Killzone Series Graphics Comparison

A comparison of all the mainline Killzone games. It serves as a way to show how far Guerrilla Games has pushed the hardware on every platform they have work on

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NeverEnding19891882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I'm praying Guerrilla Games isn't lying to us again. Killzone 2 was awesome, but no where near the first "gameplay" trailer GG showed.

Edit: lol they "confirmed" that at E3 2005 as well.

UnRated1882d ago

GG confirmed that the KZ4 demo shown at the event was live.

1882d ago
UnRated1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Those are not the "very same graphics running real time." You can clearly tell that the CG demo employs higher polycount, better shadowing, better particles, better post-processing effects and other things that just aren't possible on consoles or PCs even today.

Want to know why? because it was never meant to run in real time. A character in that CG video was probably 100,00 polygons alone.

It probably took days to render that video on multiple computers because CG movies are rendered using render farms.

GG matched the look of the CG video but it's not the very same graphics. Keep the hyperbole to yourself.

You can disagree with me all you want but I have a knowledge of how these things work. I do 3D work on my spare time for video games

WarThunder1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

its was all gameplay ingame Demo. no CG

U know nothing about 3D gamearts so stfu...

hakis861882d ago

NeverEnding1989: Well then just look up Jimmy Fallon on Youtube, you clearly see that they are playing it live *(Jimmy messes up because of inverted controls or something, hehe)

UnRated1882d ago

My long post is talking about the Killzone 2 CG demo.

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piroh1882d ago

why you so angry m´boy?

Blackdeath_6631882d ago

multiple sources confirmed it is actual gameplay also there is alternate footage to the game play of the same area in on of the gamplay footages the person playing couldn't kill the helghan before he jumped onto the flying craft/ship but in another gameplay footage someone managed to kill that helghan before he managed to escape. further proof that its real. here are the two clips

absolutely no doubt its real

Septic1882d ago

Jimmy Fallon was playing the game last night. There's a different gameplay video out on Youtube.

Genuine-User1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

It was real dude.
Here the confirmation:

Irishguy951882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )


It's clearly's not THAT impressive either(as CG). It's what you'd expect by todays standard on THAT hardware. Look at BF3 in 1080P(or even 720P) on highest settings on Youtube. This gameplay video is NOT CG. To mistake it for that is just showing how much knowledge you lack in these things. Anyone who thinks Killzone 4 is something completely amazing and Unseen is also showing their lack of knowledge on the Subject.

This was great looking. Next gen(PC is already there folks and has been since 580GTX came out) and i'm glad more games will finally be looking like they came from 2013

What i'm really glad about is the draw distance and huge amount of Details in that distance. It's what I want out of this generation.

Edit--_I know unrated(took me a second to notice though) I was talking to the Opening poster

Genuine-User i'm currently switching between PC and Ps3 each day(Witcher 2 and Dust 514 atm), I don't even have a powerful PC. It's just good enough to play the games. Still have a 8800GTX(which in fairness is better than the Ps3 and 360) but it can still run everything so i'm fine with that. Most games that it can run on Low only are still good looking(thus is 2013) although I can even run Witcher 2 on medium to high now(after alot of patches/enhanced edition)

UnRated1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

My post above refers to the Killzone 2 CG demo they showed off to reveal the game way back. It was reply to another poster who's comment is now 'SPAM'

I can't even edit my comment anymore to make a reference towards that.

Genuine-User1882d ago

Us console gamers are happy with what we saw from the Event, especially Killzone Shadow Fall. It's only going to get better from here mate.
I do own a gaming PC but Playstation is where it's at for me.

WarThunder1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

BF3 has so many low textures resolution, even some gun were unpolished.... Its looks s**t compered to the KZ4 demo.

Btw i only play PC and i think KZ4 graphics are on par with PC Crysis 3 graphics (MAX settings on PC)
And thats a pretty impressive achievement.

r211882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Take off the blind hate fanboy goggles and see the truth. GG has made a beautiful next gen game running on the PS4 in real time. If you want more proof and need to be convinced that footage was indeed real and not like that concept film of 2005, watch the JF footage and the host and guest bumbling the game around in real time.

Im getting tired of the amount of trolls and fanboys trying to dampen PS fans time to enjoy some PS4 time!

WarThunder1882d ago

IM PC fan! And i think Killzone 4 looks impressive! as good as Crysis 3 on PC on MAX!

