Xcom: Enemy Unknown Tips & Advice

Eskimo Press: Xcom: Enemy Unknown is often praised for it's unforgiving difficulty. If you are planning to play on the highly recommended Iron Man setting, your game will become that much more intense as every move and choice you make is saved and cannot be undone. It wouldn't hurt to prepare yourself with some useful hints, some of which I have learned through the multiple retries and failures.

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SatanSki1950d ago

Original was great. This is hmm, entertaining to a degree

Sako1950d ago

Amping up the difficulty makes the game far more enjoyable IMO, propelling it from good to great

SatanSki1950d ago

I didnt found new xcom more difficult but painly schematic. To me tactical combat feels more like Incubation then original xcom. Game could be great if they didnt mess this up

BootHammer1950d ago

Iron Man setting sounds tough! Thanks for the tips ;)