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Submitted by NYC_Gamer 1055d ago | news

Next Mass Effect game will be 'fresh and new'

GS:BioWare executive producer Casey Hudson says next game in series will offer new ideas; feature film with Legendary remains in production. (Mass Effect, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Dark11  +   1055d ago
It will be in first person view , mark my words people.
techsvengali  +   1055d ago
it will be the first one I don't finish or maybe even start then
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1055d ago
It will come with deodorant and a bar of soap.
silenius  +   1055d ago
oh hell no...
Please let the mass effect franchise die. At least for the next 2 years...
We all had enough milk from that cow...

EA should invest that money to
A) make the dragon age franchise playable and fun again.

B) make the Dead Space franchise playable, scary and fun again.

C) make a new IP.
MysticStrummer  +   1054d ago
The next Mass Effect game will be a complete non-factor in my gaming life. Despite how cold the ME2 demo left me, I went ahead and bought the trilogy based on all the accolades. ME1's story kept me going through the game, though the shooting gameplay was so stale I couldn't stand to play for long periods of time. ME2 bored me so much I traded the game in before finishing it. ME is just another series whose popularity I'll never understand.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1055d ago
I want it to be MMO styled. Or Co-op of sorts.

I dunno I really enjoyed the game despite the ending. No matter what ME will be put through the EA machine and cripple it.

Luckily all the crap EA's doing is optional and won't be affecting me.
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DeadlyFire  +   1055d ago
Watch Destiny and see how EA buckles to follow it in 2014 with Mass Effect 4.

I am a little scared we will see this AI child come back and say you still suck, game over, good bye in Mass Effect 6 as he nukes your world. I have never felt more trolled by a developer than watching that unfold in Mass Effect 3 for the first time.

I don't expect full MMO of any kind in Mass Effect 4 or we will be waiting until 2018 or so to see it arrive, but if Bungie sets a new bar someone is going to try to compete with them.
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PooEgg  +   1055d ago
Regarding: "Luckily all the crap EA's doing is optional and won't be affecting me."

Gamers are foolish to believe this, but I suppose back in the days of horse armor there were also gamers who said "luckily horse armor is optional and it won't be affecting me". Now we pay full price for partial games and pay extra for the DLC to complete the experience, because the only other choice is to stop playing the games we love.
MysticStrummer  +   1054d ago
A Mass Effect MMO would be the only option that would make me consider buying another ME.
Jobesy  +   1055d ago
The only thing "fresh and new" is going to be the big dookie EA/BioWare take on its customers.
ArronC07  +   1055d ago
It will be micro-transactions and day one dlc.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   1055d ago
If that happens i will personally make a deal with Reapers um i mean "fictional" Reapers *rolls eyes* and bring their wrath on EA/Bioware :]

Long live RPG Mass Effect !!!
MuhammadJA  +   1054d ago
IF it's FPS, then I might get it.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1055d ago
should have a new enemy besides the reapers
majiebeast  +   1055d ago
Its gonna be more dudebro.
Reverent  +   1055d ago
Dude, I hope not, bro.
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MysticStrummer  +   1054d ago
Nah EA will innovate by creating the first brodude game instead.
Bumpmapping  +   1055d ago
R.I.P MassEffect you where great while you lasted.
superterabyte  +   1055d ago
Why they aren't releasing the game annually (every 2 years) and each game has improved on the last. They include lots of content and a pretty decent multiplayer in mass effect 3 which I reluctantly tried because it tied into the single player, and it wasn't bad.

I'm sure the next mass effect will probably be set further into the future and the possibility's are endless.
MikeMyers  +   1055d ago
You have a great universe to explore, Mass Effect was only one part of it.
matrixman92  +   1055d ago
first person shooter...with microtransaction weapon skins. Get the exclusive Bacon Weapon skin by buying specially marked bags of doritos
Conquerbeard  +   1055d ago
You forgot about the Triple XP bonus codes from bottle caps of Mountain Dew.
meatnormous  +   1055d ago
Bioware will never do a triple xp or triple credits event. They were asked time and time again to do this for ME3 MP and they simply won't do it, messes with their micro transactions. They just quit on ME3 after a dlc was released 3 weeks ago, I'm salty at Bioware/EA for this.
unchartedxplorer  +   1055d ago
You will get to play as harbinger?
unchartedxplorer  +   1055d ago
I was only kidding. :)
neoandrew  +   1055d ago
Human, you've changed nothing.

over this comment


baldulf  +   1055d ago
I don't care anymore, Eaware.
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Jreca  +   1055d ago
Do they mean that it will be an action-RPG like the first? Or a full shooter?
Summons75  +   1055d ago
Unless they can prove us wrong with Dragon Age 3, Bioware stopped making RPG's sometime during the development of Mass Effect 2. DA2 and ME3 certainly weren't rpgs and mass effect 2 only had half the rpg in it that me1 had. Bioware is long dead.
v0rt3x  +   1055d ago
BioWare - I'm sorry - but Mass Effect has totally lost its flair.

