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Killzone Shadow Fall Reveal Gameplay

Get a first look at Killzone Shadow Fall with 8 minutes of footage. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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Snake-eater  +   709d ago | Well said
Wow just wow, that is too good
TheFinalEpisode  +   709d ago
And this is only the beginning...
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Enemy  +   709d ago | Well said
Crysis just got Killzoned again. This looks so good it looks fake. That explosion, the animations, this is all realtime gameplay footage.

Edit: And to think this is only Guerrilla's first PS4 game. I need to rest my head.
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LOL_WUT  +   709d ago
People saying the graphics look just "ok"... Yea right they look epic!
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HammadTheBeast  +   709d ago
OMG This is amazing. Exactly what fans were asking for, and with amazing graphics.

Seriously, just look at the lighting, fire effects, the amount of moving pieces, all of it is just amazing.

The Next Gen has no begun.
darthv72  +   709d ago
i dont agree with the graphics looking "ok". They are much better than ok but think about it for a second. think to the first time you see something that really blows your mind. Like the first time you ever saw toy story or something on that level.

You know it will get better but the leaps this game has taken are NOT as huge as people are making them out to be. Like i said before, this game probably started out on the PS3 but it transitioned to the PS4 with great success.

In fact, generally games shown near the announcement of a platform are usually games that have been in development for the previous platform but get shifted to the newer once things are finalized.

It happened with several 360 games (like kameo) as many were xbox but got upgraded to the 360. That isnt a BAD thing but we all know the games they show now will get increasingly better over time.

Take a chill on those who say it looks "ok"...okay? to them it is what it is. We both know better and we both know it will get better. I can say i'm impressed with what i have seen so far. come E3 we will definitely see more.
NateCole  +   709d ago
Well you are right. They still have another year od dev so imagine what they will do once it's complete.

sunnygrg  +   709d ago
TobeyMaguireFan   709d ago | Spam
Arksine  +   709d ago
Looks good and I'm getting it, but I think graphically it is just the first step. You can tell that this game probably started its production on the PS3.

If that Capcom demo was in realtime then *that* was amazing. The SE tech demo looked good, and so did Cage's.

Really like the new controller. Really like that they are going with 8GB of RAM. Somewhat worried about the initial price, I can see $499...the tech inside is worth it though.

Overall I'm looking forward to E3 when we should see the actual console, get some game launch dates, and get some info on games not shown tonight.
FATAL1TY  +   709d ago

★ ★ Only on PLAYSTATION 4 ★ ★
shivvy24  +   709d ago
lol Crysis just got OWNED ! AGAIN !
sikbeta  +   709d ago
Looks great, hud reminds me of Metroid/Halo, want to be a Helghan kickin' some ISA-scum @sses damnit!!!
Septic  +   709d ago
Sorry but Crysis did get owned....hard.

The city scape....that scene was true CGI fare. Seriously, that was incredible and all in game without a doubt. Those reflections, those buildings! I don't know what developers were on about....that is a GIGANTIC leap in visual fidelity as far as I'm concerned.

Is it just me that wants the Helghast to be the good guys? They just look so cool.
DasBunker  +   709d ago
Looks great, finally some color!

To say crysis got owned is a bit of a stretch though.
papashango  +   709d ago
ehhh it looks ok. I like that the ps4 has 8gb of ram. though. Though I didn't see much high res textures. I'm not impressed as it looks too much like I'd imagine a futuristic battlefield 2143 would look on the new frostbite engine. Current PC's have already been at this level for awhile.

I'm wondering if they are going to shoot for a 60fps game or a full 1080p 30fps game.

The direction next-gen devs are going with fps determines if I even go the console route next-gen as I can no longer stomache 30fps. after playing at up to 120fps for the past few years this is a big issue for me.
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specialguest  +   709d ago
I'm not impressed like how I was with KZ2's presentation. I think everyone is just too hype to give it an honest critique on the graphics. In my opinion, it looks great, but not stunning. It looks on par with today's PC games.
TheRealSpy  +   709d ago
Did we watch the same video? You people are nuts. Crysis 3 absolutely destroys this game! It's not even a competition.

I guess we're in for another generation of pretending the console is a lot more powerful than it actually is. You're like Obama supporters. lol

I like the way the trees didn't move at all and looked like crappy green blobs. I liked the lack of destructible environments. I liked the lack of entrance and exit wounds, too!

So impressive.........

"It looks on par with today's PC games." ...running at medium settings.

