Gamer Apathy: Sick of Samey Shooters?

With the multitude of FPS's out there right now and many more on the way, it seems that a unique FPS experience is a rare find nowadays.

dkpatriarch writes: "As the old saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. Too much of a good thing and boredom can soon set in. I'm not talking about the larger genre of shooter video games, though supplementation with RPGs, Racers, Hack 'N Slash, etc. is probably a good idea to ward off apathy. No, I'm talking about when those shooters are all copying each other and feel too much like the same thing, varying only in quality and a few minor differences. Then you get déjà vu and it feels like going through the motions."

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gaminoz3720d ago

Since storylines are pretty low priority in shooters, how about a shooter that follows the history of United Nations warzones?

That would cover several time periods post WW2, different weapons and vehicles, and diverse places and environments, and you'd really be the 'good guys' based on the majority world opinion. Instead of following the story of Sarge. Generic Soldier you'd follow different nationalities (not just US and Brits) working in hot zones like Korea, ex-Yugoslavia, East Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Cyprus etc. etc.

Some original thinking is definitely needed but shooters are great.

Gorgon3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Good thing there's something called STALKER.

jinn3720d ago

FPS shooters r getting old

DarkSniper3720d ago

Dark Sniper is tired of playing what seems to be neverending duplicates of shooters. These stagnant titles have seemed to have found a home on the XBOX 360 console. Much like it's console before, XBOX 360 is the perfect place to be if you want the same, bland, boring shooters. The consumer has become more educated and with that said, he/she is mindful of the fact that gaming goes beyond the gun and there are other genres to be enjoyed.

Gears of Bore, Gaylo 3, Bio$hit are a few games that fit the image of the stagnant, unoriginal titles developed on XBOX 360. At least Dark Sniper can say any shooter developed only on PLAYSTATION® 3 will innovate with breathtaking graphics and gameplay that requires precision and entertainment.

Resistance, Metal Gear Solid, Killzone 2, and Haze are a few games that will revitalize the shooter genre from the tarnishing image Microsoft and it's Microslave inhabitants have given it.


ps3 is my champion3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

almost always 100% on your side, Resistance is far from "precision" and probably not Killzone 2 either, case in point: controller. You want a true precision game play CSS with a laser mouse.

LastDance3720d ago

Hmmm ..its true but i dont think he excecuted his point terribly well.

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