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Submitted by jaggernaut25 1144d ago | opinion piece

What If: Sony and Nintendo Hadn’t Cancelled the SNES-CD?

PSUni: "Welcome to the first in a series of hypothetical questions about the history of the PlayStation. This series explore how the video game industry could have turned out differently had a few key details about the development and life of the PlayStation franchise been different.

The first, and most important question has is related to the very invention of the PlayStation console." (Dev, Industry, Nintendo, Sony, Tag Invalid, Tech)

Relientk77  +   1144d ago
I still wonder this, to this day. What would have happened to the video game industry.
jaggernaut25  +   1144d ago
Seriously...things would be SO different in SO many ways. It's really interesting to think about. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a one-system industry at this point that was pretty much all digital.

Alas, it is all speculation, though.
Relientk77  +   1144d ago
It's weird to think about the video game industry without Sony and the PlayStation family
theBAWSE  +   1144d ago
Glad they never worked as partners because Sony has given me some of greatest memories in gaming alongside nintendos Zelda 64 and goldeneye
hellvaguy  +   1143d ago
"PlayStation family"

They are your family now? Wow bro, lol just wow.
dirthurts  +   1143d ago
Dude. You don't get it at all.
Family, as in related. As in Related Playstation products (Vita, PS2, PS3, exclusives etc).
Really blew right over you huh?
hellvaguy  +   1143d ago
"Related Playstation products (Vita, PS2, PS3, exclusives etc). "

So by your definition, nearly every company is a "family" because they have similiar lines of products. MS has windows 8 phones, Nintendo has gameboys, etc. Its was a nice attempt to mask fanboyism, but ultimately it wasnt very convincing.
NukaCola  +   1144d ago
I wouldn't want to change history if it meant that we would of never gotten the games that Sony and Nintendo had released since then...but to imagine what they could do together. There would be nothing else. Other than a PC, no console could withstand that force.
jaggernaut25  +   1144d ago
Very true, to think that the world would not have gotten so many games is weird. Then again, maybe the games would have been even better? Probably not though, competition spurs innovation.
DarkBlood  +   1144d ago
yeah the legend of dragoon or goldeneye 64 babies wouldnt be born but the famous ff7 probably would of still happen
jaggernaut25  +   1144d ago
Thinking of a world without Legend of Dragoon makes me a lot sadder than I think is considered normal and socially acceptable :(
dboyc310  +   1144d ago
Crazy how that little choice changed the gaming industry. Wonder how different it will be if Sony and Nintendo had stuck together.
Tsar4ever  +   1139d ago
Well 1st of all, Sony wouldn't be in the gaming industry, back then, Sony's boss wasn't the least bit interested in the game console biz. It was all because of ken kutaragi's boss wanting payback for Nintendo betrayal of "the deal" by back dealing with, I think Panasonic. That's when Kutaragi's boss was pissed and gave him the go-ahead to create what we know as the PSX/PsOne console to compete against nintendo and defeat them.

And Microsoft wouldn't have bothered jumping in the CONSOLE gaming biz, after all, they had the PC market. The reason they joined because they were so impressed psone's world-wide popularity wanted in the mega profits Sony was dominating when they quickly phased out the SEGA's sega-cd, which forced Sega to quickly make the SEGA SATURN to no avail. Nintendo's SNES was phased out so they decided to keep the cartridge format while they switched to the N64 which also sealed their fate that generation. Sony made it ALL about the CD format due to 3d poly graphics and far superior CD quality audio.
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Godmars290  +   1144d ago
My guess is with Nintendo largely calling the shots even if Sony had positioned themselves to make off with most of the cash, the Playstion name would have been a foot note.

While there would have been a FF7, it wouldn't be the one we know today. No cross dressing Cloud who got gang raped in a men's spa - before putting on a dress - at least. Also no Xenogears.
rainslacker  +   1143d ago
Yeah, Many people love Sony and the PS brand today, but they were being pretty aggressive with Nintendo when it came to revenue's and IP rights. It's not something you hear much about anymore, but Nintendo didn't want to give up their IP's or licensing revenues so easily.

Sony even made the announcement that it was going to happen, only for Nintendo to turn around and say "nope". Was quite a big deal back in the day. The PS almost never happened as many board members didn't see the need for it. It took some persistence on Kutagari's part and moving it over to Sony Electronics(a separate division of Sony), for it to finally get the green light.

I'm glad it worked out the way it did. The PS1/2 years were awesome for gaming, with lots of innovation and fun games. Competition has been great.
strigoi814  +   1144d ago
Then we will never experience HD gaming yet..coz there is pretty much no innnovation and competition
jc48573  +   1144d ago
I think Nintendo would've made the same decision then.
BitbyDeath  +   1144d ago
Sega would likely still be around and EA or someone else big would likely have made up for the 3rd.
rainslacker  +   1143d ago
Sega had a lot of issues unrelated to Nintendo on why they went down. They were already working with MS with the DC, and if it weren't for the DC demise MS may not have made the first Xbox as quickly as they did.