You released a superb first game - you built an interesting world and outstanding characters.

Arguably - some people would say that the second game was even better.

But then something happened...and I'm not talking about Mass Effect 3 even.

EA - as bureaucratic as they are - thought: "Hey! Mass Effect could bring us so much more money and we can promise our shareholders so much more income!"

So what happened? Something that happens far to often in this industry:

The franchise got neglected in favor of making the game more appealing for a wider audience.

This may work with a franchise such as Uncharted or Halo - but Mass Effect has always been its own beast - and that is largely due to the fact that it has always been a single player experience.

One that doesn't end with the first game - but that continues with the second and third game.

So: DLC was developed, multiplayer was introduced, the second and third game were put on PS3 - completely ignoring the first game - and even an "Action" mode was introduced in Mass Effect 3 - which pretty much takes away the entire immersive experience from the game.

I don't have to mention the ending.

Then EA released Origin, Game 1+2 were on Steam, Game 3 was not...

BioWare pretty much seized their communication with their fans on their "social" network.

BioWare used to be famous for the relationship they had with their player base. And instead of coming forward and talking with the players - we got nothing but EA damage control.

BioWare argues that they don't visit the forums because of all the hate. Well - you don't ignore your girlfriend just because she's mad at you.

So yea - lots has happened with Mass Effect and I'm not interested any longer.
pythonxz  +   1055d ago
I loved Mass Effect 1 to death, and when Bioware went forward to make Mass Effect 2, they said they would fix the little problems.

Mainly, my original complaint about ME1 was that you would loot FAR to many "Avenger 'x'" and the like. In ME2 they pretty much got rid of that problem because they gutted the loot system altogether. In ME1, I loved the augment and shield mod system, and again in ME2, that was pretty much gone.

In fact, when I saw what ME3 became (gameplay wise) I skipped the game altogether. It's become too focused on appeasing the "CoD generation" and not the gamers that supported the original.
vork77  +   1055d ago
i think they mean with characters and planets garrus will be miss
JeffGUNZ  +   1055d ago
What is with all the Mass Effect hate? The trilogy was amazing and I would love for the Mass Effect Universe to continue. Sure, I don't want any returning characters, but a whole new story and enemy would be great. Bioware is great and even though a lot of people hate EA, Bioware still delivers great games.
aliengmr  +   1055d ago
"What is with all the Mass Effect hate?"

I respect your opinion and won't debate you on what you think of BioWare.

But, do you really have to ask that? That horse has been beaten to the sub-atomic level at this point.
Reverent  +   1055d ago
Eh, compared to the likes of Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and *shudders* Dynasty Warriors, I'd say a handful of Mass Effect games shouldn't necessarily be called "milked".

The business route EA is going, however, is pretty despicable. I wouldn't blame Bioware for that though.
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aliengmr  +   1055d ago

I wasn't being specific. Just pointing out that it shouldn't be a mystery why people hate ME3.

I wasn't stating an opinion, just the fact that there are gamers who hate ME3 and have their own reasons. Reasons that have been posted countless times.

Let me clarify, I am not validated the reasons or trying to say they are majority's view, just saying they exist.
JeffGUNZ  +   1054d ago
@ Aliengmr

Are you talking about the dislike in the ending? I thought the ending was fine. Theo nly thing I wished for was it to be a little longer ending to wrap it all up with all the remaining squad members. There has been 3 mass effect games this entire generation, so I don't think people can be upset about that. Most of the top games this generation has had 3 releases, ie, uncharted, gears, halo, etc. EA doesn't create the game, they publish it. I could care less about them. The game play and depth of ME3 was great andi f bioware can continue to produce games like that, I see no issue. Now, if they are copy and paste, I'll have an issue. But at this time, I will give Mass Effect the benefit of doubt that they will follow through and produce an exciting and new feel to their universe.
PooEgg  +   1054d ago
I don't hate Mass Effect, or BioWare, I just hate the road that EA is leading BioWare down, and I wonder if I should bother looking forward to their future games or not.
Drakesfortune  +   1055d ago
The way the Mass Effect games changed from 1 to 3 is when from a classic rpg to an all out shooter with rpg elements.

If the next games is 1st person, i wont be buying it... i like looking at my armour etc and like tps
JeffGUNZ  +   1054d ago
I can't see how people disagree with that comment. They either never played the ENTIRE series or just phantom haters. The series was excellent and got better with each installment.
fossilfern  +   1055d ago
Will it be an RPG again ?
TotalSynthesisX  +   1055d ago
I'm probably going to be downvoted into the deepest part of Hell, but I would like a co-op campaign. Not exactly sure how it would work, but I really enjoyed playing and freaking shit in Dead Space 3 with my best friend.

