Europe Weekly Chart, Ending 22nd Dec 2012


1: PS3 - 325,494 (+9%)
2: 3DS - 261,541 (+10%)
3: X360 - 190,727 (+6%)
4: Wii - 106,813 (+7%)
5: PSV - 77,447 (+14%)
6: DS - 72,419 (+9%)
7: WiiU - 70,587 (+1%)
8: PSP - 12,544 (+20%)


1: (PS3) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 297,962
2: (Wii) Just Dance 4 - 278,438
3: (X360) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 264,449
4: (PS3) FIFA 13 - 210,341
5: (X360) Far Cry 3 - 181,392
6: (PS3) Far Cry 3 - 179,044
7: (PS3) Assassin's Creed III - 161,131
8: (3DS) New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 151,290
9: (X360) FIFA 13 - 145,956
10: (X360) Halo 4 - 144,957

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Abash2146d ago

PS3 dominated in both hardware and software sales

NukaCola2146d ago

The Just Dance series is nuts on the numbers. It's always on top somewhere.

solar2145d ago

zeeshan said it. i agree with it.

mewhy322145d ago

Where are the US market numbers? The US market is the largest gaming market on the planet. I'm interested in what that one.

USA Weekly Chart Ending Dec22 2012

X360 501,426 (+7%) 38,649,638
PS3 257,686 (+9%) 23,718,069

X360 5,641,581 (+14%) 415,526,891
Wii 3,617,465 (+16%) 416,475,024
PS3 3,022,882 (+7%) 255,099,204

deep_fried_bum_cake2145d ago


The US numbers will be on an article on the US numbers. Though you clearly didn't need to know that as you posted numbers for it anyway.

Your comment is the equivalent of saying "'MURICA NO.1!!! WOOOOEEEEE!!! Go XBOX!!!"

xursz2145d ago

Forget about sony and msft. Those WiiU numbers are absolutely terrible.

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AngelicIceDiamond2145d ago

Congrats to PlayStation but I thought you guys said the VGChartz were made up numbers?

Dms20122145d ago

I was thinking the same thing.

1Victor2145d ago

Because it is in Europe they say PS3 is just over 100k over the 360 wile in the U.S its over 200k and then comes Sony and Microsoft official end of the year and vgc numbers are not even close to Microsoft or Sony numbers.They NEVER FIX THEIR NUMBERS TO REFLECT THE OFFICIAL NUMBERS FROM S OR M

insomnium22145d ago

Ummm..... we DO say they are made up. You are just rushing things by saying we don't based on ONE comment. That's just sad man....

Anon19742145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I've been pointing out that you can't trust VGChartz for years because it's all just made up. They don't stand by their own figures (read their terms of use sometime) they aren't used by anyone in the industry, it's just a fan run site by a ex-Neogaffer who was ultimately banned for forcing his BS guesstimates down everyone's throats.

He even admitted in an interview a few years ago regarding Metal Gear sales in Europe that they didn't have any sources for Europe, it was complete guess work. Who knows what they're going off of now, because they'll never reveal where they get their information from or how they calculate their data.

Occasionally you'll see someone comment on the data who doesn't know any better, but that's bound to happen and the majority of posters here know better than to trust these figures. Just glance down and you'll see post after post of people acknowledging the nature of vgchartz's guesses. You even see websites sometimes who should know better basing articles off these made up figures but you don't have to scratch very hard at the surface of this data compared to NPD or official numbers to release that something is often seriously off.

But all it takes is a quick history check on AngelicIce's comments to see what's going on here. Clearly you're just insinuating that "You guys all love the site because it shows the PS3 favourably but when the shoe's on the other foot blah blah blah." Yeah. We've heard it all before and aside from the odd poster every now and then, I think everyone pretty much agrees VGChartz is BS. You're certainly not the first one to try to stir this particular pot.

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Knight_Crawler2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

As muck as you may hate Activison, they are the real winners in terms of sales this gen.

Call of duty has managed to out sell every 360 and PS3 exclusive this gen and is the number one played game on the 360 and PS3.

This just goes to show you that N4G users and other gaming websites users who claim to be hard core are the minority.

