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Do video game critics matter?

MCV - Games critics didn’t like Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The game’s Metacritic score was just 49. But despite the critical mauling it reached No.1 during its launch week and is the fastest selling game of the year so far.

Meanwhile, last year’s XCom: Enemy Unknown was loved by game reviewers. And although it didn’t sell badly, its sales paled in comparison to critical disappointments Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Resident Evil 6.

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Community1666d ago
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GribbleGrunger1666d ago

I think the headline actually answers the question. 'Critiques'? Once upon a time it used to be 'reviewers'.

Derekvinyard131666d ago

Agree, I only agree with reviews these days if they all say something similar, if like 7 sites say a game has long load times, you can bet its gonna have long load times, but when it's about the story or the gameplay, il be the judge of that

GribbleGrunger1666d ago

Can't believe I wrote critique instead of critic! Damn fool Gribble.

JeepGamer1666d ago

Not even slightly. What used to be at least a somewhat objective few has become a mass of subjective biased tools.

ziggurcat1666d ago

you forgot:

whiny crybabies.

BanBrother1666d ago


Don't forget paid reviews, and troll reviews. Tom Chick for example. Gives Uncharted 3 4/10 when everyone else is giving it 9's and 10's. Halo 4 got a 2/10 from him also.

People like him should f*** off tbh. They are bad for the industry. Plus, it's funny seeing fanboys fighting over their game having a 1/100th metacritic lead, even though 1 troll review brings it down like 2 points.

JeepGamer1666d ago

I'm more concerned with people heaping praise on games that, while good, have plenty of glaring flaws. Flaws that when present in another title from a genre the reviewer might not care for, get beaten in to the ground.

doctorstrange1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Aliens: Colonial Marines may have sold well, but it would have sold a lot better and for a lot longer if it didn't suck xeno-balls.

djthechamp241666d ago

Fuck no, they just a fucking joke

admiralvic1666d ago

While I can get into a long explanation on this issue, the simple fact is that they do matter. This isn't to say people care what reviewers say on every matter (trust me, they don't), but will generally look into "professional" opinions if they're unsure of the game. A great example of this would be Declassified, since many gamers reviewed it fondly for keeping true to the multiplayer, where as most "professionals" reviewed it poorly due to it being an overall weak package. Sometimes people want an opinion that is more rounded / thought out, than a someone on a forum making a claim.

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The story is too old to be commented.