Team Fariko wins the first Call of Duty Championship

Team Fariko Impact won big after three days of intense Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer action in the first ever Call of Duty Championship. 32 teams from around the world came together to battle it out, with the ultimate winners here scoring $400,000. Runner-up teams scored anywhere between $25,000, to $200,000.

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ZILLA1202d ago

Who about beatin a dead horse

InMyOpinion1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago ) about beating off a braindead horse. :/

Donnieboi1202d ago

These guys wouldn't last a second in a Battlefield tournament.

supersonicjerry1202d ago

dude battlefield is easy what do you even mean by they won't last a second in a battlefield tournament.

Donnieboi1202d ago

Nah man, u can kill people with 2 shots to their ankles in COD. Unless they play in hardcore mode in COD, then i'm sorry, but I find the game too easy. I still respect your opinion about it though.

supersonicjerry1202d ago

@Donnieboi I play both COD and BF3 I honestly feel like they're both the same when it comes to killing people besides it lagging.

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