Dayz Standalone Will Do Alpha Test

Author Dayz Standalone, Dean “Rocket” Hall says that the first game is a mod for Arma 2 will be able to do an alpha test in July 2013.

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forcefullpower1704d ago

Let me in :) I wanna do some alpha testing.

mercenar1e1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

its going to use the same model as ARMA 3 - you will have to pay in to participate in the Alpha or get invited by someone that already paid.

ATi_Elite1704d ago

Hey Rocket can I have a DayZ key?

MooseWI1704d ago

Can't wait. Really, I can't. I have been waiting for this to be polished up, DayZ is fun but the hackers and bugs make it unbearable sometimes.

BABY-JEDI1704d ago

Hopefully this will come 2 the PS4 & Xbox 720 so all gamers can enjoy.. I'm really bought on the quality of the environments & the in-game physics though I would want an improvement on the range of character models & animations. ; )

biRdy1704d ago

If this release is real successful, I can see it going to at least one console just how Minecraft did, but will be much better if it went to both consoles.