As for it being an FPS... no. We have enough of those already. The Mass Effect franchise is already on shaky ground, and making it a FPS would surely be the last nail in the coffin for it.
CustardTrout  +   1055d ago
Mass Effect FOUR will be new, there's nothing like this FOURTH instalment of this series...
JeffGUNZ  +   1054d ago
The next Mass Effect will have nothing to do with the previous three games. It will take place in a different time and different set of characters. Bioware already said the trilogy with Shepard is over and they will start a new experience. What's the harm in that?
linkenski  +   1055d ago
If it is First Person, then it's only gonna work if it's co-op. I'd actually love a game that has a co-op campaign with dialogue choices. In fact Mass Effect and other games alike are the sort of games that i like watching other people playing, because it's entertaining to see what choices they make.
TheTwelve  +   1055d ago
A part of me thinks that Bioware will go out of their way to win back all of the disappointed people...

...but then I remember that they are now part of EA.

Here's to hoping for the best because I think Mass Effect 2 is one of the greatest games ever.

solidjun5  +   1055d ago
Half of the game will be downloadable content first day of release.
IQUITN4G  +   1055d ago
I guess Ea isn't happy with sales then. Games like these anyway can only expect less sales than something more accessible like cod yet devs continue to be lured in by this temptation Can't blame them but this need to make more sales on franchises is most of the time at the expense of what fans love in the first place. Some franchises just wont be appreciated by the same larger audience and this middle ground is usually for nothing
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PooEgg  +   1055d ago
Honestly, I don't know what to think about BioWare anymore. I want to trust in them, because I really really want to play GOOD Bioware games again, but at the same time I suspect there is a disconnect between what most gamers want and what they think we need.

Things I want: Epic Single Player Story, Great Characters, good customization, and a deep and exciting battle system.

What they think I need: Microtransactions, Forced Multiplayer, and shorter stories that require overpriced DLC to complete them.

While I can't speak for everyone, I suspect most gamers would be happier without spending more to keep getting less and less in each BioWare game that get released.
PAYNEinc85  +   1055d ago
I'm tired of so many sequels. I want something new.
NYC_Gamer  +   1055d ago
Bioware just lost their way after being sold to EA
stuntman_mike  +   1055d ago
I hope it's a all new story and characters. Shepards story is done with now. and i hope it isn't a prequel either.
dangerousjo33  +   1055d ago
lol new n fresh that would be funny if after they said all this the next game main player name well be commander pharperd and they need to save the world from big old robots who are still r alive but hate all life lol
ShiftyLookingCow  +   1055d ago
Its quite likely I will play the new Mass Effect series but given the way they handled the ending of ME3 after years of hyping how our choices would lead to very different outcomes, I don't think I will invest myself heavily like before(playing multiple times to get my desired outcome for the first two games, playing them again on PC in prep for 3).

If the previews show a game that doesn't grab me like the first did(E3 2006 was awesome!) then I might even skip the series(maybe play it after the new series is concluded).

Bioware EA doesn't really look much like the Bioware who started ME in 2004/5.
NateCole  +   1055d ago
The whole trilogy is great apart from the last 10 minutes. No doubt i am buying the next one.
Derekvinyard13  +   1055d ago
Lets hope it has a good ending
braydox21  +   1054d ago
a few things

1: let it be an entirley new era, maybe a hundred years into the future(allows time for society to rebuild all those planets as well as bringing back population back, time for a new baby boomer genration) maybe a few extra hundred years.

2: bring back rpg, be able to loot the armour off your dead foes and their weapons etc. also being a captain of a ship, thats essentially that can either be upgraded to for more storage more weapons, more speed, so that means space combat, allow yourself either to become a space pirate attacking and raiding merchant ships, or alliance cruisers. have an entire crew that levels up and can edit their equipment (what i mean by that is not only the ground crew that would proably company you, but the engineers,ship guards, etc. who incase the ship gets boarded they can attack the invaders) ship paint, and personal emblem.

3: better sidequests!!!! not quests where you overhear a converstation than go scan something in my experiance that was the worst thing besides the game ending, have decent sidequests. heck maybe add in guilds like bounty's (have your own bounty and can be attacked by bounty hunters) make at least all planets or most planets visitable where you can land your ship or shuttle (but not that car shuttle, give us a pelican or that thing from Avatar, at least a different dropship, i never really liked the hover car, it isn't that huge but i would like something a bit more as an assault craft.

4: ps. as a spinoff, i wouldnt mind seeing a rts, where all the races are at war with each other( factions,human,asari,turian,ar ia's gangs, geth/quarian, Cerberous, Reaper. a star wars battlefront game would also be pretty epic. would have preffered that instead of mass effect 3's horde mode.

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