What Would Happen If a Console Blocked Pre-Owned Games?

We pull on our thinking caps and ponder a world without pre-owned games in the latest edition of the Gamer Nation Report.

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MultiConsoleGamer1910d ago

It throws the market in favor of the company that doesn't block pre-owned games.

meevil1910d ago

Completely agree, but I think it's how the other companies rethink their businesses that makes this topic interesting.

thereapersson1909d ago


Sony = No
MS = Yes <----- Advantage

MS = No
Sony = Yes <------ Advantage

Sony + MS = No
>> Nintendo <------ Advantage

Sony or MS could go either way... one company could see it as a selling point over the other, or we could see both companies favoring the publishers over the consumers. It is a precarious time for the market as a whole; we will likely hear info at E3 regarding this issue.

user39158001909d ago

It will be the first time that I wont buy a console at all, I will base it on principles and ethics alone. Its ok to have games for that console restricted, but telling me when and what console to use it, its above and beyond a gamres freedom. I like my friends to borrow games, or go on the road and play my games or just go to a bodies house and play my games. I doubt anyone will block used games, but we live in a time were 1 cent increased its more than the happiness on gamers. Wont be surprised if during the halfway cycle either sony or MS block used games, but during the initial badge of shipment it will be an early suicide to whomever blocks the used games.

caseh1908d ago

Pachter hit the nail on the head with this topic. Pre-owned games won't be blocked as it would in some effect be commercial suicide.

No technology is in place to offer digital downloads of content to everyone. That means Sony/MS are both reliant on retailers to stock physcal media of their content.

If they block pre-owned they will alienate the companies who primarily stock and sell their products. Never bite the hand that feeds you.

StrongMan1910d ago

Another dead last place position.

meevil1909d ago

For the Xbox? Or for me?

1909d ago
LackTrue4K1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

both, you and xbox

you say we pay full price for games, but then spend 400 and up for a dam graphics card. LOl

ALLWRONG1909d ago

Since Sony can only say "maybe" or "probably" it would mean the PS3 is still last.

BLAKHOODe1909d ago

I think it means Sony is waiting to see what Microsoft is going to do and weigh in on the positives and negatives. The mere fact Sony is saying "maybe" tells me that the PS4 is definitely capable of blocking used games if they should choose at some point in time to go that route. Just because it supports used games at launch, doesn't mean either console will by the end of it's life cycle.

BlackIceJoe1909d ago

Well I would not buy it. I may not buy used games but if I want to sell them it is my right. I can buy furniture, books, computers you name it and when I don't want them anymore I give them away or sell them. So I would have to pass.

Plus with games today using game passes once I put in the game only I can use it. Then if some one else in my family wants to play the game they have to pay ten dollars so they can use the whole features. So if I have to pay ten more dollars and for the next console I would have to pay another sixty so then can buy the game. I will pass on the system. I see no reason why family members can't play the same game too.

I can buy a DVD and everyone can watch it. I don't pay extra so they can see it too. So why can't video games be like that too,

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3GenGames1909d ago


Well deserved failure.

knifefight1909d ago

"Sometimes I think I'd like to watch it burn."


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