No one wants to say it but congrats to Activison for making Call of Duty the 360 and PS3 most played game.

punisher992145d ago

"No one wants to say it but congrats to Activison for making Call of Duty the 360 and PS3 most played game."

And congrats to them for making the biggest over hyped and overrated franchise of all time.

kane_13712145d ago

i agree that Call Of Duty is the same crap over and over again every year.

but the reason this game sells is the MP and there is no other game, and i repeat no other game that has the same fast paced Shooter feeling to it, with 60FPS

that is the truth and we have to deal with it!

Shane Kim2145d ago

You mean there is no other game where the main character feels like he is floating, all while covered in vaseline with a gun that weights like a feather?

You got that right.

blackblades2145d ago

Ps3 always on top in europe and japan if they focus on china with there over billion population it'll be more domination, go and disagree haters.

ravinash2145d ago

Only problem with that is Japanese companies would have a hard time in China. The two countries don't tend to get a long.

ronin4life2145d ago

Normally I would say that is an over generilazation... but after last years anti japanese riots...

Also @blackblades, Ps3 is not always on top. The wiiu and 3ds are besting it in Japan. So your argument is flawed there anyway.

blackblades2145d ago

Well they always on top over xbox

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Ps3 price drop same week as the last of us would be a big seller.

Also ps4 will own.

XB1_PS42145d ago

The info above is only for the Europe sales. Ps3 didn't dominate, if you'd actually click the link.

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Ezz20132146d ago

vgchartes numbers are made up and wrong
wait for sony and MS real numbers

360ICE2146d ago

They're estimates extrapolated from select retail samples. It's a given that they're not 100% correct, and often they're off by quite a bit. But if you look at comparisons to the actual sales number they're rarely far off. Sometimes they are. Most times not.

Tommykrem2146d ago

Oh, no! Nuance! Instant bubble down.

Ezz20132146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

vgchartes numbers are wrong

i said this in another topic 18days ago replaying to someone who said this :
******this gen according to vgchartz 360 has 72.3 million units while ps3 has 70.3 million units.****

and that's my comment
*******you lost every credibility when talked about numbers from vgchartes

from both sony and ms :.
PS3 hits 70m to go neck-and-neck with Xbox 360

by vgchartes logic (if they had any)
since they tied in sales
ps3 didn't sell one single console
while xbox sold 3m world wide ?!lol WTF is going on in that site

if there is any one can believe vgchartes ... then he's just a tool or dumb

should i trust Vgchartes
should i trust the owners them self ?!
hmmmmmmmm... tough question;) **********

GribbleGrunger2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

The reason for that discrepancy is that when Sony and Microsoft release their shipped numbers, VGChartz then has to estimate how many of those shipped consoles sell through the month.

Perhaps some people aren't 'tools or just dumb' but rather 'balanced and logical'.

I'm a Sony fan just like you but there is no way in hell that the PS3 is now level with the 360 -- let alone, ahead. Fans on both sides get suckered by the shipped numbers, and it needs to stop if we are to have any semblance of intelligent discourse on the subject of console sales.

A lesson on the difference between heated debate and childish arguing wouldn't go amiss.

PeZuS2145d ago

Let it go, Gribble. There's no way people on here will ever see their big gaps in logic. It's a question of shipped to retailers vs. sold to consumers. How some people can't grasp those concepts is beyond me, but they just can't.

andibandit2145d ago Show
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360ICE2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Their numbers are wrong, as in not precise. And I'm sure you understand the difference between estimating last week's sales and keeping track of lifetime sales. One of them is done quickly and based on limited, and projected information while the other one can be tracked in completely accurate reports that take ALL SALES INTO CONSIDERATION. With a slight delay in reporting. Can you guess which is which?

And if VGchartz estimations for this week have the same accuracy as their life time predictions, then they'd be off by about 2,83% (If you go by the 360 numbers, which are the least accurate. AND DON'T EVEN COUNT THE MONTH'S DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO REPORTS). So if you're really maximally strict with VGChartz, and use their average accuracy to "correct" the 360 sales last week they would have sold 185 thousand and not 190! Help, what a shocking and terrifying difference! FALSE NUMBERS! THESE NUMBERS ARE MADE UP LIES.

