Beyond developer already has next 3 games in mind

David Cage tells that he already knows what he'll be working on for his next several projects following Beyond

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Greyslash1834d ago

I love every game David Cage is involved with. I can't wait.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1834d ago

So he is thinking Beyond Beyond?

TheGamerDood1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

The only question I have is, will they these games stay strictly PS titles or will they go multiplat.

shivvy241834d ago

im surprised sony havent bought them !

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1834d ago

Shut-up you Dirty Sony Studio Temptress!

Curse you Sony for owning Quantic Dream!

(Just a joke, not that much of a Nintendo fanboy).

Quantic Dream is the MAIN reason I will buy a PS3 (once the price drops further) .
(Not saying their aren't other good games on Sony it's just that Quantic Dream is like Sony's Zelda IMO).

kneon1834d ago

Sony doesn't own Quantic Dream.

r211834d ago

After Beyond drops and hopefully does well, I can see Sony snatching them up :D Even QD admitted they'd be ok with being bought by Sony!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1834d ago

but Sony would "beyond" Stooooopid not to nurture their partnership with Quantic Dream, esp. when Sony has the resources to keep a company like that happy.

Plus, I respect Sony (ssshhh... don't tell anyone) for trying to merge movie ideas/sensibilities with gaming.
I think because of Sony Pictures; in their own way, Sony is trying to get gaming to the same caliber as Film and Literature.

It seems Quantic Dream is in step with that Philosophy and are Near perfect Heralds of that Philosophy.

They are a good fit.

So, Curse you Sony! ;)

@ r21


GribbleGrunger1834d ago

HD version of Fahrenheit next please.

Robochobo1834d ago

I as well agree with this as well, Indigo Prophecy was one of the best games I've played (better than Heavy Rain IMO).

Sharius1834d ago

ummmm... i enjoy your game but in whatever game you will make please give me the option to disable the sixaxis or move control

BitbyDeath1834d ago

What scene was the sixaxis used for in Heavy Rain? I don't remember?

Sharius1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

IIRC... a lot, scene like when the main character play sword fight with his son, the car drive scene, the pole balance....

ironfist921834d ago

Wow, I comletely forgot about dualshock 3' sixaxis function. I dont think any game uses it anymore

Bathyj1834d ago

Beyond Beyond?

The mind boggles.

j-blaze1834d ago

here hoping QD's next games are multipalt, more ppl need to experience their amazing games :)

CGI-Quality1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Their next games will be PlayStation only. Cage has already said he's sticking with them. If more people want to experience these games, buy the system they're available on.

BitbyDeath1834d ago

Multiplat games can't take advantage of hardware, these type of games benefit greater from being exclusive.

Bathyj1834d ago

I kind of doubt it, and I'm glad. Exclusives on any platform are usually the ones that get the most out of their respective hardware and have the most polish.

Plus to be honest, I dont think any publisher besides Sony would give QD the sort of creative freedom that they obviously thrive on. Imagine if someone like Activision or EA got their hands on them.

But anyone can still play them.
If you want Beyond, get a PS3.
If you want his next game, get a PS4.

Son_Lee1834d ago

Beyond Beyond reminded me of Beyond The Beyond. Oh, the horror...

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