Fixed Core-Logic Sets for Intel Core “Haswell” Platforms to Become Available in July.

Intel Corp. has published a product change notification (PCN) document concerning its 8-series chipsets that will support Intel Core i “Haswell” central processing units (CPUs). According to the paper, the company has already fixed the previously discovered USB 3.0 issues and is currently preparing the new stepping of core-logic for mass production. Intel will be ready to ship the fixed version this Summer.

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mrbearbear1906d ago

and here i was thinking that i was going to be waiting until aug-sept. better start preppin

Gravity_DoGG1905d ago

he is doing the little finger

kikoano1905d ago

this is much more powerfull than amd

Lone_Man1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

wrong post(by me)

Letros1905d ago

Yea, AMD has given up trying to compete with Intel on the high end. Intel leads the world in lithography techniques.

ProjectVulcan1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Haswell is my next platform of choice, time to retire the old faithful LGA1366 Bloomfield!

LGA 1150 USB3.0, PCIe 3.0, TRIM in RAID I come.

Apparently about 10 percent faster per clock than current Ivy Bridge.

It isn't a massive leap over the 3770k but the performance improvement for me will be significant.

sourav931905d ago

Is your mobo compatible with the Haswell chips?

kneon1905d ago


I don't think so, isn't 1150 a new socket?

Johnny_Cojones1905d ago

Sticking with my OCd 2500k & GTX 680 SLI until next year's releases, then I'll replace my Mobo, RAM, CPU, & GPUs.
Next console gen will have started gaining some real steam by then, & it'll give devs some slack to make PC games push the hardware further.

0ut1awed1905d ago

I'll stick with my 3930k @ 4.8ghz for at least 2 years. Doubt anything will get near maxing that baby out in that time period.

bumnut1905d ago

Im running an i7 950 so I will be upgrading, Im going to stick with my SLI 570's until 7XX cards release.

peowpeow1904d ago

I still have my i7 920!

Th3 Chr0nic1905d ago

2600k still doing the job for me

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