Massive Updates May Be On The Way For Aliens Colonial Marines

Gearbox announced day one patches for Aliens: Colonial Marines and now rumors are speculating of a possible 8Gb patch being in the works.


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PopRocks3591890d ago

Well, hey. If they fix the problems the reviews have with it then awesome. Hopefully they can make all versions better. The size for it is bothersome, but hey, a large fix is better than no fix.

guitarded771890d ago

I seriously doubt there will be an 8gb patch... but yeah, it's all good to fix issues with a patch. However, if it is an 8gb patch (witch it won't be), it will make Team Ninja and TECMO look like a bunch of asshats for reselling Ninja Gaiden 3 to PS3/360 users claiming a patch would be too big to do.

ninjahunter1890d ago

Tell that to BF3, they drop 2-3 gb patches just to balance guns.

Psn8001890d ago

Yeah hope so , I will wait .

Skate-AK1890d ago

Says I don't have permission to view drafts.

On Topic: Holy Crap 8 GB is huge for a patch.


What could 8GB of data do? Rehaul the gameplay?

insomnium21890d ago

MY god this sounds like BS. Why the hell did they push it out the door if it was still this effed up? Post release paching has become such a burden. I'll never buy a game on launch unless it's from a trusted dev.


I'm speculating on my own experiences, but its possible they could somehow expand the game with that much space being used. I seriously doubt it though because of this Reddit conversation.

Oh_Yeah1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

With an 8gb patch they could change the game in its entirety...instead of it playing the files from the disc, the disc can act as a place holder to activate the vastly improved game. (the patch)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

They could redo all of the Cut-Scenes that people complained about- that would easily take-up a lot of Space.

Thinking about some of the MMO downloads- they can make a huge difference over the original game.

WeskerChildReborned1890d ago

Anybody know how much GB needed to install on PS3? 8GB is pretty big for a patch so maybe they are fixing most the issues that plague this game.

BLow1890d ago

Man, that's bigger then a lot of full retail games. If true, this will have to be a record for a patch size.


Hopefully they can improve the visuals. Is that possible through updates?

Gearbox would completely redeem themselves in my eyes if they'd just improve the visuals and lighting. The fact it was removed really hurt the movie atmosphere. Sound is great and well done. Please Gearbox. This is probably the only game we'll ever see in our lifetime based on that movie . Please make it right. Please.

Kalowest1890d ago

"Hopefully they can improve the visuals. Is that possible through updates?"
Its possible, Darksiders 1 is a good example.

Sp1d3ynut1890d ago

They could definitely release an HD texture pack, like DICE did with BF3...but the animations, and lack of dynamic lighting can't really be fixed through a matter how big. 8GB is larger than the original game, so this sounds more like wishful thinking than anything.

DarkBlood1890d ago

sounds like the wiiu version is going to be the definitive one out of the box then


Rumors have it the game has been cancelled.

stragomccloud1890d ago

What rumors? I've only heard that it's coming out next month.

Neonridr1890d ago

SEGA UK has denied those rumours.

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The story is too old to be commented.