There's no rule that there has to be three competitors, but I imagine after the SNES CD-ROM Sony could have branched off anyways to do their own thing. If they made profit off Nintendo's back, then they would obviously see how they could make more going it alone.
rbailey  +   1144d ago
Great article and analysis. I'll always wonder WHAT IF for this one..
sithsylar  +   1144d ago
Yeah this is a what if i would of loved to see what would happen...
Nicaragua  +   1144d ago
Im more interested in why Sony didnt get into bed with valve and make the PS4 the Steambox - those two companies combined would be the ultimate hardcore console.
Godmars290  +   1144d ago
Gabe wanted to call the shots and keep the money?

Just because the man walked out on stage *once* after basically calling the PS3 crap for years doesn't make Sony and Valve BBFs. Certainly has yet to put L4D on the console.
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CERN  +   1144d ago
I like games
Very much
black911  +   1144d ago
First Name that comes to me is Sega.
t3rrorc3ll  +   1144d ago
Ha if sony and nintendo continued tge partnership the cd/dvd/bluray wouldnt exist nintendo would have bought the rights and canned it for cartridges. The world of gaming would be bad with lollypop coloured graphics. Ffs we'd still be talking how many sprites a game has.
t3rrorc3ll  +   1144d ago
whoever disagreed is probably yoo young to even know what a sprite is
ahronith  +   1143d ago
Im 32...your probably too young to even count that high.
rainslacker  +   1143d ago
The CD/DVD/Blu-Ray weren't developed for gaming. Nintendo would have had to meet demands of the publishers and that meant finding an alternative storage medium that offered high enough capacity to keep up with the times. The N64 suffered because it insisted on staying with cartridges, namely because of their fallout with Sony.

While Nintendo's games generally are more colorful, third party publishers and developers would still want to produce their own thing to keep up with market trends. There is no reason to believe that having only Nintendo making a console would keep things the way they were in the NES/SNES days. Sprites were a limitation of the hardware, and 3D gaming was really just a pipe dream during that time. Even the N64 and GameCube had their violent, more realistic games.
chukamachine  +   1144d ago
I think Ninty and sega would have battled it out, and then Microsoft would have come along got into the game a lot sooner.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   1144d ago
Sony would have probably bought out Ninty in the late 90's early 2000's when Sony was still bloated with cash.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   1144d ago
Sony should partner up with Googles Android platform.
Picnic  +   1143d ago
Given that Phillips aren't in the videogame console industry now even though they released a console, it could have been the case that Sony wouldn't have been making consoles either. The add on would have been short lived as they always are but then Nintendo, who have been proven to like to do things their own way, may have later developed a console that was more like the Gamecube (proprietary discs), only with 64 bit graphics. Sadly for Sega, even with the PS1 not as competition, I personally doubt that the Saturn would have sold more than 15 million consoles at the very maximum (it actually sold 9.5 million with PS1 as competition). This is because the Saturn was such a niche seeming console - I associated it with arcade fighting games and little else. It's entirely pie in the sky to imagine what sales the Dreamcast (if it had still existed for the repercussions of any change for the future can be unforseen) might have got but, regardless of there being no PS2 on the horizon, Sega would have still been off many people's radar because of the 32X and Saturn in particular. And those looking for a DVD player on their console may have had to buy an add on one that Sega (but probably not Nintendo) would have probably decided to eventually offer- but most people would have stuck with stand alone DVD players.

In a two way race between Nintendo and Sega I think that Sega, for all its brilliance with the Dreamcast, may have still 'only' sold about 20 million of them tops, less than the Megadrive and slightly less than the Gamecube. Nintendo would have sales of at least double that for their major console alone (plus handhelds). Sega could have even ended up launching the Dreamcast 2 but it may have only been a matter of time before sometime decided that the time was ripe for a third entrant and Sega, so original and quirky, would have unfortunately been the delicate butterfly that wilted in the heat within a few years, its popularity by then based too long on the niche, often 'arcadey', tastes of a relative minority. Very good tastes but that doesn't equal higher sales.

So, strangely, as things turned out, the best thing in all possible scenarios may have happened for Sega when they switched to software only in the early 2000s.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   1143d ago
Nintendo would have been destroyed, because that was sony's true long term plan and the real reason Nintendo broke their contract. Hooking up with Philips was their way of saying "hey FU Sony! We know what you were tring to do!" To this day Sony still wants to destroy Nintendo and push them out of the market.

Ironically it's now Sony that teeters on the edge of destruction.

There isn't a single Nintendo fan who regrets this decision. Meanwhile you frequently see Sony fans who ponder about what might have been.
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BitbyDeath  +   1143d ago
Why the lies? Did Sony hurt your family?

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