What Would Be Your Most Anticipated PS4 Launch Title?

When the PS4 is finally announced, what's the one game you'd most want to see on store shelves when the machine arrives? Lookin' for a PS4 exclusive?

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ThePsychoGamer1623d ago

Yakuza 6... A man can dream.

aceitman1623d ago

god of war titled war of the gods , where u can play as the gods in chapters defeating enemies of each god .making the final boss cratos.

theBAWSE1623d ago

Motorstorm and killzone

Zuperman1622d ago

Next Gen Uncharted
Next Gen Killzone
Next Gen METAL GEAR SOLID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next Gen PS4 Titles

Rockubot1623d ago

Nothing since I will never buy it. I rather buy the Xbox 720.

Y_51501623d ago

Why? Both could capture our attention this year.

NukaCola1623d ago

Ok Rokubut,

Then if you must be this way...what is your 720 launch title?

I assume it's Halo or Gears or Forza right?

Anyway, I think I am most excited for the next SuckerPunch game, a fully open world style 3D LittleBigPlanet title and of course Fallout 4.

tdogchristy901623d ago

It's hard to say really. I've been able end this generation on a really good note. So it's hard to say what game, most likely something new (ip) that will make me want to jump on next-gen.

Maybe mirrors edge 2?


stonecold31623d ago

uncharted 4 or gt6 or god of war

remanutd551623d ago

Motorstorm World Tour!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.