, Gearbox Software released the launch trailer for the upcoming Psycho Pack DLC which adds an all new vault hunter, Krieg, to the Borderlands 2 arsenal. Those of you who watch the footage closely, however, will notice that you don’t recognize some of the locations shown, or even one of the enemies."

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CraigUK1532d ago

I doubt this is the final DLC, it is just the final DLC in the season pass.

ThaScott1532d ago

I've read multiple sites that claim it is not included in the Season Pass. Gearbox f'd you guys over. :(

matrixman921532d ago

what? if you are referring to Krieg, then he is not part of the season pass. But the actual story dlc that is shown in his trailer is part of the season pass. They talked about it at PAX

antz11041532d ago

They didnt f' anyone over. Pass included 4 campaign DLC' more, no less.

Shuyin1532d ago

Sadly, I have lost all interest in the game. Don't get me wrong, I loved it and even platinumed it but with the level cap raise arriving soooo late, I just couldn't get into it again. A real shame.
They should've just released the lvl cap raise like 1 month after the game's release and not like half a year later -.-

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1532d ago

Sucks, I would have gotten this, but Gearbox f'ed up hard and anyone with a newer graphics card that has updated drivers can't play this game due to unexplainable massive frame drops.

MasterD9191532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

They went overboard with DLC for this game. And this is coming from someone who enjoys Borderlands.