Addressing the Issues for Women in Gaming - The Who, Why, How, What and Where.

Although we in the Western World certainly appreciate a more equal standing between men and women compared with that of days gone by, it is still nonetheless important for us to take the time to consider what more we can do. In terms of the gaming world the subject of women’s roles in both the industry and the games themselves has been a hot topic as of late; so to follow the celebration of International Women's Day on March 8th Esperino take a look at our industry, some of the concern women face today in games, and the work that is being done to address it.

[Note: considering the potential for animosity on this subject, it seems necessary to point out that a focus on ‘women in games’ is aimed at encouraging reflection on our industry and gaming culture; it is not meant as an attack on our beloved pastime or fellow gamers, and does not act to devalue other discussions on issues concerning the gaming industry or culture.]

Topics of the article:
- Who is the gaming community of today?
- Why do we need to talk about ‘women in gaming’?
- So how are gamers raising these issue?
- What has been happening in gaming to support women?
- So where do we go from here?

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MadMen2023d ago

Who gives 2 $hits.

If women want to be more involved - get involved just like any other org.

Ninjeska2023d ago

Which is exactly what they're doing :)

MadMen2022d ago

As you can tell, hardly anyone has commented or cares about this issues because its a waste.

No one should be forced to have more males, females or work on encouraging anything. Sometimes things exist best when its the ones who founded and supported it.

Let it be what it wants; and STFU if you cant understand that.

Ninjeska2022d ago

Being from a smaller site, I hardly expect an overwhelming amount of traffic in response to my articles but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing about issues that affect gamers.

And really, there's no need to be so aggressive or angry in response to this topic; no one is being forced to do anything and you don't have to participate in a movement you don't believe in. However as it stands, your opinion is no more important than mine or any other gamer, so if you want people to take you (and your opinions) seriously perhaps you could take part in the discussion like an adult?