If MS can't top this, looks like we're looking at the generation of the PC. which, i'm all for.
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morganfell  +   709d ago
It isn't just the graphics - though it will be good to see this as it evolves as well as what companies like ND bring to the table. I will lay a good deal of money on Uncharted 4 at E3.

But it was also the gameplay. That short segment was better, was more engrossing and engaging, downright thrilling than everything in every ho-hum predicatable Crysis game combined.

If I have to here the suit talk one more time in Crysis I am going to throw up. I just want to grab the computer and scream, "Snap out of it! And stop choking yourself like a 4 year old."

Seriously, all of that tech and we can't come up with a voice that doesn't sound like the neighbor's annoying son?
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Flipgeneral  +   709d ago

did an eye roll at the Diablo 3 announcement...

only reason I would grab that is for playing couch coop with my buddies
specialguest  +   709d ago
A 2nd look...
I think it's the fake HD video that makes the graphics not look as stunning to me. I had the chance to look at the high res screens and it's looks miles better than the video on top. All of the texture details can be clearly seen.


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Psn800  +   709d ago
Counting the days to Christmas .
knowyourstuff  +   709d ago
Butthurt Sony haters hating on Killzone as per the usual, even though it looks better than anything Crytek has ever created, including that lousy sub 5 hour campaign on Crysis 3.
BattleAxe  +   709d ago
I think the Xbox just got Killzoned.I couldn't believe that Destiny is getting exclusive DLC on the PS4. I had a good laugh when Andrew House said that "Bungie fans will love that".lol

Great show, just mind blowing. This leaves me even more excited for E3. The big story for E3 will be people wondering what the PS3 looks like, and what other launch titles we can expect. As for Killzone, looks like PC enthusiasts can eat their hearts out!
Rivitur  +   709d ago
@Morgan you realize there is a female voice for the nanosuit to right? Also there is no denying that these graphics are a giant step from current consoles but I did see some shawdows that weren't fully defined and its not on par with PC's srry its the truth.
badz149  +   709d ago
after watching it several times
I can't resist! Crysis 3 what?
Mainsqueeze  +   709d ago
Def buying this game when it comes out, it looks amazing. But to the people that keep saying crysis got owned are pretty dumb...crysis got release like what 2 days ago and killzone doesn't even have a release date. I think it would be pretty sad if a game that came out a year from now didn't have better graphics then the console version of a game that came out now. Again Killzone looks to be amazing and fun (more fun than crysis) but come on ppl...
StrongMan   709d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
darthv72  +   709d ago
it does look
really good. Especially the lighting effects. You can see how it could have started on the ps3 but once the new specs were handed down, they transitioned to the ps4 tech very nicely.
isa_scout  +   709d ago
Agreed. It still looks miles better than any of the other previous Killzone titles though. I wouldn't say that it's not possible on the PC because well any game that is possible on consoles is possible on the PC, but price is a HUGE factor. Buying a console is a lot cheaper than building a high end gaming PC. PC elitists can give me a ring when it's cheaper to build than to buy... That's why consoles are better in my opinion. Also, Sony creates some of the best exclusives in the industry. Why build a PC when most developers that were previously "PC only" are now moving into the console space. Meanwhile playstation exlusives will always be just that "Playstation exclusives". If I want to play Diablo 3 now I have the chance to do so on my console, but if a PC player wants to play Killzone there's only one place to do so. PS4.
kriauciuniux  +   709d ago
It's cool when you walk errbody watchin you like you're the boss, that's what you get for buyin a ps4 you become the boss.That reason is enough for me.
I also liked how the city felt alive.I want to walk around it, see the culture,go to a museum, taste all the local foods...
TheGamerDood  +   709d ago
KZ looks so damn good...the lighting and reflections are just :O
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kenshiro100  +   709d ago
I'm so excited that I can't stop bouncing around.
Flavor  +   708d ago
Another FPS sequel....
onyoursistersback  +   709d ago
i love killzone!!!
8 gig's on the ps4?!? dose this mean...its like a super pc?!
ninjahunter  +   709d ago
Ram influences things lie gameplay smoothness, the amount of stuff you can have on screen at once, loading times, texture resolutions and a few other things. It does not however influence the power of the machine. It just lest you do more with that power.
Ju  +   709d ago
It has 8GB GDDR5 RAM. Currently you can only get graphics card with a max of 6GB GDDR5. So, it's right up there. Not the shader performance. "Only" 2TFlops won't match latest chips, but seeing that opening of KZ Shadow Fall makes you forget about that, I'd say.
_-EDMIX-_  +   709d ago | Well said
@Ju- You would also have to take into account that no PC game requires even 4gigs. For a game to truly take advantage of gigs, it must be optimized for it. Like Skyrim when it first came out, even if you had 4 gigs it ment almost nothing. Then they updated it to accept more ram and make use of it.