R6ex1882d ago

I'm a PC fan, but thinks KZ4 looks better than Crysis 3.

thief1882d ago

“Killzone 2 was awesome”
And KZ4 will be awesome as well. It’s a matter of opinion whether KZ2 looked as good as the trailer, it’s a fact that KZ2 had the best looking graphics by far on consoles when released (maybe even now), a very distinctive gameplay style and an absolutely fabulous multiplayer. All I want is more of the same with KZ4.

plaZeHD1882d ago

KillZone 2 looks incredibly close to the CGI trailer.
The only difference I can see is Anti-Aliasing, special effects effects and character models[polygons/lip syncing]
Here, look at this GameSpot review

cyberninja1882d ago

It was demoed live, i mean killzone shadow fall.

SoapShoes1882d ago

@NeverEnding... Get your eyes checked. KZ2 surpassed that video from 2005 in many ways and KZ3 blew it out of the water. Compared to KZ3 that E3 video looks barren with no detail.

aceitman1882d ago

Jimmy Fallon show demoed it last night it is real , jimmy played it and was all over the place.

JetP06191882d ago

here to clear your doubts that it wasnt a staged event and in fact running in real time.

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DFresh1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Are we really doubting Guerilla they always continue to blow past our expectations with every new game?
Have we not learned our lesson yet?

SlapHappyJesus1882d ago

There is no question that the new Playstation is going to produce fine visuals. Killzone 4, right out of the gate, shows this.

My only question is, as was with this generation, how long is it going to take for developers to start hitting the resolution and frame rate in order to keep up with the latest games?

Not that I would ever believe that developers wouldn't throw their games on console if the product wouldn't really be up to snuff, but, as far as consoles go, it should be less about graphics and more about fluidity of play and actually having a crisp image. Consoles are really not for graphics.

I just hate the thought of another generation where you watch console versions of games slowly get weaker and weaker.

lovegames7181882d ago

Put it like this and this isnt trolling. Wiiu is supposedly next gen yet couldnt even put a bs simple side scroller like Mario in 1080p native and slowly but surely all the games they claimed would be 1080p native are being made at a lower rez except for one or two simple side scrollers like trine (Smh)Killzone for ps4 is leaps and bounds more hardware taxing then a trine and more sophisticated and it is already confirmed to be 1080p native!!!!1 and its a launch game!!!!

SlapHappyJesus1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

That's all fine and good. Not that I think we have seen the best that the WiiU can put out, but it is obviously not as powerful as the Playstion 4 and will, most definitely, not be as powerful as the new xbox.

Question is, why is that so damning?

Skipping back a generation, Playstation 2 was the weakest of the three consoles and it ended up destroying the competition.

I will always say that graphics don't make gaming. Especially when talking about consoles.

lovegames7181882d ago

Common sense prevails. " Graphics dont make gaming" That comment is so cliche and tiring. We all know graphics dont make a game but with Sony we also know that we dont have to settle for just gameplay but we can have the best of both worlds. Sony destroyed that myth many on here hold onto that you have to sacrifice game play for graphics!!!!! Ive played plenty of good games with solid visuals on my Ps3 so lets cut it out. Lets stop talking common sense bs and talk about whats really going on! Haters trying to downplay Sonys visual leaps and using gameplay as a scapegoat as if to say that Sony games have great visuals but not good gameplay we all know thats a lie. Sony has had these best exclusives this gen.

SlapHappyJesus1882d ago

Common sense prevails?

You are touting the superiority of the console, as a whole, before the thing is even on store shelves. Talk to me a bit down the road when, I don't know, you can actually back up anything you say with points.
Besides, my "cliche" comment only got that way because, you know, it holds water and there is sense to it.
Also, I am not saying that you can't have good graphics and good gameplay. Let's use some common sense here. You like common sense, if I remember correctly. I was saying, if you actually wanted to show that you grasp what I am saying, that not having top end graphics doesn't damn a console. I used Playstion 2 as an example of that. You like Playstation, if I remember correctly.

Really though. Stop being so defensive.
All three consoles aren't even out yet and you are already crowning your preferred company the winner. A normal person, not driven by bias, would actually wait and see everything that is on offer. Make a choice then. Common sense, right?

resi51882d ago

the wii u is already out...

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