Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Killzone: Shadow Fall Footage

Check out the footage.

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Riderz13371943d ago

LOL thank god the demo doesn't let you die and you can take infinite damage. But it was pretty good and funny. Got the word out in the beginning about the new controller and share button and they got to experience the game. I'm happy GG was chosen as a launch developer. Usually the launch games get more recognition and GG deservers way more recognition than they currently have.

Godchild10201943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I was happy to see it wasn't a staged demo. And people can see that it was real gameplay. Seeing Jimmy and Anthony play the game, was funny. I can't wait for the launch and to enjoy this new Killzone.

Edit: I agree they should get more recognition; They are great developers and their games look gorgeous from a console gamers perspective.

Riderz13371943d ago

Yup I watched it on my beautiful 55 inch HD tv. It was absolutely stunning.

Temporary1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

that dude was shooting at the ceiling for like 2 mins ....valuable time, has he like never played a video game in his life? lol ...

You could hear the frustration in Jimmys voice. "Go down!!"

TheGamerDood1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

"from a console gamers perspective"

I've never seen a game like this on any platform, period! PC developers simply don't have the budgets or talent to code something like this for their plat. If there's a game out there for the PC that has similar graphics/visuals then let me know and I'll buy it on Steam right now. I've been gaming on the PC for three years now and I have yet to see a PC game that even come close to the image quality of Killzone Shadow Fall.

NewMonday1943d ago

crysis 3 PC

loving the PS4 but lets not get into hyperbole

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Irishguy951943d ago

Yes...they copied the 360 triggers

Grap1943d ago

so what if they copied the 360 triggers?

MasterCornholio1943d ago

What U Mad that Sony improved the controller?

So what? A change was bound to happen for the DS controller and im glad that they fixed the triggers and improved the DPAD.

BTW did you know that Microsoft will probably redesign the 360 controller? WHich probably means that they will try and implement a DS style DPAD into their controller which desperately needs it for fighters.

Ashunderfire861943d ago

PS4 controller better than Kinect!!!

DarkBlood1943d ago

they did? i never actually seen the triggers on it to be honest

WeAreLegion1943d ago

No. They copied the Dreamcast triggers that Microsoft copied... -_-

Nobody "copied". They just fixed.

MysticStrummer1943d ago

So MS invented cameras that let you interact with games AND triggers on controllers? That's awesome. How can anyone compete with such giants of innovation? lol Funny stuff.

Tr10wn1943d ago

Actually im happy they did, the PS3 controller sucks for FPS the trigger are slippery.

DigitalSmoke1943d ago

Lol those clunkedy Clunk triggers?
No they didn't, they made their own better.

miyamoto1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

yeah XBOX copied the Sega Dreamcast triggers, the Sega Saturns left analog stick placement, the X Y A B layout, D buttons layout etc

want proof?


PS4 triggers are original and looks like its a menacing spaceship with that blue Valyrie Veritech Fighter's robot head.

Lifebanisher1943d ago

playstation existed before the xbox came. so who copied first? everything is a rip off in this world even you are a rip off genetically from your parents. so thank god having rip offs, cause we wouldn't all be born.

majedx91943d ago

and the 360 copied the Dreamcast ;P

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akaakaaka1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

They say they want to start early next gen... and they did! i bet this game was been made even since along side Killzone 3.

so their game after this will use more raw power(8gb gddr5) will blow this away.

PS4 day uno with KZ shadows Fall yeyy! who is with me?
who want to made a N4G clan for this baby?

sobekflakmonkey1943d ago

I'm in, I'm planning on buying a PS4 day one, as well as every launch title possible, I get winter off work due to safety issues, so I'm gonna have lots of money and time on my hands...

I_am_Batman1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Do we actually know that Killzone Shadowfall will be a launch title? If it is I'll probably get the PS4, Killzone and Watchdogs day one.

Edit: They say it's a launch game in the video. Can't wait. Good thing there are some great PS3 games on the way til PS4 launch.

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Prodigy-X1943d ago

Good its a launch title.

PockyKing1943d ago

Lol "Don't shoot the air vent!"

sobekflakmonkey1943d ago

"they're hiding there, Jimmy! They're hiding there!!"

princeofthabay1943d ago

Now people can't say the demo wasn't real gameplay.

WeAreLegion1943d ago

I want to watch it...

...but it's Jimmy Fallon.

rezzah1942d ago

He only plays for a small portion, it's funny.