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E2S1792d ago

What exactly is this again? Is this a remake of the first game?

imtheman20131792d ago

It's the Final Mix of the first and Birth By Sleep. Both remastered in HD. I'm sure there is bonus content as well, like makings of and whatnot.

Alexmaru1792d ago

Birth by Sleep is not in this game?

chrispseuphoria1792d ago

Not Birth By Sleep unfortunately...

Alexmaru1792d ago

But maybe BBS will be in the next HD remake? Who knows? ;)

Name Last Name1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Re: Chain of Memories instead of BBS

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Alexmaru1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Yes it is. Kingdom Hearts FM, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and all cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days :)

Om3ga3701791d ago

I seriously hope Square Enix is planning on localizing this game. I know that Jesse McCartney tweeted about himself voicing Roxas in a new Kingdom Hearts game, but still. Only Japan has gotten the Final Mix versions of the games so far, and this would be a GREAT idea to bring them to the rest of the world using HD remakes.

Alos881791d ago

I'm not sure why he'd show video footage of him recording dialogue for a game that's already been released on DS unless it was for this, it's about as blatant a tease as it could get.

ps3_pwns1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

This Hd compilation contains

1. Kingdom hearts Final Mix which is the extended complete version of KH 1 that was not released in america but in japan.

2. Kingdom hearts chain of memories (ps2 version) ps2 version was made with the good graphics compared to the crap graphics of the gba game.

3. Kingdom hearts 358/2 days cutscenes + new cutcenes. Basically like a 2.5 hour movie of Hd movie story contents

All these things are In glorious HD and this is PS3 ONLY!!

Also these Hd pics look freaking amazing!!

abzdine1791d ago

looks great! but i'm thinking that with PS4 coming up soon, i dont know if the next KH collection will still release on PS3.