How Long Until Consoles Adopt EA’s “Real Racing 3″ Payment Model?

"I can’t remember the last time I spent an hour staring at a game trying to decide whether I think it’s utterly brilliant or completely rubbish. Last night I was doing just that, though, my eyes transfixed on Real Racing 3′s plethora of buttons and options, most of which seemed to point to a method of me handing over real cash. The UI is smart (if a little cluttered): the buttons to RACE and SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY are devilishly similar, a stray tap resulting in yet another microtransaction."

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shivvy241994d ago

If people want to pay then really its their choice, I just buy a $60 game and thats it for me ! im no fan of microtransactions so I just ignore it

Boody-Bandit1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Micro transactions are the worse idea any publisher has come up with thus far. DLC in general irritates me to the core. After making the mistake of buying the season pass for Forza 4 I refuse to be duped again. Turn 10 put out a lot of DLC that wasn't covered under the season pass.

That was the first time I ever purchased a season pass for anything and only the 4th time I purchased any DLC this entire generation and I own both the PS3 and 360.

I refuse to be nickel and dimed. If the industry was to go this route I would find other sources of entertainment to amuse myself in my spare time.

shivvy241994d ago

Ive never bought a dlc before , lol I wish games were just like last gen , pay $60 and get EVERYTHING ingame

NotSoSilentBob1994d ago

This is my theory too, but, when developers start cutting content to re-sell as DLC is when I start to get a little testy.

As a perfect Example of great DLC is GT5. I bought the game at release and played it. The DLC they have released was all finished after the game was released(except the HSV). But I have bought all of them as they have been great additions to a already good game.

Rainstorm811994d ago

Consoles will never adapt this model because the games are 60$...... Real racing 3 is FREE

dazzrazz1994d ago

I guess then EA lied couple of days ago telling they will shove this shit into every game on every upcoming console ?

And Dead Space 3 and ACIII did not have optional micro-transactions on the side...

Rainstorm811994d ago

Keyword ......... Optional

Unnecessary to enjoy the full game....

Genuine-User1994d ago

Once racing games become free on console. I prefer paying for my games though, don't like the whole freemium stuff.

Yannis1994d ago

Guys don't fall for this microtransaction shit! The only thing are trying is to steal our money a little bit at a time! I say FUCK YOU EA!!! I have many years to buy their shitty games because of their policy. I just hope everybody understand that as quickly as possible because gaming is about to be in trouble!

Letros1994d ago

Well, I'm glad the indie scene is making its surge.

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