10 More Games Named and Shamed

Part II of Gameplayer's examination of "When Good IPs go Bad"

"A few weeks back we took a look at ten IPs that we believe, at some point, have been treated rather shabbily by their parents and/or guardians. Mostly shockers that traded solely off previously amassed goodwill, plus the odd one that wasn't necessarily crap, just not as ace as its predecessor or that was somehow somewhat broken.

Now, flak jackets donned and armed to the toothy pegs with more weaponry bulging from our arsenal than all three Halo instalments networked together, we venture bravely back into the fray to bring you a sequel – a further ten IPs we believe have been hard done by."

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Hatchetforce3718d ago

They forgot to mention every Rainbow 6 game AFTER Ravenshield.

SlappingOysters3717d ago

Rainbow Six Vegas was pretty good fun.

Lockdown however was God awful!

Agent463718d ago

Some odd inclusions in there. NFS Prostreet? Admittedly, I used to love the series in the Hot Pursuit days, and it has plummeted in quality since going all 'street' and stuff. But does it deserve a place in this list? Also, Pac-Man on the 2600? Give me a break.