Playstation In Review: March, 2008

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "It looks like another good month for Sony and their Playstation line of consoles. I love when they send this little news letter. There's tons of little bits of info. "

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HarryEtTubMan3696d ago

PSN is growing really fast. How many OSN users worldwide now I wonder? 7-8 million? Sony is killing it.

skynidas3696d ago

Thats what free and good service does

Asurastrike3696d ago

"3.3 million registered PSN accounts in North America"

Very nice.

Kojima touches kids3696d ago

This is false. As there are only 3.2 million PS3 in America.

This claims that 103% of all PS3 owners in North America are online.

SUP3R3696d ago

You're definitely making your way quickly into the Open Zone
However I don't know what charts you've been looking at, but the PS3 has crossed over 4 million consoles in the US and steadily increasing weekly.
Next time take that kinda crap next door.

beoulve3696d ago

penis, one PS3 can have multiple user u know.

xplosneer3696d ago

The PS3 is over 4 million first of all, and also, people can make more than one account/=.

Kleptic3696d ago

^^^the PS forums had an 'official mod' state that those NA PSN accounts represented master accounts only...and accounts specified for NA only...meaning not entirely seperate accounts for any other territories...

I know you can make multiple accounts per PS3, including additional master accounts...but I would imagine not many would do that...having more than one master account for the US is pointless, and accomplishes can have another PSN name under a sub-account, which saves you 10 minutes of the sign up hassle...but whatever...

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PimpHandStrong3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

five years from now we will be shocked by the numbers

the PS2 didnt have a uniform online service. The PS3 is just getting around to it. I hope they dont stop game sharing thou. Thats so huge and yet you never hear it talked about

maybe because it might come to a end if we did hype it up

the future is bright indeed

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The story is too old to be commented.