Nintendo reveals NFC game in development for Wii U

Nintendo Insider writes:

Nintendo's inclusion of Near-Field Communication (NFC) on the Wii U GamePad has so far slipped by unnoticed.

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CloudyAero1449d ago

I saw "NFC" and quickly thought about Football....

Theyellowflash301449d ago

LOL, me too, My 49ers are in the Superbowl this week! So exciting.

BullyMangler1449d ago

Sony and Microsoft got awesome exclusives, but they lack evolutionary drive. They are like cyborgs; a robotic race that can imitate but not innovate.

FriedGoat1449d ago

Just wait till you realise that the WiiU is the next Gamecube, casuals and exercising moms have moved on.

BullyMangler1449d ago

Since when do SALES determine something GLORY?

3-4-51449d ago

I'm cool with that. Gamecube has some really solid games.

If this is Gamecube 2 then bring it on because they've had a whole gen since to figure out what they were doing wrong.

Regardless of the hardware.....The Games will be good.

We will get 10 of the best games we've ever played on this system.

majiebeast1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I disagree with that just look at Journey and Unfinished swan and for 2013 there is Tearaway.

Now on topic
If its done well then lets see it at E3 who knows maybe its something like Skylanders and Disney Infinity.

MasterCornholio1449d ago

Well then if Nintendo loves innovation why did they reject Media Molecules proposition with Little Big Planet?

BullyMangler1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

relax relax . dOes Nintendo NEED little big Planet?
Media Molecules is not Sony regarding my comment up at top .

exfatal1449d ago

i want a pokemon card game it seems the most realistic and profitable for Nintendo

R_A_LEE201449d ago

A Pokemon NFC game - Yes Please.

Believe me, if its a Pokemon equivalent of Skylanders then Nintendo will be onto a winner.

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