Though PC specs will clearly always be better, it really has everything to do with the games that actually use this power.

For PC, it will be a year or so AFTER PS4's launch. I'll tell you why.

Once PS4 and 720 release, 3rd parties will make games with 4 or more (or 8 gigs) in mind. They will then port them to PC, vula, PC now uses 8 gigs of ram for a lot of games.

Thats how its going to work. Consoles need PC to make the content (ie why you see games like Diablo III and The Witness or even Crysis) and PC needs consoles (maybe even less) to push hardware on to 3rd parties.

No third party publisher just wakes up and says "lets make a PC game thats beast that no one will play" Though there are some beast PC's out there, they are less then the number of consoles. Thus EA will make a Beast BF4 IF PS4 and 720 can handle it, NOT just make a beast BF4 and leave consoles in the wind. This is a business after all. Both are necessary for this cycle to happen.

Once the gen starts and people start upgrading there rigs to play games like BF4, Starwars 1313, THEN you will see a beast PC game that uses 8 gigs or more. Cause they now have enough people who upgraded to justify such a thing.
Viper7  +   709d ago
PC can be a really powerful gaming platform, but only a handful of those players actually have a gaming rig that can compete with these kinds of specs.

Designing games that only run on highly expensive gaming platforms is just a commercial suicide. This buts quite many restrictions on what can actually be done compared to what is actually possible.

Consoles are a bit different tough, everyone has the same hardware so you can be pretty sure that if it runs in one, it runs in all of them.

There are limitations on graphical settings as well and sometimes the performance bottleneck isn't the graphics but something else (like physics)
TheRealSpy  +   709d ago
it means you don't know how to spell does.

and either you're completely naive/ignorant, or trolling. 8gigs of ram is a super computer? I'm sporting 32 gigs right now.

...guess i bought mine from the Future Store.
akaakaaka  +   709d ago
Killzone shadow Fall & PS4

Related video
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solar   709d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
StraightPath   709d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
DoomeDx  +   709d ago
Looks awesome!! Cant wait to see more of this.

That helicopter part looked a little mehh though..
aceitman  +   709d ago
just think this may be in pre alpha stage , they still have to put the icing on the cake . come e3 they will unleash the kraken , showing off more of ps4 .
GuyThatPlaysGames   709d ago | Trolling | show
OneAboveAll   709d ago | Trolling | show
Bigpappy  +   709d ago
It looks great, but the design reminds me of Mass Effect.
007Bond  +   709d ago
Great graphics, but really just another shooter that looks kind of like Crysis.
Dasteru  +   709d ago

Agreed, It looks good but not great. Certainly nothing that PC's haven't already been doing for a few years.

However you have to remember this is a launch title and also still in alpha stage, with the PS4 still probably atleast 8 months from release it has lots of time to get better.

1 problem i did notice however and i'm hoping it was just badly recorded, There was a massive amount of distortion in the audio once the fighting started.
Bahpomet---  +   709d ago
my god dam right it does
muttley65   709d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
corrus   709d ago | Trolling | show
SPAM-FRITTER-123   709d ago | Trolling | show
ShabbaRanks  +   709d ago
One of the most impressive things in this video isn't even the graphics, but the depth of field. You can see all the buildings from far away and they are not textured backgrounds, they are fully modeled structures. This is just the beginning of the gen too and with 8gbs of ram we haven't seen jack yet x)
IcarusOne  +   708d ago
Meh. It looks how I would expect KZ on PS4 to look. No surprises here really.
Kingdom Come  +   709d ago
Stunning. Simply stunning...
Glad to see Guerrilla taking the franchise is an unexpected direction. Technologically astounding, I'm intrigued to see what else Guerrilla can achieve with Next-Generation technology.
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LOGICWINS  +   709d ago
Sony finally lived up to that 2005 trailer. This is without a doubt on par with that.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   709d ago
It surpasses that by miles son
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HammadTheBeast  +   709d ago
This takes it to a whole new level.
HeavenlySnipes  +   709d ago
Lol KZ2 looked better than that trailer


Zoom in and compare
GearSkiN  +   709d ago
actually not the beginning facial animation...
TheRealSpy  +   709d ago
It still doesn't look as good as that trailer. anyone that says otherwise are kidding themselves. it's not even close.

that 2005 video is way better looking (though not impressive cuz it's all CGI)

I'm not saying it doesn't look good. But it's not as good as what I can already run on my PC. Crysis 3 is far beyond it, for example. ...and that's before the modding community gets a hold of it.

