GamerZines | Poker Night 2 Review

GamerZines writes:

There’s a strange kind of snobbery associated with poker and this is even more the case with gaming’s take on the gambling past-time some foolishly call a sport. Take just a passing glance at forums associated with Poker Night 2 and you’ll see posts calling out idiotic AI behaviour, accusations of cheating (no we aren’t joking) and complaints that the AI is both too predictable and at times seemingly random.

We’re not going to talk about the nature of internet crazies and their lust for Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2 loot though. All we know is that we’ve spent over ten hours, equating to over 200 hands, with Telltale’s latest celebrity poker venture over the weekend and if we had our way we’d be spending a hell of a lot more time with it.

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