From Celluloid To Polygons: The Problems Of Movie Games

Ian Fisher writes: Besides the obvious problems of developers having tight budgets and schedules to deal with when it comes to delivering a licensed game worthy of the triple-A moniker, it seems as if people just don’t know what to do with a particular license. Even when there’s an obvious fandom in place for a property, such as Aliens or Terminator, whatever talent a development studio seems has appears to be thrown out the window for whatever reason. This in part is obvious due to one two things: constant repetition and loss of character.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2010d ago

What movie game should do is have the writers come up with a scenario that ties in with the movie but is not shown with the movie.

They write it down and then hand it off to the Game designers at the same time as the Script is being finalized and then the Game Designer has 1 to 4 years create a game.

If it is a in-lead to the movie then the Game could drop before the movie. If it is a side adventure in the movie maybe a mission that could only be shown in a montage in a movie due to time and medium- then it could drop with the movie or after.

Just give them more time.

RickHiggity2010d ago

Come on. Can it really be that hard to make a good Robocop or Terminator game? Holy shit!!! Robocop vs Terminator. Somebody please make it happen