Playstation Apparel

Sony today revealed that they have granted licensing agreements for some of their top games with four apparel companies. The result will be a slew of t-shirts, hats, boxers, even something called "loungewear" featuring the artistic stylings from such Playstation greats as God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance Fall of Man, Heavenly Sword and Little Big Planet.

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CAPS LOCK3937d ago

I wouldnt mind a resistance hoddy or a heavenly sword t-shirt...

cr33ping_death3937d ago

sounds sweet........ my GF bought me a GEARS t shirt last year for my B DAY..... my GF would love an UNCHARTED.... well whatever....she loves the game..... she says the game is beautiful :) and she passed it (on easy) but she passed it none the less.

to CAPS LOCK some hoodies would be nice.

LightningPS33937d ago

I also love Uncharted. I've almost beat it on Crushing.

I think Hard is the best level. Crushing is a little too much. Some cheap deaths sometimes, you just get shot twice and you're dead.

Sometimes guys rush at you and you can't take them all down before they get to you. So a few parts I had to try over and over.

I think hard level is perfect, the challenge is fun.

eagle213937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

v neck undershirts.....great idea...(don't make any sackboy jokes)

PeterGriffinSays3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )


PSWe603937d ago

"Uncharted.." or a "Resistance..." shirt with "God of War" beanie

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The story is too old to be commented.