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Submitted by superdarrin82 998d ago | opinion piece

SimCity's Problems are Our Problems

The debacle over SimCity's launch isn't an isolated incident... when will gamers stand up against always-online DRM? (EA, Maxis, PC, SimCity)

bmwyallaa   998d ago | Immature | show
bmwyallaa   998d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
jay2  +   998d ago
Om sersly considering my options re simcity cant play it
Saryk  +   998d ago
He has a point. But really did any of you veteran gamers expect this game to run awesome at launch. I'd be lying if I did, but I do expect the game to run, period!
bmwyallaa  +   998d ago
you know what, iv been a fan of simcity back when it was on snes and the original simcity pc on our IBM 486 33mghz 2mg of ram

and this game particularity iv been following its progress for some time now

i swear i was waiting for time of work so i can go buy this game
and then i found out all this shit about single player online
and saving your cities on servers and some other cunts city affecting mine

mate i just wanna play single player

not everyone has a good internet connection. Or when the data cap is almost at its limit, you don't want to fucking use the internet to play single player fuck ya

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