Ten Great Indie Games to Look Forward to in 2013

A new year, and a new boatload of Indie Games to look forward to. So, no beating around the bush on this one. There's a ton of really promising independent games in 2013 (and beyond) spanning across pretty much all genres - exploration, building, space sims, dungeon crawlers and more.
So, in light of the new year, and looking forward to even better indie games than last year, here's ten fantastic looking Indie titles to keep in mind for 2013; some you might know, and some you might not!

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3GenGames1901d ago

Missed the biggest and nearly guaranteed best one: Pier Solar.

hylandpad1898d ago

I hadn't seen that one - I'm in disagreement that its the biggest and best, but it does look promising none the less.

1901d ago
maawdawg1900d ago

Starbound and Legend of Dungeon weren't on my radar before, they are now. Thanks.

hylandpad1898d ago

No problem! Glad to contribute.