No, but please learn basic math.
Of course, it makes a world of difference to you, because your select console leading is what gets you up in the morning. And I agree. You can get more precise lifetime numbers from Sony and MS than from VGChartz, but VGChartz haven't made up last weeks numbers. They've estimated them. And are likely to be between 1 - 4% off, kind of the same as election polling. Their estimation for the last week is likely to be fairly accurate. That was my only point.

edit: slight correction in one of the numbers
And I'm also aware that smaller week-by-week number samples are more mercurial than several of the same kind over a large amount of time, but then again I was pretty strict with VGchartz in my estimations. Leaving out all the 360 sales that may have happened during Christmas.

BitbyDeath2145d ago

Not long now til the real numbers are released.

Tommykrem2145d ago

Wow. You just got burnt by someone named Ice. Twice, even.
When you're challenged on your assessment of weekly estimations, it's generally not a good idea to counter with lifetime sales. Apparently small differences over little time become big differences after a lot of time.

I've never seen a more moderate and factual comment get that many disagrees.

kikizoo2145d ago

"I'm a Sony fan just like you but there is no way in hell that the PS3 is now level with the 360 -- let alone, ahead"

no way in hell, they are not (probably ahead),and stop talking about shipped/sold, it's ridiculous.

Lvl_up_gamer2145d ago

You do understand that Sony and MS numbers are shipped to retail while VGChartz numbers are based on sold to customers right?

The numbers will always be different because Sony and MS have units on the shelves that have yet to be sold therefore their numbers will ALWAYS be higher then what VGChartz will be.

Yes VGChartz are estimates, but they are more accurate then MS and Sony's numbers are if we are considering sold at retail and not sold to retail.

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GribbleGrunger2146d ago

Welcome to the least favourite VGchartz thread.

Good numbers in Europe for the PS3 as usual and 3DS still blazing a trail.

Ezz20132146d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

i didn't mean to offend you or any one
and i'm sorry for that

it just i'm not the only one who don't trust vgchartes and for good reasons

BTW GribbleGrunger
both sony and MS report shipped numbers for their consoles
and both get the money from those shipped consoles
read this from the horse mouse
"The company ***shipped*** 1.7 million units during the quarter, which is also down from the 2.3 million it shipped last year."

again wait for the real numbers from both MS and Sony

Lvl_up_gamer2145d ago

You keep saying "wait for the real numbers" but what are you counting as "real" numbers?

MS and Sony don't release "real" numbers, they release (like you said) shipped numbers. So what numbers are you expecting?

Do you want shipped to retailers or do you want sold to customers?

Stop getting the 2 mixed up. Shipped numbers means nothing. MS or Sony could ship 60 million units but that doesn't mean they have a 60 million install base for that console.

What matters is the install base of each console. Those numbers are only produced when a console is sold to the general public at retail. Those are the difficult numbers to track because many outlets in other countries don't have an overall tracking solution.

To all the people that say "wait for the real numbers" or "VGChartz are fake numbers" please indicate WHAT numbers you want because you guys seem to confuse MS and Sony's SHIPPED numbers for SOLD @ RETAIL TO CUSTOMER numbers.

B1663r2145d ago


The retailers are not buying consoles that do not sell. Shipped numbers are consoles sold, by Microsoft or Sony to retailers, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon.

If Sony shipped an errant 50k consoles to Walmart that they did not want, I assure you that Walmart would refuse the shipment.

VGChartz has never detailed how they come up with their numberz. They have indicated that they call retailers and simply ask them, but retailers generally don't do that. Generally they keep inventory information private, because their competitors would use that information to gauge their own inventory requirements.

VGChartz is what it is... They post provocative articles, then intensely sell advertising on their webpage.

The worst thing they do is retroactively change their numberz in order to hide their mistakes which are pretty routinely 20% off of actual sales.

It was a guy named "The Source" who invented this idea of "channel stuffing" to explain why their numberz are continuously inaccurate. But once again... the retailers dictate how many consoles they get shipped, not the wholesalers.

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