Why does it seem like game hardware doesn't have a long lifespan?

Geek-Grotto: Like most gamers, I have more than one console. Like few gamers, I have consoles that span decades! I have been gaming since the 80's, and with the exception of an Atari 5200 destroyed by a hurricane, I still own them all. A working Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Sega Genesis, multiple working Saturns, Dreamcasts, PS Ones, Turbo Duo, TG-16 /w CD, 2 Neo-Geo MVS units and more! All with dozens of games, all work. What I have noticed is that with the last 2 generations aren't as "durable" as the consoles of the past.

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Godmars2901926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

The Lynx and several other early entries into CD tech were pretty much crap from what I recall.

And I've actually gone through two YLOD which were two too many. I did switch PS2s twice but only once because it was a bad launch system. Second time was just because the slim was a better DVD player.

koehler831925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

I've never had a system completely die on me in my life.

I replaced one SNES because of a broken AC connection that I could probably fix today. I had a couple PS2s with nagging disc read issues that could always be fixed by opening it up and cleaning the lens. I used them for years playing FFXI which didn't need a disc so it was likely caused by extended periods of inactivity.

I just got rid of my NES a couple years ago but it still worked. I gave the second SNES away years ago still working. My N64 and PS1 got traded up. My 60GB PS3 purchased July 07 still runs perfectly. I'm even still on my first 360.. not that I would replace it at this point.

All in all, I'd say I haven't noticed much of a change in hardware quality over the years. Maybe it's just the quality of the users that's changed as represented by a percentage of a vastly larger population today.

Tzuno1925d ago

Some people are irresponsible they put their consoles in bad places with no ventilation like over blankets or small spaces and then they cry about ylod :)

Servbot411925d ago

My PS3 was on a shelf by itself with no wall behind it for a good 3 feet and a foot of space between the side vent and a shelf. It was also dusted weekly and rarely used. YLOD. Twice.

darthv721925d ago

i went to play my turboexpress the other day and there was no video. I looked it up and the problem i am having is from old capacitors (one in particular related to the video signal). Same thing happened to my gamegear.

Older electronics....they dry up. It just happens. Im sure the batteries in the various devices that cant be replaced as easily (like the dreamcast or carts with battery backup) go dead and any save information you have is lost.

Nothing lasts forever. Even if well cared for. It comes down to how its made and if the build quality exceeds the design limits for durability. The "old days" of doing things, there was more effort put into them. Then companies changed to save $$ and as a result, we get components that dont last as long.

The difficult part of any extreme collector is when something does die....getting it fixed could be more expensive than what its worth. My jaguar CD drive no longer works and I cant find replacement parts as easily. My laseractive cd drive no longer works and the same holds true.

If it were my 360 or ps3 then for those are far easier to obtain. Older retro systems....good luck with that.

Persistantthug1925d ago

-Atari 2600

I've also owned 2 computers and a Laptop, and they all work, even the 1 I gave to Goodwill 3 months ago.

I guess my secret is, is I never buy until said console is between 1 - 2 years on the market.

I didn't buy my FAT PS3 until it was 2 years 1 month old. I changed the thermal paste myself Sept 2011 as a preventative measure, and I expect it to last until about 2015 or so when I'll probably upgrade to PS4 or maybe something different.

dangert121925d ago

Yes thats one thing i have been thinking about, i played the N64 all the way up until 2006 and the only reason i dont play it no more was cause i didnt take it when i moved out, if i could of i would of lol.

I've gone through 5Ps3s and 2 xbox360's and i don't see any of them lasting the span the n64 lasted me which is a shame the ps3 has some classic games, but im not going to keep buying old ps3's which will break when sony pack them in

k-dillinger1925d ago


5 ps3 and only 2 xboxes your either lying or you just counting all the ps3s you have and ps2s and ps1 because we all know xbox breaks down more then any system in history so ya try again

dangert121925d ago

Different people go through different things simply really i prefer the ps3 to all current gen consoles and i will say it 1000 times proudly.
but that does not change the fact the ps3 broke on ME more times then the xbox did...the failures i have do not account for the failures of the hole console gen so those statistic can and have been turned on there head in my personal experience

ANIALATOR1361925d ago

I've had 2 xbox consoles. the first one never broke on me but i think i traded it while it was on its last legs. The second Elite model I just sold because I never played it. I had a launch 60gb that got the YLOD and now I have the newest model 500gb PS3

BlackTar1871925d ago

5 ps3's must be playing outside in the desert. i've had 1 ps3 3 xbox's to be fair 2 of the xbox were launch and the ps3 that died was a fat 20 gig launch . It lasted forever but DCUO killed it. I played xbox for about 2 years after ps3 came out like 20:1 ratio with the ps3.

theWB271925d ago

Why not??? Cause tech is awesome and people are steadily trying to push the boundries of said tech. Keep it up...I want to see virtual helmets that put me IN THE GAME...360 degree immersed gaming before I die. Im 27...lets get it : )

Sucitta1925d ago

I'm happy to be the one to inform you that you won't have to wait that long = )

Google "oculus rift"

I have dreamt of this for quite some time now. After this, bring me the holodeck before my passing

theWB271925d ago

Googled-diggin it- holodeck is even better.

Ryto1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

I think game hardware lasts quite a while in terms of consoles.
Think of phones or laptops, I replace my phone every year and get a new laptop every few years, had my console a lot lot longer.

Aggesan1925d ago

Mechanical parts and increased temperatures, that's why.

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