Don't Starve Preview [NoobFeed]

Alex from NoobFeed takes a look at Don't Starve. Don't Starve: a game with the potential to become the best in the survival genre.

Don’t Starve feels like a complete game and Klei Entertainment has succeeded in making a unique game, which is really surprising coming from a small studio that has never developed a survival game before.

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AmayaAi1902d ago

Looks like a very scary game. Means, I'm going to love it :D

Ewok1902d ago

It's an excellent game. A good preview that sums it up well.

Meep1902d ago

Pretty cool game. Has a ton of style. I only played a few minutes of it but I might give it another try. I didn't know how much new content they added.

Rivitur1902d ago

just got it yesterday still haven't played it but plan to real soon.