Related video
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axerated  +   709d ago
Sorry bro clicked disagree by mistake but I agree entirely. Naysayers always dissed the art style/colour palette so guerrilla have responded with a bright, vibrant, colourful game that is technologically unlike anything console gamers have seen. PC gamers are going on about how it looks like high end pc games but seriously, who cares? That's a good thing, it's putting high end pc quality gaming in our living rooms, so what if the mega-rig elite have it in their parents basement already, they paid thousands for their setups
isa_scout  +   709d ago
I couldn't have said it any better myself. Also, there will be a lot more people that own a PS4 than people that own "MEGA-RIGS". I'd much rather pay $500.00 for a console than 2-3 thousand for a gaming pc. Plus with playstation you get awesome exclusive titles that will never be released on pc's, when most PC titles are in the process of being ported to consoles. Also, why is it any time a PC player brings up graphics it's always Crysis? Sure, the game looked AMAZING on high end PC's but I doubt most people who said they played it actually had the specs needed to run it on max settings. On a side note: The graphics were awesome, but the game was a joke compared to most other shooters. I'd much rather play a game like Uncharted which has graphics,story, and MP in spades over Crysis. A game is the some of it's many parts. Graphics only get you so far, and then you have to rely on your other features. All Crysis is a glorified tech demo for PC's.
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majiebeast  +   709d ago
Time for Killzowned 2013.
subtenko  +   709d ago
Working on the new version, yall gotta call up Neogaf to make the gifs for the next Killzowned video :)
spektical   709d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Reborn  +   709d ago
Quality. Also, the opening to SP game. Brilliant.
Prcko  +   709d ago
day 1,day 1,day1,did i say day 1???
this is so damm epic
stragomccloud  +   709d ago
Very cool stuff. Consoles are starting tread PC waters here. Welcome to the club~ :)
superterabyte   709d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
lovegames718  +   709d ago
All around this system is just amazing with innovative social aspects. Killzone was being, played live real time. Infamous and evolution game looks sick. All the hatets saying ps4 Wouldnt be a big leap haha are dying inside with a cutting edge gpu, 8Gigs ram and a chip just for dl and upload lol insaneeeeee
Nykamari   709d ago | Bad language | show
LOGICWINS  +   709d ago
Don't know how Sony will justify the worth of a PS3 now. This is just....wow.
BlackTar187  +   709d ago
logic sometimes your trolls make me smile
LOGICWINS  +   709d ago
Wasn't trolling. I'm selling my PS3 this week!
plaZeHD  +   709d ago
The Last Of Us?
LOGICWINS  +   709d ago
I can honestly say that I don't care. After seeing all this awesomeness, I can barely look at my PS3 anymore.
hulk_bash1987  +   709d ago
Though I am excited as all hell for PS4 Killzone, INfamous and all of that great goodness. There is still a bunch of games coming out for my PS3: GOW Ascension, TLOU and Beyond Two Souls are some really great reasons to keep my PS3 around.
Christopher  +   709d ago
The Last of Us not getting a port for release to PS4 would be stupid of Sony, IMHO.
DrJones  +   709d ago
These comments prove you never had any real integrity.
solidjun5  +   709d ago
No. He never had. This or his old deadreckoning666 account.
Ju  +   709d ago
by that logic makes you wonder how MS justifies the worth of an Xbox, and Live! and Nintendo its WiiU (well, actually, with that I'd agree on).

