BioShock Infinite is a Masterpiece, But a Flawed One

BioShock Infinite, for all its brilliance, has its faults, here's a look at some of them.

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MysticStrummer1846d ago

I haven't played it yet, but the reports I'm getting from my gaming friends tell me it's far from a masterpiece. One guy may not even finish it, he's so bored by it.

HarryMasonHerpderp1846d ago

I've played about 4 hours of the game and so far it seems pretty overrated.
The original Bioshock is a much much better game.
I just think Infinite's gameplay is really dated and boring now, it feels as though it just get's in the way of the story. A lot of what I have played just feels so scripted and I've spent 90% of the game just staring at scripted events and then shooting a few enemies. The first powers you get are really generic and Troy Baker (the protagonist's voice actor) never shuts up.
It's just really boring to be honest.
I'll get back on it though and finish the game to see if it gets any better.

camel_toad1846d ago

Well I gotta say as a major bioshock 1 fan I was disappointed most of the game but the ending changed my whole perspective. Amazing how much a good story can make up for less innovative gameplay.

HarryMasonHerpderp1846d ago

Yes I'll probably finish the game just for the story but at the moment the actually gameplay is really dragging it down. The first weapons you get are really boring and generic, a machine gun, pistol and a shotgun =/ then there's the fact that you can only pick up two weapons.
I'll give the game a chance but so far it doesn't even come close to the original Bioshock and all of these 10/10's and "it's a masterpiece" reviews seems really unjustified to me.

joab7771846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Bioshock isn't for everyone. Gamers that don't like story elements are not gonna be impressed. Fps fans that don't want super powers are gonna be annoyed by them. Rpg only fans may love these elements but will hate the fps, linearity and lack of an open world, and the length. There is no real choice that has major impact.

That being said, Bioshock is my favorite IP for many reasons. Fortunately I love fps and rpgs alike and this game is the perfect blend. If u love story, there isn't two better stories told this gen. If u love immersion I cannot think of a more realized setting in a game than columbia and rapture. I love the ability to wield either guns, powers or a combo. But the reason I love bioshock so much is the ability to perfect a situation. I miss the save anywhere function but the checkpoints work in similar fashion. I love seeing the layout and determining strategy and then implementing it. Also, elizabeth is a marvel in the way clementine was. Excpet this one actually goes on a journey with u.

I do not find it odd that so many ppl hav given this game high scores but it just isnt for everyone in the way the first one wasn't. Its fine though.

As far reviews go...the game is flawed and there r many areas I would love to see improvent. Yeah, combat can seem a little outdated because its been done so much and doesnt change too much. But I would hav to giv it between a 9.5-10 not because its perfect but because comparing it to most other games isn't fair.

Blacklash931846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

If you don't like story, this game isn't for you. If you weren't a fan the first one I think you'll be even less of a fan of this.

That said, the gameplay is fine if you know what you're doing. There's still plenty to look at and optional pockets to explore. The combat gets much better as the options open up and I only wish the game did that sooner. The skylines, tears, vigors, and weapons all together can make for some pretty tactical and visceral fights.

MeatAbstract1846d ago

I personally think it's a great game, the only thing that ever held this game back was the hype. I remember reading how many people were excited for it and their hype levels were beyond reason.

I think with Infinite, you should know that, yes, the combat is good. Is it the best combat in the history of gaming? No, but it works. The environments and setting feel wholly unique and are detailed enough to bring it to life. There's a well written and thought out story that isn't spoon fed to you. It can be quite linear but it's more focused on its story.

That, me to, is a great game. Personally I think it's 'up there' with some of the best this generation has to offer simply because you tell this is a quality game. It's very well polished, looks great, combat is fun and there's a satisfying story to get into.