What it means for EA to develop core Star Wars games and why my pants just exploded.

On Monday EA struck a multi-year deal with Disney to develop core Star Wars games with DICE, BioWare and Visceral Games all announced to be behind the titles being developed. Now I love Star Wars, I wouldn’t say I’m a uber fanboy but I love the films and games a lot and this news has seriously got me excited as I believe Disney made the right choice with when choosing EA as their brother in arms.

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DeadPixel1966d ago

Would have rather them have gone with a better publisher like Activision...

Majin-vegeta1966d ago

I would have rather they gone to any one else besides EA,Activision,and Bethesda.

P.S. Activision is a bad publisher.

SITH1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Then you must have not been paying attention for years. EA has been publishing Star Wars games for quite some time now. Bioware developed KOTOR the best Star Wars RPG ever made. EA... owns Bioware!

Yodagamer1966d ago

Activison hasn't made a decent license game since shattered dimensions. I guess you could count amazing spiderman, but that's average compared to some of the games treyarch made with spiderman. If I had to choose between ea and activison, ea would have been the one, considering they have made star wars games before.

papashango1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I don't think anyone with any intelligence is going to let Bioware near a Star Wars title in the foreseeable future.

LoveOfTheGame1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

The article makes me think the author doesn't know much about EA and its studios. First don't put quality with madden and FIFA, if they were really good they wouldn't need to buy the license for these two sports.

Bioware with EA already had a chance with the Star Wars License and it was bad and disappointing. I know it's not only the publisher's fault and I agree...which should let you know how downhill Bioware has gone from looking at the first KOTOR without EA.

Edit: Grammatical error, stupid keyboard.

GadgetGooch1966d ago

I'm sorry you feel that way buddy, FIFA is one of the best selling games in the world and the amount of detail that goes into each release alone is immense, I understand EA and it's respective developers have made mistakes in the past but so has every other developer/publisher.

The main branch of studio's that EA has under it's belt does shine with quality, even if BioWare has messed up with the latest KOTOR slightly they are still a bunch of talented people and if anyone can give a good go at making a deep intergalactic Star Wars RPG then BioWare is it.

The good games that EA release out ways the bad ones in my opinion and they have the best bunch of diverse genre developers/studios out there which could cater to a lot more people than most other publishers right now.

LoveOfTheGame1966d ago

I'm not saying FIFA or Madden are necessarily bad, just we really don't have much to compare them to.

As for KOTOR there are plenty of people that could be preferred over Bioware. First one that comes to mind is the developers that made the last good KOTOR, Obsidian. They created a game that was arguably better than the first in half the time. Plus their track record destroys both EA and Bioware recent works.

I know EA has made good games and overall, yes it does outweigh the bad. But over the past few years their bad really has taken a foot hold, case and point two consecutive worst company in America awards.

Alcohog1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I just want to see some games grounded within the universe of the original 3 films again.

I'd like to head into the trenches of the Death Star with next generation video game tech. omnomnom

RBarlow1966d ago

I agree, will be awesome to see what the next-gen consoles can come up with in the Star Wars universe! I for one am really excited, and believe EA and Disney will do an awesome job :)

LightofDarkness1966d ago

This article is just re-stating the obvious, for the most part, and reads like a gushing fanboy's forum post.

My problems with the EA handling are the obvious ones, too. Bioware haven't made a nuanced or great game since Mass Effect, which was prior to their EA buy-out. Dragon Age is a very good game, but it was just them returning to their D&D style with more Mass Effect style conversations. Everything since then has been problematic.

DICE handling Battlefront 3? Are you sure you want Battlefront 3 to just be Battlefield 3 in space? It'd be best to give it back to Free Radical (now Crytek UK), let them finish what they started. I'd like to see how C&C Generals 2 turns out, then see if DICE could handle a Star Wars RTS.

Who the hell would want to play the Sims Star Wars? Sims fans are more like teenage girls and bored housewives, neither of whom would have a particularly vested interest in the Star Wars universe, and I don't think anyone would care too much about how the boring, ordinary people of that universe live their lives (why watch a peasant live his life when you could be controlling an X-Wing or Jedi character?)

The only noteworthy Visceral title is Dead Space, and they've gone ahead and ruined that too with DS3. Star Wars has no real horror elements, so a horror game would be a bad move, and Army of Two Devil's Cartel (as well as Dead Space 3) prove they are only capable of humdrum action games, so I wouldn't get too excited about whatever they're working on.

And seriously, Criterion Pod Racer? Pod racing is one of the dumber things to come out of Star Wars, which is no small feat considering the very movie that spawned it. That's a big fat no from a lot of people (namely: Star Wars fans).

What would be good games, then? Aside from the aforementioned RTS, how about a Sim Empire game in Star Wars by Maxis? Crytek could do a good job of making a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter game, using Crysis' style as a template to expand on (and their flair for visuals would be a massive boon for realizing Star Wars locales). And I'd like to see someone take on space combat (I think Criterion would do VERY well here), but it won't happen. But really, a lot of talent has left EA recently, and many of the studios that saw them though this generation have been losing their luster and penchant for greatness for the last few years. I'm not expecting anything more than Star Wars shovel ware and mediocre action games, with lots of micro transactions and paid DLC, because it's EA we're talking about here.

The sad thing is that we're never going to see much greatness or innovation in Star Wars games because smaller studios will NEVER get a shot. Indies and small studios can't afford that license, and Disney don't care who gets it as long as they get paid for giving to them (i.e. no great risk for them, only the people developing it). Only the likes of EA can afford things like that.

GadgetGooch1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

You seem to know a lot more about star wars than me seeing as i am supposedly the fanboy, I like the previous games and also the films but i only have a general view on Star Wars as i never been a fanboy as stated within the article. So does that not mean teenage girls should not play Star Wars games because you alone feel there is not a market out there for that? Kinda sexist in my view.

The article was a general view of the possibilities that EA could produce with the developers they have, which could cater to a massive market not just RPG, FPS and TPS lovers.

As for DICE, if they created battlefront 3 and it had the same class that battlefield 3 had plus space flight and fighting then yes i would like to play that without any arguments anyday but also your comment on the original battlefront 3 being completed and released by free radical would be awesome too as the leaked video's did look solid, but that does not look like it will be happening anytime soon so for me i'd like to see what DICE does come up with be it BF3 or something completely new.

LightofDarkness1966d ago

I was commenting on what it reads like, and it refers to your attitude towards EA, not Star Wars (which I think is quite obvious given the body of the rest of the argument).

"So does that not mean teenage girls should not play Star Wars games because you alone feel there is not a market out there for that? Kinda sexist in my view." That's quite a reach, but nice try at exhibiting a number of logical fallacies and abuses in a one fell swoop (ad hominem, reductio ad absurdum abuse AND straw-man, well done). No one said they shouldn't, but it's quite obvious that, by and large, they don't, especially given its "geeky" connotations and social stigmas.

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