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Submitted by john2 1084d ago | news

Resident Evil 6 Benchmark Officially Released, Capcom Explains Lack Of DX11 Mode

DSOGaming writes: "As we can clearly see, Resident Evil 6 is a DX9.0c game and does not support any DX10 or DX11 features. But why is this happening? After all, we all remember Capcom's previous games that featured support for the latest APIs. So what happened and the Japanese developer has dropped support for both DX10 and Dx11?" (PC, Resident Evil 6)

Cobain19  +   1084d ago
I'll take quicker PC releases anytime over some DX11 features that were added just for the hell of it
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1084d ago
The real reason is because next gen consoles haven't come yet. When they do all pc games will be dx11 no questions asked.
Plagasx  +   1084d ago
Yea, this is why I can't wait for the new consoles. This means PC ports will have DX11 standard and LOOK a lot better because we're not so much limited on the power of the consoles least for the first 2 years.
MontyQ  +   1084d ago
so this is a console port with nothing added and well maybe use 2% of my total pc power sweet good ol capcom wait 6 months to release a game on pc with nothing updated graphics wise

lol since this is capcom can we expect DX11 in the form of DLC for extra $$$ lmao, and the dx11 dlc is already on the disk right lol watch it be true.
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kevnb  +   1084d ago
who cares, the game sucks on any platform.
pat_patterson  +   1084d ago
agreed. its as mutated as the monsters in the story! last one has some graphics engine from Hell, no idea what they are doing with these games anymore...

this benchmark is a scene with 50+ zombies and a bunch of lines on the models... actual game would be boring snce there's no atmosphere or backgrounds that are remotely interesting
givemeshelter  +   1084d ago
Trenta27  +   1084d ago
I did the test for the hell of it. I rocked it. That's not surprising considering any computer made in the past ten years could probably play it...
pat_patterson  +   1084d ago
Something is wrong with this benchmark, or possibly older radeon cards in general.

ALL HIGH SETTINGS for whatever the 4870x2 supports on this engine; and VSYNC ON. i7 2600k at 4ghz, 16gb gskill at 1600, ssd 120gb vertex 3 in raid 0. dunno if its my hardware or what..

Using 4870x2, ran this benchmark for maybe 20 mins while AFK; came back to PC, check it out once through getting 60 fps for beginning of part, first 45-60 secs in...

I was AFK for remainder of benchmark, come back and I am pretty much now at 26-30.

Go to settings, change to 1280x800 (somer andom res, in FULLscreen) res, changed ALL settings to LOW..

the FPS STILL SAID THE SAME 24-30fps and WAS UNPLAYABLE and was the same FPS as after I came back from being AFK. remember: it was 60FPS strong, looked great before I left for begining of benchmark 30+ secs in.

If you understand my story here you'll understand something is wrong with this engine and/or radeon cards with it since there is some kind of a FPS lock or engine just becomes unstable or something else???
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john2  +   1084d ago
Keep in mind that this is a stress test. You should pay attention to the score and mark and not to the framerate while benching. In short, if you got an S mark, you will be fine with RE6
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Hassassin  +   1084d ago
blame the radeon drivers... I get S rating on 1080p and A on 1440p with a gtx570 (max fps where 80 and 65, min where 32 and 23, respectably).
PedroMarthon  +   1083d ago
The problem is not with the Radeon GPUs, its from the NVIDIA company, they knocked all the AMD users by making the game 100% compatible with NVIDIA GPUs and 20% compatible with AMD Radeon GPUs,so they can sell more products and to lower the priority of the ATI/AMD company.
kenshiro100  +   1084d ago
Hope Capcom learns their lesson. Change is not good.
Hassassin  +   1084d ago
Change is not the problem.. its the dumbing down. Don't appeal to everyone, be king of the niche rather than slut of the mainstream.
PedroMarthon  +   1083d ago
Well it seems that the company of NVIDIA is fu**ing the AMD users...I have an AMD radeon HD 6470M GPU with an intel Core i5 CPU and 8GB RAM...And when I saw the benchmark I thought that this game is gonna be simple to my pc...But I tried the tool with the default specs, and BAMMM I got 10-12 FPS and a (D) Rating then I tried the lowest specs that could be used and BAMMM again 20-25 FPS and most the times its 11-15 FPS...And I got a (C) Rating...So why the fu**...I just played DmC Devil may Cry at full specs with 1080p monitor and I got 25-30 FPS. If this still happens and if CAPCOM don't fix this I aint buying this game neither the AMD radeon users like my self. Iam an RE fan since RE 1st but now after this it leads to a big disappointment.

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