Where is the next generation Xbox? Not at GDC

There weren’t even any rumours swirling around the show floor at this year's GDC. Video game developers and graphics card manufacturers were also reluctant to say anything about Microsoft’s new console.

Microsoft, where is your next-generation console?

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nitrogav1847d ago

Microsoft already on the ropes ? .

ApolloAdams1847d ago

No. They just haven't announce it yet.

AngelicIceDiamond1847d ago

"No. They just haven't announce it yet."

Exactly its that simple, but people wanna make rocket science out of it.

1847d ago
HyperBear1847d ago


GDC is a very important place for game developers, but not for worldwide media attention....that's E3.
They will have Spike TV and possibly CNBC have live coverage at Microsoft E3 conference and announce it to as many people around the world as they can to generate excitement. You just don't get the same media attention and attraction at GDC as you do at E3.

fermcr1847d ago

LOL. Don't know if the next Xbox is better or worse then the PS4.... but the funny thing is that the next Xbox is getting more publicity and articles then the PS4 because it hasn't been announced yet.

BitbyDeath1847d ago

You mean like this article where they talk about the next xbox being a media box and PS4 being more focused on games?

Not exactly more articles but they do have the negative side down.

MysticStrummer1847d ago

"the funny thing is that the next Xbox is getting more publicity and articles then the PS4"

A quick Google search will show you that's not true at all.

T21847d ago

Yes but ps4 is generating real hype, much of it positive ... Summing up xbox articles : always on drm, casual , kinect 2.0 , no games .... What other articles are there ? Ms has a lot of work to do

fermcr1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

I think Microsoft is going to do the same thing what Samsung and Apple do ?
Samsung presented the Galaxy S4, and was automatically released right after. Apple presents their new Iphone/Ipad and days or weeks after the presentation, it's released.

Microsoft is probably going to present their product and release it a couple weeks later.

Why o why1847d ago

you may be right on that. My real query is the lack of leaks from developers. Surely some of them must of had their mits on the hardware by now. I know the same could be said of sony too as we heard/saw nothing before the announcement then BAM we're not only seeing 1st party games but 3rd party ones too. Hearing stuff from devs from all over the place. People really just kept quiet even though we all new a next gen was beckoning. Its best to wait and see what MS will bring. Some of the rumours seem off putting but they are, for now, just rumours. Time will tell as always

rainslacker1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Some developers/publishers may be getting ansy over having to hold off announcing their titles. The time between E3 and fall releases doesn't give them much room to hype up their games, particularly since there will be a plethora of launch titles, as well as current gen titles that they will have to be promoting. I mean we all know certain titles will be on next gen, and will be on 720, but full force marketing comes when they can give a release window. For instance we haven't seen much in the way of AC4 on next gen consoles, likely due to NDA's with MS.

MS will likely have a conference before E3 to announce it, maybe a month or so before hand. Get the ball rolling just like Sony has, and then go into more detail come E3, just like Sony will do.

wantonGamer1847d ago

It's at home !!! Washing it's tights !!!!

abzdine1847d ago

i think MS are really confused that PS4 has been revealed before their machine, it must have went against their plans of revealing their next thing and they are reconsidering everything.

Sony really surprised everybody by revealing PS4 earlier than expected and the PS4 hype bomb is growing constantly!

SolidDuck1847d ago

No one expected them to announce it at gdc so no surprise there. They will announce it at e3 most likely. It is unusual how quiet they have been tho. Letting the ps4 hype train run wild. It makes me think either there a little worried and are trying to make last minute changes, or there confident and don't care. Time will tell I guess.

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