Well, PS3 will either phase out or come down in price dramatically. But I'd rather think Sony will shift fully to PS4 ASAP. PS3 will need a new firmware to support PS4 remote play.
#10.4 (Edited 709d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
JAMurida  +   709d ago
Backwards Compatibility is the reason I'm debating about keeping the PS3. Not sure though how good the Gaikai thing will be, I guess we'll just have to see...
cpayne93  +   709d ago
You're selling your ps3 before its last great titles? And when there is so long between now and when the ps4 comes out?
nigelp520  +   709d ago
The Cityscape looks amazing. this is a must buy
BattleReach  +   709d ago
Looks better then my girlfriend!
nigelp520  +   709d ago
Raccoon  +   709d ago
anything looks better than your girlfriend, might a fact they drop pictures of her into deep sea so angel fishes can find each other sexually attractive..
FinalomegaS  +   709d ago
had me do a Rock right there, raise eyebrow....
PLAYER5095   709d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
rbluetank  +   709d ago
just just got blown away by Kzone shadow falls for ps4.. good stuff Sony.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   709d ago
This game looks absolutely amazing!

This is more than just a sequel, its a complete re imagining of a great franchise.

Killzone reborn!!
Ju  +   709d ago
And ... I mean live demo...flank those guys, climb up a wall, sneak up behind and disable the heavy. Quite awesome gameplay...not just visuals.
NateCole   709d ago | Trolling | show
plaZeHD  +   709d ago
Dat was insane
SugarSoSweet   709d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
cyborg6971  +   709d ago
Where's the destruction? There better be beyond battlefield destruction on this and every shooter game on the ps4.
solidjun5  +   709d ago
This conference (or presentation) is 100x better than SONY's,
microsoft's and Nintendo's conference combined.

I like how the fact the they uploaded the Killzone gameplay to Facebook.
#20 (Edited 709d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Christopher  +   709d ago
I was very impressed with that, though I'm thinking it might be a bit faked on that end. It took them less than 5 minutes to get it up on Facebook. Awesome if true at this stage, annoying if they just had the 'canned' video ready to publish.
abzdine  +   709d ago
i have a headache!!
danny818  +   709d ago
Wow so much stuff that got revealed! Feel like its e3 except its all song related. Long.Live.Play
GABRIEL1030  +   709d ago
E P I C ¡
ape007  +   709d ago
it looked better than i have ever expected, the world, the geometry is unbelievable , never though i see this much detail
josephayal   709d ago | Trolling | show
mochachino  +   709d ago
So PC games thus far have just been HD 60 FPS console ports cause that looked a lot better than Crysis 3
Pandamobile  +   709d ago
Not really. Besides some of the particle effects, nothing in the KZ: Shadowfall demo really "wowed" me, and I'm sure a lot of PC gamers are thinking the same thing. Don't get me wrong, it was obviously an awesome demo, but these are just some of the lovely graphical features we've had in PC games for the last couple years.

I'm really interested to know what resolution and frame rate the Killzone demo was run at. If they're still only running at 720p30, that'll be really disappointing.
#25.1 (Edited 709d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
DoomeDx  +   709d ago
I do agree that PC has the edge in terms of sharpness, Anti Aliasing, Framerate and Resolution. Its just to bad many developers dont make use of the PC hardware. Like greatly improved shaders & lightning. (Sleeping dogs and BF3 did a great job with that however)

The thing that WOW'ed me with this demo was the overal picture. It looked great with the fire, smoke and particles flying around. And lets not forget thats its probally very early in development.

PC will always be CAPABLE of running better graphics then the PS4. If only developers actually made use of that..
DarkBlood  +   709d ago
that may be so but the pc power isnt advertised to the general masses
I_am_Batman  +   709d ago
So what did you expect? The game development started at some point after Killzone 3 so the PS4 specs probably changed a lot during development. And what we've seen here was a game that comes out in about 9 months if it's a launch game. It already looks so good just imagine how PS4 games will look 2-3 years after launch.

But what really wowed me in KZ demo and Watchdogs Demo is how dynamic the whole world is and that'S exactly what I wanted for next gen. Look how all the people move or what they do in the background that's really impressive. I hope it goes on in that direction.
#25.1.3 (Edited 709d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
GABRIEL1030  +   709d ago
Can you imagine de Multiplayer.....I can´t wait...
Sizzon  +   709d ago
Looked epic :)

let's hope it's a launch title
Tacopoop  +   709d ago
It's time for MAG2!!!
papashango  +   709d ago
Actually I'd hope they skip MAG and allow ps4 and pc users to play Planetside 2 together. PS2 is a Sony title and it would be a very good way to introduce free to play to the console market. Since in my opinion PS2 is one of the the extremely few to do f2p pricing right.
DFresh  +   709d ago
One thing I'm really pleased about is the really smooth controls something the Killzone series in my opinion lacks compared to other shooter games.
Guaranteed buy for me when I buy a PS4 this year.
stglt   709d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
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