How Microsoft Hijacked A Generation

Microsoft has never had the best reputation. Even by giant conglomerate standards they tend to be less well liked than other companies who invade your privacy, sell you defective stuff and rip you off for every little thing. But over the last few years they have seemed to harbor at least some good will with gamers with the XBOX 360. What with their “amazing” online service and the “high” standards they set for games or something.

But not me. Oh no, definitely not me...So let’s back up a bit and look at Microsoft’s history with video games.

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Godmars2901956d ago

Seeing a lot of hate - touched with plenty of comedy for the most part - but nothing that really touches on the central issue of MS "highjacking" anything.

Irishguy951956d ago

Just an article on the Justified dislike of MS then? With a hit inducing title.

Godmars2901956d ago

Didn't say it wasn't wrong...

Septic1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Microsoft did many things really well at the start of this generation. They really did push the boundaries in the online game space, just like they did with the original Xbox.

The 360, with the obvious hardware issues aside, launched with a pretty decent launch line up and the console itself was a brilliant piece of kit; a sculpted controller that rivalled the DualShock, RAM dedicated to decent OS features that made the dashboard relatively smooth and able to cater for a lot of features like voice chat, achievements, cross game chat etc and Xbox Live Arcade.

Then it secured some killer apps like GTA, Final Fantasy etc. It had decent ips and Microsoft and really did capitalise on a market that was really third party centric. I don't think a lot of people anticipated just how much of the market MS would bite a chunk out of. Only in the latter part of the generation has Sony overtaken MS.

MS' focus on core games, appears to be dwindling in favour of the more casual market and all will be made clear come E3 whether MS has finally taken that decisive step into the more general entertainment market but as far as this generation and the Xbox 360 is concerned, contrary to the fanboy bias that pervades this site, MS did extremely well and it was great for gamers like myself. MS didn't really hijack the industry, but it took it by the reins for quite some time, longer than many expected.

Cam9771956d ago

Try started well by ultimately fails towards the latter half of the generation. Why? Well, they stopped producing frequent exclusives (whereas Sony/Nintendo did), they served up exclusive DLC which is simply ridiculous if they're that desperate, they charge an absurdly high price for what should be a free service, they forget hardcore fans and focus on the Kinect crowd and much more.

Sony/NINTENDO on the other hand presented their HC and casual username with frequent content and introduced unique and new innovations.

DigitalSmoke1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Excactly, they did their fanbase very wrong, for 8 years now they been serving up the same 3 games, and talk all this Hardcore crap, wile underhanded market tactics are used to stear their instalbase away from the traditional way of gameing (Sony/Nintendo style) and into some form of Kinect shi*, something they have put almost 100% of their efford into for the last 4 years.

Sony kept on course, Nintendo does their own, and now that there's a silence, its obvious, even to the 360 side of the war, Microsoft did em wrong.

Cam9771956d ago

I've just realised how gramatically bad what I just wrote was due to auto-correct on my IPod - sorry!

Cueil1956d ago

that's because they've long ago started to transition all their studios towards the next machine

ritsuka6661955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

"Sony/NINTENDO on the other hand presented their HC and casual username with frequent content and introduced unique and new innovations. "

Oh, and I don't say cynical things on every Sony related article either.Ahhh, too bad for you...

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zerocrossing1956d ago

MS did well for launching the 360 ahead of the Wii and PS3, that extra year really helped them establish their fanbase beyond that of the original Xbox.

But unfortunately ever since then they've been going down hill...

Cupid_Viper_31956d ago

You know I really don't get when supposedly "gamers/customers" say things like about MS.

"MS did well for launching the 360 ahead of the Wii and PS3" HOW?

That resulted in MILLIONS of "gamers/consumers" being ripped off and having to buy multiple consoles because of the RROD fiasco.

Basically what you're saying is that Microsoft did well to release a broken product to the market, to the detriment of many gamers. And the sole reason was to gain market share. But that same company found $500,000,000.00 to spend on kinect advertising.

I wonder if that money couldn't have been used to make sure that the original Xbox 360s were of better quality?

Derekvinyard131956d ago

Wow that was a long read! I think what he's saying is Microsoft only saw the financial value in games more then the passion for them like other companies cause of everything they make you pay for, hence hijacking the generation with money, I agree with him to an extent because there are some good games on Xbox but I feel it's dying and they might pull out at the first sight of a big financial loss

stuna11956d ago

Passion can go a long way! Just look at Nintendo and Sony on those aspects. Microsoft on the other hand has always went where the money has led them!

This is not to blow down on Microsoft, it's should just seem pretty obvious.

MYSTERIO3601955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Great explaination on things couldn't of said it better myself

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I think they will want to hijack apple tv, cable tv market next. I wouln't be surprised to see and xbl phone, tv, internet package.

"Nancy Tellem, who left her role as consultant to CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves to join Microsoft as president of entertainment and digital media, has been busy explaining to Hollywood movie and television studios the opportunities that Xbox 360 and Kinect open up for consumers. Tellem talks about how new technology is changing the way Xbox gamers are consuming entertainment and interacting with ads"

They also set up a new studio for tv content which now has 125 people working on xbox content.

"Tellem declined to specify how much Microsoft is spending on its original content play. “We are certainly looking at a very robust content production schedule,” she said, adding that her studio currently employs 125 people."

And now MS want to integrate kinect into tv's and lappys.

I think MS has tv in mind more than anything.

One thing is for sure about 720. It will be a device that does everything for everyone in a box.

Or am I missing something?

kreate1956d ago

They did make a xbl phone ... ?

soxfan20051956d ago

So, the more it does, the less you'll like it? I guess a console that "Only Does Everything" is truly worthy of ridicule and scorn.

Cueil1956d ago

@soxfan2005 the lolz the lolz

Godmars2901956d ago

Except you're not talking about the actual Xbox, the hardware. Those are services and shows. Content meant to appeal to a wide audience. No different than from what Netflix is doing with its shows.

What's actually being talked about could very easily relegate games and game development to next to nothing. Leave new IP to 3rd parties.

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PSVita1956d ago

No one can denie they made a huge leap from the original Xbox.

Godmars2901955d ago

They leased rather than bought parts for Xbox1 which prevented them from making active modifications. A "slim" Xbox1. They could only get better from there.

Though really, they "borrowed" research from Sony for the 360's chipset, so yeah, original.

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DarkZane1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Problem is that they're not gonna keep all the fans they got this generation. The PS4 is very likely to steal most of Microsoft market back and even take some devoted Xbox adopters with them as well.

Also, no matter how much money Microsoft have and how good they are, they will not escape the curse of the third console.

Enemy1956d ago

Multiplatformgames 360. Passing on the next, thanks.

from the beach1956d ago

They've actually got a nice stable of first parties now - 343 Industries, Lionhead, Twisted Pixel, Black Tusk, Big Park, MS Victoria, Rare, Turn 10, Good Science..

greenpowerz1956d ago ShowReplies(8)
baldulf1956d ago

The 360 only has one redeeming feature for me: Multiplatform games usually run better on it.

And that's it, otherwise it's an unremarkable console (with a good pad for FPS, sure)

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